You Love Me, I Kill You

Michael is a serial killer. He likes to make people fall in love with him and slid their throats ones the person he chooses declares his love for him. His next victim is Luke.

Luke is a player. He likes to have sex with people, girl or boy, doesn't matter to him. He is glad when Michael comes to their school. He was looking for some new entertainment.

A dangerous combination.

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6. Chapter Six

"No! You are kidding, aren't you!" Alicia yells excited. A smile covers Michael's face when he sees how happy she is.

"I mean it, that's the perfect opportunity to get some new gossip for the online tabloid." And I can manipulate Luke into loving me, Michael thinks with a grin.

"I can't believe he let us come with you to the party." Eloise says with a small smile on her lips. "How did you do that?"

"Just told him that, if you guys couldn't come, I wouldn't come. Simple." Michael pops the P. His grin doesn't leave his face. These girls are so excited, and it makes him hyper. Currently they are making their first edition of their online magazine at his apartment. After a lot of encouragement of the girls and Ashton, Michael joins them. It can't hurt to know more about all the people in their school. Alicia is going to give Michael her notebook about Lukey boy tomorrow. Honestly, he is so curious about it he can barely wait for it. "Can I listen to some music?" Michael asks with a smile. The girls and Ashton nod absentmindedly. Swiftly Michael goes to his radio in the kitchen and replaces his Alkaline Trio album for the album of Set it off. Eloise's head appears from behind her computer screen, a surprised expression on her face.

"Oh my God!!! Do you know Set it off?" She stares at Michael with her mouth wide open.

"No, I don't. This album just bought itself." Michael says with a grin.

"But you really, genuinely like them?" She asks with emphasis on the word like.

"Is that so strange?" Michael asks her, laughing now. Ashton looks at Eloise with an amused expression on his face and Alicia laughs while rolling her eyes. Eloise nods fiercely. "And why, if I might ask?"

"I really love them. They make such great songs. In whole my life I never met someone who likes them too!" She says enthusiastically. "Will you marry me?" She jokes.Alicia and Michael start laughing like maniacs.

"I do." Michael says after he tries to suppress his laughter. It fails miserably and that makes Alicia laugh even harder.

"Excuse me, Lady. Eloise is my woman." Ashton protests. He has a smile on his face but Michael can see it's a fake one. That's interesting. Eloise touches Ashton's thigh reassuringly but only briefly.

"Oh, I forgot something. From time to time we have to write gossip about us too. Otherwise it will be very obvious that it's us." Michael says, a smile plastered on his face. "I will start gossiping about myself." He concludes.

"Oh, luckily you're so smart! I wouldn't have thought about that at all!" Alicia exclaims. "I'm glad you're one of us now." A genuine smile covers her face, exact copies can be found on the faces of Ashton and Eloise.

"Don't underestimate yourself! I can't spell correctly. That's something you are wonderful at." Michael compliments her. Then he just has to sing along with 'why worry'. Eloise also sings her lungs out, while holding Ashton's hand.

"It really is a good song!" Alicia grins. Eloise trows a pillow at her head.

"Of course, stupid! I already said it a thousand times, but noooo, why listen to me?" She says, rolling her eyes annoyed.

"Sorry, cutey pie. You have to admit, sometimes your music taste sucks,... balls." Alicia says giggling. Another pillow hits her head before Eloise flips her off.


"Here is the notebook I promised you." Alicia says as she hands Michael a black notebook. Shivers of curiosity run down his spine. This really was an interesting hunt, especially because he can feel Lukes eyes on him, knowing he also likes his hunt. A grin spreads on his lips as he takes it from her.

"Thanks, you are the best!" It's that exact moment he decides to ask her the question as to why she has a notebook about Luke in the first place. And about others, although he doubts that there will be much information about others. They're at the library, nobody will hear them here. Carefully Michael formulates the question in his head before he asks it out loud.

"Alicia, what made you start collecting all these information about Luke?" Michael asks cautious. Her cheeks turn as red as cherries. He has hit a nerve, that is clear on her face.

"Er... This is so... Embarrassing." She starts stuttering. Her cheeks become even darker than they already were, if that's even possible. "I'll be honest. You know how I think about Luke. I really hate him to death. He ruined my life."

DIARY FRAGMENTS Of Alicia Davidson

2 years ago

The 4th of March
Yesterday Luke came to me in class and asked me on a date!!!
We went to a little restaurant. He payed for everything, just like a gentlemen. Oh diary, My heart bursts out of my chest of happiness. He's my first boyfriend and I hope this can last a lifetime! He's so handsome and cute at the same time!

The 4th of April
I know it's a little early, but Luke has been really nice to me!
I just couldn't resist him anymore. He always plays with the little ring in his bottom lip and I just couldn't stand it any longer!
We fucked in the three house in the woods, where nobody would find us, or hear us! 
God at first it did hurt a lot! But after some time, and after a couple gentle kisses, it felt okay. 
I really love him and I'm sure it's mutual.

The 4th of May
I can't believe it! Luke really ripped my heart out, and threw it to the sharks.
Yesterday he just texted me that we were done. Nothing more, no explanation.
I was heartbroken, and tried to call him a couple of times. 
Then today I found out it was all just a bet!! A stupid, freaking bet! 
His friend Calum thought that Luke couldn't be with the same girl for 2 months straight. 
Luke proved him wrong, and do you know what the price was? 
A FUCKING cinema ticket so he can go on a date with his next victim! 
He took my virginity for crying out loud!
The worst thing is, when I confronted him, he just laughed it off!
He even slapped my ass before he left me, crying in the hallway, fucking dick
I will take revenge. One day, he will regret what he did to me.

END DIARY FRAGMENTS of Alicia Davidson

"Wow, he really is a jerk!" Even Michael has to admit that Luke is really cruel. Okay, Michael kills people, but at least, he doesn't let his prey suffer too long after the catch. He can see that Alicia hates to talk about Luke.

"If only killing was legal." She says with a frown on her face. It takes him a lot of his strength not to laugh. Don't worry Alicia, in a couple of weeks he will be killed, and your hands will be still clean.

"Hopefully, you're not talking about me, Alicia." They both jump in their seats. A familiar chuckle can be heard. Luke looks hot today, that's something Michael can't deny. Luke's hair is gelled in a nice quiff. He wears a white shirt which accentuates his muscles. A leather jacket is draped over his arm. Luke looks like he owes the place. Michael is glad that his victim is this hot.

"Actually, I was." Alicia snaps. "What are you even doing in the library?" She asks annoyed. Luke waves with a book.

"Isn't that obvious? Borrowing a book of course." He smirks.

'The marathon' by Stephen King, Michael reads on the cover of the book.

"A Stephen King fan?" He asks with an enthusiastic smile, oh God, he sounds like Eloise.

"Yes, you too?" Luke asks surprised, his eyes looking at Michael with curiosity.

"Duh, who doesn't!! Have you already..." Michael trails of when he sees the angry glare from Alicia. Oh, right. Luke is the bad guy. "And now leaves us alone, please." Michael says friendly.

"Can I have your phone number?" Luke asks with a cheeky smile. Michael just glares at him. "You can't blame me for trying! See you later!" Luke chuckles before he finally leaves.

"Interesting, he really is fond of you, as far as Luke is capable of feeling anything." Alicia grins. On her face is plain to see she has a plan, and if it doesn't endanger his master plan then he doesn't mind doing something for her. "If I asked you something, would you do it for me?" She asks after a couple of minutes.

"Tell me your plan." Michael grins, enjoying his incredible talent for reading people.

"Make him jealous! If Luke chases someone, then he hates it when he gets competition. I have a list in the LukeBook with all of his closest friends. This evening we are going to study them. If you flirt with one of them, Luke will be so angry." A nasty smile covers her lips. That's actually something Michael has already planned. Nothing is better than a jealous victim. Michael high-fives her as sign he's in.

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