We're Just A Band Not Demigods Book 1

One Direction are demigods. They have to go on a quest to stop other war from happening. This takes place when Percy and the gang are going to fight Gaea. One Direction-Percy Jackson and the Olympians & Heroes of Olympus Crossover

I don't own Percy Jackson Rick Riordan does.
I also don't own One Direction.
I only own my ideas.
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3. We're What?!

It has been months since the second titan war. Many demigods perished in this battle many old monsters that were forgotten rose again. In the end the heroes of Olympus won against the titan army. The first great prophecy was completed, and another one born.

All who perished were named heroes. The gods made an oath to claim all their children once they reach camp half-blood the safe haven for all demigods. After the battle most things went back to normal for a demigod until Gaea and the doors of death opened.

Some campers from the Roman and Greek camps went to Rome to fight her.

And now new heroes are born to stop another war from happening.

~Giselle’s POV~

“I can’t read this!” Ceci sighed throwing the map at me.

“Well I can a bit.” I mumbled

That’s the thing about Demigods. Most of us are dyslexic, meaning we can’t read English. The words would float off the page and rearrange themselves and such. Very annoying I know you’re trying to order a big mac for Mc Donald’s.

We were walking down a street in New York. Trying to figure out where we were going to find One Direction.

Yes, I did say One Direction. Apparently, they are half-bloods too. Chiron told us about them.

“There!” I said pointing to a billboard

It said One Direction live in concert tonight on 5th Avenue.

But to Ceci it looked like Nod erceoitnivielnonitgh ta 5hvneeu.

“What does that say?” she asked

I told her then we ran down the street, dodging people. We made it to 5th Avenue and saw a sign. Amazingly, there was a greek translation thank the gods. But my mind wander to the battle of Manhattan.

I remembered everything until Ceci brought me back to reality.

“This is it.” She told me

I pulled out a bobby pin and started to pick the lock. I was an agent of the gods meaning the gods trained me.

“Got it.” I said pulling on the door. It swung right open.

We walked inside. Ceci had her scythe a gift from her dad in her hand. And I had my bow at-the-ready. We had to knock out a few guards but don’t worry, we didn’t kill them.

We made it to the dressing room. There, a big man was leaning against the wall with his back to us.

“Go.” I mouthed to Ceci

She nodded and tiptoed up to the man ready to knock him out. But suddenly, he whipped around and knocked Ceci to the ground. Her scythe flew out of her hands and skidded about five feet away.

“You should train harder demigod.” The man smiled

“Hey Paul.” I said

He looked up and grinned at me. Paul was a satyr. He was the protector of One Direction until we came for them.

“Time already.” He said

“The prophecy. War is brewing.”

Suddenly, five very attractive boys walked in. I recognized them as One Direction. I know who they were right away since I was Daughter of Apollo. I know this musical stuff.

“Who are they?” the tall one with blue eyes, Louis asked

“I’m Giselle Amaro.” I said “That’s Cecilia Acosta.”

“Well what do you want? An autograph? Pictures?” the blond one, Niall asked

“We need to take you back to Camp Half-Blood.” Ceci said

“Wait what?” Zayn asked

“Boys, have you ever heard of Greek Myths?” I said

“Well yeah” Liam said

“Remember demigods?” Ceci added


“Well you guys are demigods.” Paul said

“You’re kidding.” Harry said

“No.” Paul said “Now listen to me boys….”

“Prove it.” Louis said

I looked at Paul and he sighed. He started to take off his fake feet and his pants.

“Whoa! Paul! There are ladies around!” Harry yelled

Paul smirked and continued until he had shaggy goat legs instead of human legs.

“Whoa.” Niall gasped

“Yeah.” Paul said putting on his pants. “These girls are here to protect you. Follow them, and do whatever they say.”

“But Paul we’re on tour!” Liam said “We can’t disappoint the fans!”

“Either you can get killed or cancel a few shows.” Ceci snapped

“No. We are not going.” Louis said sternly

I sighed and looked at Paul. He nodded and I sighed.

“I am so sorry about this….” I said pulling out an arrow

“Sorry for what?” Niall asked

I sighed again and shot the arrow. A gas seeped out and surrounded the boys.

“So, sleepyyyyyy….” Harry said and fell to the ground.

Then, the rest fell too.

“Alright. Let’s get them into the car.” Paul said

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