Social Casualties

Mental illness awareness
Strong friendships
!!!The characters (other than 5sos) "Liz" and "Avi" are based off of people the writers know in real life who ARE okay with having a character based off of them!!!


4. Chapter 4


Hey guys, hope y'all are enjoying this story as much as we are. - Calums puppy 

  Liz's POV


  I followed Avi, hand-in-hand, as she seemed to know exactly where to go. 


  She actually seemed a little excited, and possibly flustered, seeing as Michael was smirking his ass off behind us.


    "Avi, just take her to the table, I'll get our lunches." Michael pulled her arm back, so she was aware of his announcement.  


She smiled, nodded, and quickly hugged Michael, before grabbing my hand again and leading me toward a -surprisingly- large cafeteria.   


"We-uhm-" She paused, taking a deep breath, "Michael and I eat lunch with our other friends everyday, you'll meet them soon."  


My eyes widened, slightly afraid of meeting these new people without any notification beforehand.   


"Don't fret, Lizzy." She smiled again, "They're really really nice and just lovely people."   


I trusted her word, believing that if she was comfortable enough to consistently sit with them, I could give them a shot.   


Soon enough, we approached a table that already had three men sitting there. 


  By men, I mean men. 


  The one who looked the oldest had curly light brown hair and darker brown eyes. His chin has a slight stubble and a bright smile. 


  Next to him was a blonde haired nurse with bright blue eyes. 


  Across from him was a Kiwi looking man. The first thing I noticed was that he was unhealthily skinny. But he was still kinda cute with his big brown puppy eyes and fluffy dark brown hair.   


All of them looked to be 20 or older.   


They all seemed engaged in a competitive competition, until the large blonde noticed us.  


"Oh, hey, Avi!" The blonde smiled, scooting over so the both of us could fit beside him, "Who's your friend?"  


"T-this is Elizabeth, or Liz." I shyly waved, observing the boys.  


"Hey, Liz, I'm Luke." The blonde smiled widely and took a large bite of his sub-sandwich, "I'm the nurse of these two shits!"  


"HEY! We aren't fucking deaf!" The Kiwi looking boy hollered, "And my name's Calum."  


"And I'm Ashton." The curly haired man waved, taking a gulp of the juice in front of him.   


I smiled awkwardly as a silence filled the group.   


"Is Michael getting your lunch, today?" Ashton laughed, nodding over toward a blushing Avi.   


"Shut up, Ashton. And yes, he is." She stated, pouting her lip out.   


I can't help, but be a little shocked she just told this man, who's easily almost three-times her size, to shut up.   


"Don't get feisty on us, Av." Luke chuckled, ruffling her hair. 


  I laughed quietly, beginning to feel comfortable with this group.   


"Hey! Why is she pouting? What did you do, Ashton!?" Michael demanded, setting three trays down on the table and squishing himself between Luke and Avi.   


"I didn't do anything! What the hell, you always blame me!" Ashton sulked, stealing a few fries off of Michael's tray. 


  Michael slapped his retreating wrist and made eye contact with me, "One of these trays are yours, Liz, take it and eat up."   


I mock-saluted his orders and slid a full tray over. The boys all laughed at my actions and I took a suspicious bite out of the clean sandwich.   


I was actually surprised, when the food tasted delicious.   


"Like it?" Avi asked, picking at her salad.  


I nodded, not wanting to talk with food in my mouth, and she giggled before eating.   


"So Liz, like it here so far?"  Ashton asked.  


Again, I nodded. "I just got here but I've already fallen in love with the garden. It's very peaceful and pretty. I also like how nice and sweet everyone has been to me." I smiled, happy with my response.  


  "That's great! I'm glad you're feeling comforted here." Michael smiled. 


  Luke began to seem uneasy, slightly leaning forward and pushing Calum's plate closer toward him.   


"Leave me alone, Luke." Calum practically begged.   


"No, Calum." Luke grunted, "Eat something."  


Calum rolled his eyes, and Ashton have him a slight nudge, "Please, mate. Just an apple or something."  


"I have oranges!" Avi smiled, taking them off her tray and handing them to Calum, "I know they're not your favorite, but they're really good."   


Everyone was acting like this whole situation was common, while I just felt awkward as the group prodded Calum to eat.   


"Eat the oranges, man." Luke whined, throwing a plastic fork at Calum's chest.   


Calum let out a long, dramatic sigh, and began to eat the oranges. All while glaring at Luke.   


Once they were all gone, he got up and threw the empty platter away, and sat back down, "Happy now?"  


"Indeed." Michael laughed.  


We were all almost done with our lunches, and Calum seemed to be feeling sickly.   


"Keep it down." Luke whispered, but I couldn't help, but hear.   


Michael, Avi, and Ashton looked anywhere, but at Calum and Luke and I took that as a hint to do the same. 


  "I don't know if I can, Luke." Calum whined, clutching his stomach.


  "Cal. Take a few deep breaths and sip some Sprite." Luke instructed, "Ash, please, get Cal a Sprite?"  


"Of course, Lu. I'll be right back, guys." Ashton got up quickly, running off to who-knows-where.  


Now, it was REALLY awkward. Nothing, but silence and everyone observing one another, was going on.


  Ashton came back and set the Sprite on the table in front of Calum. He reached for the Sprite and attempted to open the can. 


  After a few tries Calum gave up. "Hey Luke can you please open this for me?" He handed it to Luke. "Yeah sure thing dude."   


Luke opened it on the first try and handed it back. "Thanks man." Calum sounded calm but looked very angry. Seeing as we didn't do anything, I figured he was just mad at himself.   


He sipped a little and looked at me and grinned. I realized I had been staring that entire time. I blushed and quickly turned my head, embarrassed.   


"Here I'll take your tray, Liz." Calum winked. "Oh thanks Calum." I warmly smiled. Calum picked up my plate and threw it away.   


"Hey Liz, Avi and I are going to go chill so if one of the guys will take you around and show you everything that would be cool."   


"Ok Michael, have fun Avi." Avi smiled and whispered in my ear, "Have fun with Calum." I blushed for like the millionth time and she walked towards Michael laughing her ass off.   


Ashton looked towards me. "So what do you want to see first?"   


Hey y'all! Please comment so we know what y'all think of this so far xx - B.A.

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