My SofaKing Crazy Life: An Autobiography

This story is my story. From the very first memory I can remember, to the one's I'm making right now. The events are real. The people are real. The story is real. And it's SofaKing Crazy.

(Names in story have been changed for privacy reasons.)


3. Introduction

   Picture a three and a half year old boy, sitting in a chair. Now add onto that, that he's being forced to sit there with hot sauce in his mouth. Even more, picture his mouth having been taped over with duct tape. That's a pretty terrible description, is it not? Definitely! But it is however, a good way to start a story. And in this case, that's exactly how we'll begin.
   Now, what if I told you that scenario was not the work of my imagination? What if I told you that it really happened, and that it actually happened to me? Well it did. That is the earliest memory I have from my childhood. Apparently traumatizing experiences stay with you. And at the very young age of three, that was extremely traumatizing to me.
   Believe it or not, that was not the only terrible thing to occur to me around that age, and on a pretty normal basis though. Before I can move onto those however, there are other important things to discuss-things that have helped shape me into the person I am now, occurring before I can even remember...

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