You Love Me, I Kill You

Michael is a serial killer. He likes to make people fall in love with him and slid their throats ones the person he chooses declares his love for him. His next victim is Luke.

Luke is a player. He likes to have sex with people, girl or boy, doesn't matter to him. He is glad when Michael comes to their school. He was looking for some new entertainment.

A dangerous combination.

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10. Chapter Ten

Oli grabs Michael's ass and he jumps so he can wraps his legs around Oli's hips. Michael doesn't really want to do things with Oli, but Luke is so hard to crack that he sees no other choice. Luke has to be so jealous that he begs Michael to be with him. That he literally pins him to a wall and... A mouth connects with Michael's and it brings him back to the present. Oli puts him on the bed and grinds against his still clothed private part.

"Can I give you a blowjob?" Michael asks with a playful grin on his lips. With a raised eyebrow Oli looks at him.

"Duh, I'd like nothing more than a nice mouth around my cock." He says with a smirk that's too wide for his face. That's Michael's sign to climb from underneath him and flip him on his back. "Whoah, a rough one, I like that,.... a lot." Oli says, eyebrows wiggling.

"Shut up." Michael whispers before he puts Oli's pants and underwear down in one swift motion. A groan leaves Oli's mouth when Michael's tongue licks his full length. After some teasing he puts him in his mouth. Oli moans and arches his back. He trust his hips up and down and Michael lets him fuck his mouth while he pulls his hair rather roughly. It doesn't take Oli long to come into Michael's mouth with a loud scream. He swallows it because he knows that when you don't, you usually offend the person you just sucked.

"That was, wow. And a little quick." Oli says with a grin.

"As long as you are going to give me a hand later on, I don't mind." Michael answers with a laugh.


The next morning, his head hurts a little but luckily not too bad. He can smell eggs and that makes his stomach grumble loudly.

"Oli!" He yells loudly.

"Don't yell so loud. What do you want?" Oli yells as loud as him. Michael can't stifle his laugh and for a moment he just can't answer.

"Eggs, you house elf!" He screams with his best Bellatrix Lestrange voice.

"Hey, never heard of SPEW?" Omg, Oli really sounds like Hermione Granger. Especially because Oli has a British accent of his own.

"You creep!" He says laughing.

"Says Bellatrix Lestrange." Oli says while walking trough the door with their eggs. Michael shrugs and smirks.

"Give me those damn eggs and put Harry Potter in the DVD player. I know you want to watch it with me." He chuckles. A grin spreads on Oli's face and he hands him the plate with eggs. To Michael's surprise, he also made them some coffee.

"Yeah, I want too, but it's going to be the prisoners of Azkaban. No argument possible." Oli says resolute. Michael watches him with a raised eyebrow.

"You bet! That's the best movie." Michael says with a grin.

"No! You have taste?" Oli jokes.

"I haven't. I went home with you, remember?" Michael retorts playful.

"Just shut your mouth, you're ruining the moment." Oli chuckles. Then the bell rings. Oli looks surprised. "Who the fuck can that be?" He asks himself before he walks to the door. When he comes back, Michael sees it's Luke, Andy and Calum. 

Michael rolls his eyes. He had really been looking forward to just watch the film with Oli, but no. An irritated sigh leaves his lips.

"Oh, you're here too." Luke says with an annoyed glance in his direction.

"What did you expect, Luke? I went home with Oli." Michael says with a smirk. Luke groans frustrated. Then his blue eyes pierce his green ones and he wasn't prepared for this. Jitters run trough his body when Luke grins widely before biting his lip ring. 

Shit, Michael lost this one. He thinks Luke sees right trough him with his clear blue eyes. Fucking Dumbledore...

"Sit your arse down. We are going to watch the third Harry Potter movie!!" Yells Oli enthusiastically. Andy jumps on the bed and sits next to Oli. Calum comes and sits next to Michael against the headboard and Luke sits right in front of his sight. Of fucking Course. Stupid Hemmings. 

"Fucking kidding me Luke? I can't see anything with that big head of yours!" Michael whisper shouts. Luke looks at him and he grins very widely.

"Can I lean against you?" He asks with the laugh still on his stupid face. Michael rolls his eyes but he doesn't have much of  a choice, otherwise Luke will irritate him the whole damn movie. That's the only reason he nods his head. Luke chuckles and leans against me. His body feels warm against his and he smells fucking great. Micheal inhales the smell and he can hear Luke chuckle.

"Asshole." Michael whispers silently and it makes Luke chuckle again.


The credits of the movie roll over the television screen. Luke keeps leaning against him and he doesn't tell him to fuck off. He just doesn't feel like being an ass today.

"Maybe we have to see the other movies too?" Michael suggests.

"That's okay with me, but I first want to get something to drink and some snacks." Oli says with a grin.

"I will help you!" Andy immediately says. 

Callum and Luke start a conversation while Michael just closes his eyes for a moment. All of a sudden he feels a hand intertwine with his. That makes him open his eyes abruptly.

"Luke?" He hisses.

"Just shut up. I won't tell anyone." Luke says whispers with a smirk on his face. Calum looks questioningly in their direction but Luke just starts the conversation again. This boy is too weird for his own good. The one moment he's pissed, the other moment he's a cocky brat and now he acts like a fucking cute boy. 

Michael decides to ignore it and just closes his eyes again. He hear Oli and Andy enter the room and Luke starts to make little circles on Michael's hand with his thumb. Honestly, it is quiet relaxing. "Are you still awake?" Luke asks moments later.

"Yes, Lukey. Now shut the fuck up, the movie is going to start." He declares with a fake sigh. A laugh escapes Luke's lips and Michael starts to look at the screen. The thing is, he can't see a lot of the movie anymore because his sick brain let's him see a thousand ways too kill this cute blond boy.

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