My SofaKing Crazy Life: An Autobiography

This story is my story. From the very first memory I can remember, to the one's I'm making right now. The events are real. The people are real. The story is real. And it's SofaKing Crazy.

(Names in story have been changed for privacy reasons.)


4. Meet Life, Kid, It's A Real Bitch

   The first moments of my life took place in a hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. Those who live in the United States may be familiar with it due to it being almost constantly talked about in the media for one reason or another. Those who are unfamiliar with it however can simply picture it as one the most city-like cities you could ever imagine. It is certainly up there with NYC.
   The name that I was given on that day was Caleb Nicholas Kessler. I am comfortable disclosing this information simply because that is no longer my full name. I will explain why in just a second.
   My parents name's, I do not know. What I can tell you however, is that living in Baltimore did not fall short of having an affect on them. And for them, that affect was the large drug problem that city has and has had my entire life. To put it simply, they were drug-addicts. And their love for heroin was stronger than their love for me.
   Within the first year of my life, I was put up for adoption. And before my first birthday, I entered what I like to refer to as the unforgivable scene of foster care. Thankfully, I did not have to go alone. I had my half-sister, Dezerae...

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