You Love Me, I Kill You

Michael is a serial killer. He likes to make people fall in love with him and slid their throats ones the person he chooses declares his love for him. His next victim is Luke.

Luke is a player. He likes to have sex with people, girl or boy, doesn't matter to him. He is glad when Michael comes to their school. He was looking for some new entertainment.

A dangerous combination.

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5. Chapter Five

Finally Michael is home! The afternoon was so frustrating. Luke didn't stop sending him notes. That boy is a little annoying. He has to wait, because Michael is not planning on giving him his number soon. The second thing that frustrates Michael is the assignment they have to do for literature. They have to write a story that counts at least 5000 words. He has other things to worry about right now. A lot of other students didn't like it either. Alicia, of course, had beamed with excitement and couldn't wait to get started.

With a sigh, he opens the freezer and takes a pizza with salmon. He puts it in the oven and while his little cow-shaped clock counts down the minutes, he changes into a black short with knee-length red football socks and a black shirt. Still ten minutes before his pizza is ready, so he starts watching television. Great, Michael sees a photo of his 8 year old self. It is shown in a programme about his life. With rolling eyes, he changes the channel. A smile covers his face when he sees Pluto on his screen. It really cheers him up, because he used to watch Pluto cartoons with his little brother back at home. Michael's brother is a really cute 6 year old boy.

'Triiiiing!!!!!' Michael's cow clock goes off. A scream leaves his lips. Then he face-palms himself, how can he be startled by that cute little clock? Swiftly he stands up and puts his pizza on a plate. He inhales the sent of his delicious food with a smile on his lips. With a thud, Michael lets himself fall onto the couch. Pluto is still on the tv screen and he laughs while he eats his pizza.


Michael's annoying alarm starts beeping. With an angry groan and a hard tap he lets it stop. After the tenth time, Michael decides to get up and go straight into the shower. The warm water makes him sleepy again so he turns it colder. He can't lose focus, otherwise his plan will not work. Yesterday before he went to bed, he has written everything he knows about Luke down in his pitch black notebook. It wasn't much, but it will be bursting with information soon enough. A grin covers his lips. The cold water makes him feel alert again and soon Michael is wide awake. Full energy, he walks into his kitchen. The clothes he will be wearing today is a decision he will make right before he leaves. He hasn't brought much stuff with him so he will have to go shopping this weekend. Hopefully Alicia wants to come with him, because he doesn't like going alone.

Michael turns the stereo on and listens to one of his favorite CDs. A sick rock beat fills his kitchen and he pours some muesli and milk in a bowl while he dances like a crazy person. The reason he is in such a good mood is simply because Luke is the perfect prey. The hardest Michael has tried to capture so far. But he is totally ready for him, he will play with him and rip his heart out eventually.

"Step one ,slit my throat. Step two, play in my blood. Step three, cover me in dirty sheets and run laughing out of the house. Step four, stop off at Edgebrook Creek and rinse your crimson hands. You took me hostage and made your demands. I couldn't meet them so you cut off my fingers, one by one." Michael sings the lyrics to Alkaline trio's song, This Could Be Love.


Michael arrives at school with a big smile on his face. Everyone turns their heads to look his way. His sneakers make a tapping noise each time they collide with the floor.

"Michael! There you are!" Alicia grins. Eloise and Ashton have already gone to their classes. School starts in two minutes. "Are you coming?" Alicia grins from ear to ear. She is in a good mood too apparently. A little laugh escapes Michael's lips as he walks with her to class. There are still two chairs beside each other so they swiftly sit down. A chuckle can be heard from a desk behind them. It's a chuckle Michael knows all too well already.

"Good morning, Luke." He says without looking backwards. The chuckle stops immediately.

"Good morning, beautiful." He says and Michael just knows that the other boy has a big smirk on his face. Michael turns around quickly, rolls his eyes at him and faces back forward. "Don't act like you don't love to be called like that." Luke says with a chuckle. A sigh leaves Michael's lips.

"You are right. Wanna make out?" He asks without looking at the blonde boy. Michael hears Alicia gasp for air.

"I knew you couldn't resist me." Luke chuckles. Alicia looks at Michael with wide eyes but he winks reassuringly at her.

"Okay, call me when you are sleeping." Michael answers, a smile beginning to form on his mouth.

"What? Don't be so silly." Luke laughs.

"No, I mean it, because it will only happen in your dreams." He answers chuckling like an idiot. Alicia bursts into laughter and high-fives him.

"Wow, you are good." Another boy's voice says laughing. Michael looks towards the boy who sits beside a now gruff Luke. It's the boy with his black hair. "Hi, my name is Calum, by the way." He says while he puts his hand towards him. He shakes it with a friendly smile.

"I don't have to tell you my name, I guess?" Michael grins.

"No, I think I know it already. You are the first person to not fall for Lukes charming words." He grins. Michael looks at Luke who is very displeased.

"I'm not so easy, Calum." Michael says seriously. Calum smiles at him with respect clear in his eyes. "Work harder, you playboy." Michael whispers to his neighbour. Luke smirks. He really thinks Michael will be in his bed before long. Well, he has to be an expert to beat him. He plays this game on a higher level than Luke and his game is serious as fuck. Luke looks at him with a challenge-accepted glance. He smiles at Luke before the teacher arrives in the classroom.


Michael sits in the cafeteria with the girls and Ashton. The pizza they serve on this school is like heaven. He just doesn't get how this is possible.

"How come, that the food in this school is so delicious?" Michael asks curiously. They look at him with a funny smile on their faces. "Creepy much." He tells them. They start laughing.

"The food is so yummie because it's fresh. A part of our school student business. I'm one of them. Our task is to arrange good deals with food companies. Some years it doesn't work out and then we have to eat shit. But this year is the best year we have had until now." Ashton smiles proudly.

"I'm grateful that we don't have to eat carton boxes. On my previous school it was a disaster." Michael says with a sigh. They all laugh with his disgusted face. "What, food is important!" Michael says defensively, his mouth full of pizza. The girls and Ashton giggle again as he swallows his bite. "You can't deny that." He winks.

"No, you are right. It's very important to have good food. Otherwise a lot of girls wouldn't eat at noon. That's so unhealthy." Eloise says with a smile.

"Our health coach is talking, people!" Alicia giggles.

"Oh, shut up you." Eloise says while she blushes like an idiot. A grin appears on Michael's lips. Even though he knows them only one and a half day, he likes their personalities. That's something that doesn't happen a lot. Normally he hates everyone, except his family and one close friend, Alejandro, that is. Michael misses them a lot. A pang of sadness goes trough him, but just for a second. His walls are strong and thick.

"Have you already made your online tabloid of the school?" Michael whispers. After all, he is a little curious about it. Their eyes light up like Christmas trees. A laugh escapes Michael's lips. Speaking of enthusiasm.

"Yes, we made a website and we have already a lot of gossip, but we can't think of a name." Eloise sighs. "Maybe you can think of something? We want to be very original and all." Eloise says with a grin. Michael's brain starts thinking in Italian automatically. No, the word gossip in Italian is too long. The word nasty maybe, after all it is nasty to spread rumors, not that he cares.

"Sporco, the nasty rumors in our school." He says out loud. It sounds a little strange in his own ears but the girls and Ashton begin to smile widely.

"You really are a genius! With that name we can go online this evening! Come with us, please, Mikey? You have the right to be a part of this." Eloise grins. Maybe it would be a funny thing to do.


Michael puts his hand up in the air. The teacher nods his way as sign to tell what's on his mind.

"Sorry, sir. I really have to go to the bathroom." Michael says seriously. If he doesn't go right away, he will piss his pants.

"You can go." The teacher says with a sigh.

"I have to go too." Luke says quickly.

"Go, but be back soon Luke, otherwise I have to check upon you." The teacher says gruffly to Luke. They walk in silence to the corridor. The class starts whispering behind their backs.

"I don't really have to go to the toilet." Luke smirks.

"Well, I do." Michael says with rolling eyes. Luke is quiet for a couple of seconds before he starts to speak again.

"Will you come to my party, this Saturday?" He asks him with a grin still plastered on his face. Michael looks at him with a surprised look.

"Wow, you invite me to your party? That's such an honor! I can't wait." The sarcasm is dripping from his voice and he can tell by Luke's face he doesn't like it at all. He looks straight ahead with a scowl. A smirk takes over Michael's lips. "Jeez, you can't put up with much, can you?" He laughs a little.

"Will you come or not?" Luke snaps. An amused chuckle escapes Michael's mouth before he starts formulating an answer to Luke's question.

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