Social Casualties

Mental illness awareness
Strong friendships
!!!The characters (other than 5sos) "Liz" and "Avi" are based off of people the writers know in real life who ARE okay with having a character based off of them!!!


1. Chapter 1

Hello lovelies, this book is written by two authors. Myself and Bandomaddiction. We wrote this to bring more awareness to mental illnesses not to romanticize them. So thanks for reading, hope you enjoy it!


Liz's POV


I completed the statement and signed my name at the bottom. I sighed and handed the pen and clipboard to the officer in front of me. He took it and gave me the one look that I didn't ever want- pity. He left the room, leaving me alone with my thoughts.

I set my head in my hands.


Things will be better.


I will learn to move on and forget, but that will take a while.

The officer came back in, "Everything is approved and ready to go. You'll be moved The Evergales Mental Hospital immediately."

I nodded.


"Alright ready to go?" I mechanically nodded again.


"Ok, now Elizabeth, good luck and remember it really does get better, trust me." I nodded yet again, unsure of what else they expected me to respond with.


The officer opened the door and held it open for me as I got up from the chair and headed into the main room of the police station.


The officer lead me to the front, where a little black car was waiting to take me away to Evergales.


A tall man, with a jet black hair, got out of the car and shook the officers hand, "Hi, I'm Nurse Clifford and I will be escorting Miss Elizabeth to the Evergales Mental Facilities."


The officer looked surprised by Nurse Clifford's forcefulness and confidence., but nodded in understanding.


Nurse Clifford nodded to the little car, "Get in." He said with the same forcefulness he used with the Officer.


I got in and looked back at the officer. He gave me a look that said "good luck with him."

Nurse Clifford climbed in and started the car with the engine whining to a start.


"Hey what's up?" He said without any of the force from earlier. Instead it was cool and smooth.


"I'm fine. How are you, Nurse Clifford?" I said quietly as I could.


"Cut that shit out." His voice became tense and mad.


"What?" I was shocked, this came out of nowhere.


He sighed. "Sorry, well actually I'm not. Just don't try that bullshit when you're at Evergales, because I will never believe you. Ever."


I gave him a puzzled look. "Why does that matter?"


He sighed and glanced at me. "You have to have a strong trust with your nurse. Oh yeah I forgot, I'm your assigned nurse. I'll be in charge of your daily medications, meals, and any other necessities along the way. Also, don't call me Nurse Clifford, call me Michael. I hate all those formalities."


I hummed in response, slipping deeper into shock and confusion. I didn't expect a nurse like this. I can't say I expected a Nurse at all.


I continued looking out the window. The main point of civilization became a blur and a field of seclusion came into view.


It was mile after mile of just plains of grass, until the car took a sharp left down a dirt path and entered into an abandoned car lot in front of a gigantic grey building.


"Hey, don't be so bummed out." Nurse Cliff- I mean- Michael said with a sigh.


He turned off the car and nodded for me to wait for him to get out first. He, soon, arrived at my door and opened it with silver cuffs in his hands.


I stared at him with wide, fearful eyes.


"I'm so sorry, Liz, but this is procedure. Please, put your hands behind your back and I will unlock these cuffs when we get to your assigned room." He spoke with the upmost amount of sincerity and I understood that this was his job and I didn't want him to be fired, just because some unstable brat wouldn't cooperate.


I let out a sigh and stepped out of the car, turning my back to him, with my hands beside one another.


I heard the metal click tightly around my wrists and Michael began leading us both toward the large steel doors.


"Remember Liz, every single person in here, is a human being. They don't like to be judged anymore than you would."


And with that, we entered the prison-like building that was the Evergales Mental Institution: for The Mentally Unwell.

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