You Love Me, I Kill You

Michael is a serial killer. He likes to make people fall in love with him and slid their throats ones the person he chooses declares his love for him. His next victim is Luke.

Luke is a player. He likes to have sex with people, girl or boy, doesn't matter to him. He is glad when Michael comes to their school. He was looking for some new entertainment.

A dangerous combination.

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11. Chapter Eleven

Alicia and Michael are in the library again. They have a free period and decided to work on their book report.

"Which author are you going to choose?" Michael asks her with a smile.

"I want to read pride and prejudice by Jane Austin." She answers with a dreamy expression on her face. Michael makes vomit noises. "Hey, you asshole! What are you reading then?"

"Stephen King, the long walk." Michael says with a duh expression. He doesn't like to read at all, except the books of Stephen King. They are so gory and sometimes gruesome.

"Well, Mr Clifford. Our path separates here. I wish you a good journey trough the land of books and shelves and bookshelves." Alicia says with a little bow. She almost can't contain her laughter and neither does Michael.

"Thank you witch Alicia." He says, bursting out in loud laughter. The girl slaps him playfully on the arm.

"You two. Be quiet or leave the library!" they hear a whisper-shout. It's the librarian. She is very young and sweet but don't make her mad.

"We are so sorry." Alicia and Michael whisper in synchronization. The librarian smiles at them and disappears behind the bookshelves again.

"Let's find our books and be gone, my lady." Michael whispers silently and Alicia nods in response, quietly laughing behind her hand.

Michael turns around and starts walking towards the horror bookshelves, quickly looking for the K for King. As soon as he finds it, he starts searching intently. He hopes they have The Long Walk here, because it's one of the best books he has read so far. His index finger glides over the books' spines. He comes across The ShiningMisery and IT

All of a sudden he gets grabbed by the wrist and is turned over rather roughly. His back slams against the bookshelf and a couple of books tumble on the floor with a loud thump. 

"What the..." Michael gets cut of by a hand on his mouth. 

"Shhh, otherwise we will get in trouble with the librarian." Luke fucking Hemmings whispers in his ear. Luke's body is pressed against his and he can feel his body heat. The blond-boy towers over him with a grin plastered on his lips.

Michael decides to lick Luke's hand so Luke will pull it away. It doesn't have the wanted effect. 

"Michael, that tickles." Luke chuckles and his face is now only inches from Michael's. "You are so hot, pushed against a bookshelf." Luke chuckles again before pressing his body even closer to Michael's. The latter feels his dick twitch in his pants. His breath gets stuck in his throat and what the fuck is happening? Michael has never experienced such a strong reaction of his body. Luke's hand falls away so he can finally say something to end this madness.

"What are you doing?" He asks angrily.

"I'm seducing you." Luke says, then bites on his lip ring. The boy's eyes twinkle lustfully and Michael has to look away. 

"You don't have the right to attack me like this." Michael snaps while looking at a spot above the tall boy's shoulder. 

"Don't tell me you don't like this, Michael." Luke mumbles before his lips come even closer. Michael's body is frozen, his gaze back on Luke's face.

"Don't you fucking dare Hemmings." Michael warns, his body shaking with expectation and fury all at once. Michael expects his body to blow up from emotion at any moment now.

"Too tempting. Your lips are so pink and plump." Luke sighs before leaning in all the way. Luke's soft warm lips touch Michael's and the latter can't help but close his eyes. Fireworks wrecking his brain and thus his function to think clearly. When Luke yanks his hair softly he can't suppress a soft moan. He rubs his hard clothed dick against Luke's. Now they both groan in unison .

Michael bites Luke's lip ring and Luke's reaction is priceless. The boy moans and slumps against him with force, his cock even harder than before. Michael's hands find Luke's ass. Damn, that boy has such a nice butt. He wants Luke's sexy long legs wrapped around his hips so their crotches could be even closer but the place makes this impossible.  

"Fuck." Luke murmurs when they break apart to take a breath. 

"Shut the fuck up, Hemmings." Michael hisses before diving in again. He doesn't know why he does it, he should stop. He really really really should stop this. Then Luke bites his lip and all those thoughts run away as fast as they can. The black-haired boy pushes his tongue inside the other boy's mouth and their tongues battle for dominance. Michael lets Luke win. Luke's tong tastes like mint. They are still rubbing their cocks against each other while kissing and if they continue like this Michael is sure he will come in his pants right there.

"Michael? Are you still here?" He hears Alicia call from a row behind him. That's all he needs to push Luke of him. 

"Yes." He sounds husky. Luke grins at him, knowing it's because of him. Arrogant prick. 

"Are you alright?" The voice starts to come closer.

"What could be wrong?" Michael asks. In the mean time he waves violently at Luke, urging him to fuck off before Alicia has the chance to see him. Luke shoves a book in his hand, murmurs a 'later' and walks away gracefully, shaking  his ass unashamed. "Damn."

"Did you choose a book?" Alicia appears in his sight.

"Yup, here it is." He quickly shows the book Luke gave him. 

"It's not The long walk?" Alicia is curious. "And why are all those books on the floor?" 

"I have dropped them accidentally." Michael becomes bright red in the face and god he hates Luke Hemmings so fucking much at this moment. His lips probably look swollen from the kissing. He swiftly bows down to pick the books up and put them back on their respective shelve. After that he looks at the book he is holding.

Pet cemetery. Michael hasn't read that yet.

"You are acting a little strange Mikey." Alicia whines with a pout. 

"I know. Sorry, can I make it up to you?" Michael smiles the cutest smile he can possibly muster.

"Yes, buy me a soda. I'm thirsty and I don't have money." She grins and Michael pushes her playfully.

"Will do." 

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