My Warfstache Princess

Aria wants the fairy tale life. Great long lasting friends. A boyfriend who makes her feel great inside. But who gets that life when your demons are dragging you down and you can't swim to get away? Aria is stuck drowning in the water and no one notices. Except for a famous YouTuber named Mark. Will Mark be able to save her and give her the life she truly wants?


3. Chapter 2

“Ohmygosh, Aria! That dress is perfect for you!” Clem exclaims from the bottom of the stairs.

Clem was Levi’s little twin sister. Her hair was the same strawberry blonde but was in a pixie cut. Her eyes were a softer shade of green. Clem was the child of the house. Refuses to grow up. That’s why she’s best at video game programming and design.

She hops up and down. Her black strappy high heel that coiled up her shins click against the polished orange wood. Her strapless maroon thigh long dress bounces with her. She held her purple and white mask in her hand.

My dress gently cascaded down my body. The top clings to my figure gracefully like a pale pink cage and the skirt spills out from on red to another. Clumsy in the most graceful and beautiful way. The gentle ruffles sway when I walk. Swishing like a lazy fish tail. My thinly clothed hands were hidden inside the long pink sleeves. Underneath the dress, black flirty peep toe upper, with a band across the vamp, and a wraparound ankle strap shoes were around my feet.

My mask was already tied on my face. A black mask that made it look like vines was growing from my eyelashes. The right side was longer than the left. A black teardrop jewel sat on the bridge of my nose.

My pastel pink hair was pulled into a perfect bun. Some hairs framed my face. Tiny hairs covered my forehead. Two long strands hung from underneath the bun.

I slowly walk down the dark brown since I wasn’t used to wearing heels. Clem claps as I walk down. Crystal and Levi were waiting for the rest of us at the cherry red door.

Crystal was another person that lived with us. Long, white, straight hair and humble light brown eyes. She has a skinnier figure than the rest of us. The mother of the house. The perfect therapist for everyone. Her royal purple asymmetrical hemline with one side being longer than the other. She had the same shoes as Clem only they were a dark purple color. Her mask was a color from white to light purple. She held the glittering stick in between her fingers.

“The perfect dress. Thanks to me.” Levi comment, taking pride in her work. She places a hand against her hip. Her long, magenta dress parts, showing off her right leg. Her heels were black wedges with a little of blue-red on the top. Her mask curls up the right side of her face and slowly gets smaller on the left side. “Come on. We’re going to be late and Terrence is going to be angry if we don’t show up on time.”


Many people crowd the dance hall. I felt packed in. People constantly pushing me in further and further into the crowd. I started to freak out. I hated crowds. I wanted to be at home. I wanted to curl up on my bed and look at the amazing view. To watch the stars pop in the night sky and the giant flowering tree sway with the wind.

Someone grabs my hand. They pull me down the marble stairs. I saw a flash of reddish blonde. I could barely run in my heels let alone hold up my dress. We finally stop on the bottom of the marble stairs. All the talking and running was getting to my head.

Phew! I though we lost you in the crowd.” Clem’s voice makes it to my ears. I look around. I could see some eyes glancing at me. The nagging feeling was coming back. I clench my fist. Clem notices. “What’s up?”

I look at the glossy floor. I look at my reflection. The scared sixteen stared back at me. “P-People…” I stutter out. My reflection started to cry. “People are looking.”

Clem waves. “Forget them. You’re here to have fun. Levi said that they’re down here. Let’s find them quickly.”

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