You Love Me, I Kill You

Michael is a serial killer. He likes to make people fall in love with him and slid their throats ones the person he chooses declares his love for him. His next victim is Luke.

Luke is a player. He likes to have sex with people, girl or boy, doesn't matter to him. He is glad when Michael comes to their school. He was looking for some new entertainment.

A dangerous combination.

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8. Chapter Eight

Michael and Calum can both be found in the front yard of Luke's house. Michael sits on the grass and Calum soon joins him. A sigh leaves Calum's playfully smiling mouth.

"It was so hot in there." He smiles and Michael nods in agreement. "I also want to tell you something about Luke." He says in a serious tone. Michael looks at him curiously as Calum starts talking again. "I can see that he really wants to capture you. Not literally but you know what I mean. He is very keen to get you into his bed. I just want to warn you, because you're new and don't know Luke. Watch out for that boy, okay?" Calum rattles. Afterwards he has to take a deep breath. A smile is plastered on Michael's face.

"Calum, don't you think that Alicia already warned me? She was very clear about it too. I know Luke only wants to fuck me." For a moment, Calum's eyes grow wide because he says it so bluntly. "I only want a boy that has the balls to tell me he loves me. Anyways, what makes you think I'm not as dangerous? Maybe I'm a player too." Michael grins. Calum chuckles.

"I don't know why, but I think you stay with one person for ever once you choose. Until one of you dies, that is." Calum shrugs and smiles. A fit of laughter starts to built up in Michael's stomach and it pours out of his mouth. In a way, Calum was right. "Why are you laughing so loudly? Is it that funny?" He asks with a smirk. Michae shakes his head but can't stop laughing. After a couple of seconds,Calum starts laughing too. They sit there like idiots, laughing until their bellies hurt.

"Hey Calum! What's so funny?" A voice Michael doesn't recognize asks.

"Oli! You made it!" Calum says enthusiastically while he jumps up. He hugs the tattoo-covered boy who apparently is Oli. Michael recognize the name as one of Luke's closest friends, so he stands up too.

"Hello Oli. My name is Michael." He introduces himself with a friendly smile. Oli looks at him with a curious glare, then he smiles widely at him.

"Hello, Michael! I'm Oli, obviously." He says with a laugh. He pulls him into a hug and for a moment Michael freezes . Oli is quick at ease with people. After a fraction of a second Michael returns his hug awkwardly.

They start talking and occasionally Calum or Oli go and fetch drinks. Michael thinks they sit there for an hour or two when someone calls Calum's name.

"Luke, what is the problem?" Calum shouts back.

"Will you please come and play truth or dare? Ask your friends to join." Michael hears the annoyance in Luke's voice and it makes him chuckle.

"Let's play." He simply says. It will be an interesting game, that's for sure. Calum and Oli both agree and they walk inside.

"We play in the basement. I didn't invite too much people to the game, otherwise it won't be that interesting." He meaningfully looks Michael's way while he sucks on his lip piercing. Michael winks playfully at him before they enter his basement. It's a cozy little room with some soft seats, a pin table and a television. Luckily, Michael sees Alicia there too. A devilish grin is plastered on her face.

"Hello, beautiful." She says when he sits next to her. Michael laughs and pushes her lightly. "This is going to be fun." She says while wiggling her eyebrows.

"I couldn't agree more." Michael grind and then Luke starts to explain the rules.

"You have to spin the bottle and whomever it lands on will have to choose truth or dare. We just follow the circle. Nothing is forbidden, but it can't last longer then two minutes, otherwise the game takes too long. Who wants to start?" Luke asks with a grin. His eyes look straight into Michael's eyes and the latter can see a dangerous twinkle in Luke's blue ones. Michael looks straight back at him with a glare that says bring-it-on-Hemmings. Luke licks his lips before he grins.

"I will start." Michael hears Oli say. He spins the bottle and it lands on a black-haired boy. "Truth or dare?" Oli asks him.

"Dare." He says curtly. An enthusiastic smile appears on Oli's face.

"I want you to text your girlfriend that she has nice tits and then you have to read her answer out loud." He says with a laugh. The black-haired boy looks angry but does what Ashton says. Wow, it's very serious with this group. After one minute they hear the boy's phone ring. He opens the text and blushes madly.

"Babe, thank you. Lets fuck, yeah?." Everyone starts laughing loudly and Michael knows the boy wants revenge on Oli. The next one starts to spin the bottle. Every challenge gets worse, and Michael is getting a little scared. Then it's Alicia's turn and to Michael's surprise it lands on him. What are the odds? Michael inwardly sighs before he looks at her expectantly.

"Truth or dare, beautiful?" She asks with a smile, already knowing his answer.

"Dare of course!" Michael says loudly. Nobody wants to be seen as a pussy.

"Mikey, I dare you to kiss two boys for a whole minute." Alicia says with a big grin on her lips. Michael smiles too and starts looking at all the boys. Of course he already knows who he will pick, but first he needs to give Luke some false hope. The latter looks at Michael with a glance that tells him Luke is sure that he will pick him. He already wets his lips and makes a kiss-face before he grins. Michael stands up, takes Oli's hand, pulls him to his feet and kisses him right on the lips. A lot of cheering can be heard from the boys and girls around them. Me and Oli kiss very passionately and Michael can feel his tongue enter between his lips. His hands run trough Oli's straight brown hair and it makes the other boy groan into Michael's mouth. Oli lifts him up and Michael wraps his legs around his waist while they keep kissing roughly. Secretly Michael looks at Luke trough a crack in his eyelashes. He looks very jealous and displeased. Just what Michael hoped.

"Okay, Mikey. Next one!" Alicia says with a voice full off malicious pleasure. Oli puts him down and Michael's eyes search for Calum. The funny thing is that Calum sits right beside Luke. He walks towards them and he can see the smile returning on Luke's face. Michael kneels in front of them and smiles.

"Not in your wildest dreams, Hemmings." He whispers before his lips connect wildly with Calum's sweet mouth. He hears Luke groan angrily and a grin appears on Michael's lips.

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