My Warfstache Princess

Aria wants the fairy tale life. Great long lasting friends. A boyfriend who makes her feel great inside. But who gets that life when your demons are dragging you down and you can't swim to get away? Aria is stuck drowning in the water and no one notices. Except for a famous YouTuber named Mark. Will Mark be able to save her and give her the life she truly wants?


5. Chapter 4

I wonder who the mysterious stranger I danced with was. A guy who could smile at my horrible dancing. A guy that sent chills down my spine when he spoke. A guy who made me feel truly happy. Who made me actually smile rather than faking it.

If only I knew his name. If only I told him my name. Too bad. Now you get to go back to your 'life'.

Stupid voice in my head. It was sounded like a preppy girl's voice. Always jeering at me. It sucks.

I grab my Mac and my Magic Trackpad. I shut my white door behind me. It shuts with a loud slam. Down the brown stairs and around the corner, I run outside. Levi, Clem, and Terrence was splashing each other in our giant pool.

"'Ey! There's Aria. I didn't see you yesterday." Terrence shouts.

Terrence was the only guy in our house. Short black ruffled hair and ocean blue eyes. A toned body. He was an architect with Levi and Levi's fiancé. The "Man" of the house.

Levi dunks him under. "Come on in!" Levi shouts.

I point to the Jacaranda tree. "I'll be up there!"

Levi gets dunked under by Clem. Clem raises a thumbs up. I nod my head and keep running. I hop the tiny clear fence. It felt good to run. To feel the green grass blades snuggle in between my toes. To feel the humid L.A. air going through my hair. The softening cool shade hit me like a train. From burning hot to freezing cold in an instant.

My back leans against the flowering tree's brownish-green bark. The rough edges dig into my back. I don't seem to mind it. I fix my gray sweatshirt and baggy sky blue pajama pants before sitting down. I stick my white tiny ear buds into my ears. I tap the spacebar. The Pop music starts blaring through my head. It drowns out that nagging voice.

I tried to animate but my mind kept thinking back to the mysterious stranger. My pink head leans against the tree. My hand taps the stylus against the Trackpad. It starts to move as an orchestra-dubstep comes on. My mind takes me back to last night.

I felt happy. I didn't think I could do that anymore. I didn't think my mind would let me feel that emotion. I look down after the song was over. I gasp. My mindless hand drew out the thought of us dancing. Tons of sloppy lines formed two silhouettes dancing. One was facing me and was wearing a big dress. The other one had its back to me. His body was covered up by a tuxedo.

My hand lightly touches the screen. My ear buds fall out of my ears. The music leaves my head. Oh, how badly I wanted to meet him again. My eyes shift to my hand. The tiny scars pop out at me like sores on a body.

No one loves a depressed girl.

Something warm touches my shoulder. I look up. Levi was smiling at me. Tears were rolling down my cheeks. Her soft hands stops a rolling tear.

"Let's go inside. There's someone we want you to meet." She say quietly and humbly.

I nod my head slowly as I pack up my things. Levi loops her arm with mine. We steadily get back inside.

Clem, Crystal, and Terrence were gathered by the front door. Clem notices us first. "Hey Aria! There's someone to meet!" She steps to the side. My eyes widen. Black short hair. Spiked in front. The deep voice. The smile.

"This is Mark."

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