He Said Bye

Bridgett Herman has a serious heart ache for a guy names Ryder Paisley. She's not sure he will ever like her though. She may even ruin some friendships while trying to create a relationship with Ryder. Will Bridgett, or called by her friends, Bri, ever be able to maintain relationships with friends and Ryder?


22. The Beginning

Ryder's house was about the same size as mine. It looked like it had a basement, and of course a main level. No upper floor. I was in luck because I saw Ryder’s car was already pulled in to the driveway. I went up to knock on the door, then noticed a doorbell. I heard a loud ‘ding dong’ from inside the house.

Ryder came to the door and opened it for me like a gentleman.

“Make yourself at home.” Ryder said as he motioned to what seemed like the living room.

I did as he said and plapped my butt down on the couch, which was incredibly comfortable. Ryder closed the door behind me and sat down right next to me.

“I heard the calculus test is going to be pretty hard.” I said beginning the small talk.

“Yeah, I heard that too.” Ryder agreed.

“Do you want to start with chapter eleven and work our way up?” I asked casually.

“Sure.” He answered getting out his textbook.

We both had our textbooks out and were studying side by side. We were at chapter 17 and I was getting tired of studying. Usually I studied two chapters, then took a ten minute break, two chapters, break, and repeated that until I was done. I wanted to talk more than study.

“We’ve been studying for a while. Almost an hour and a half.” I said taking my eyes of the textbook.

“Wanna break?” He asked politely.

“Sure.” I replied.

“I have a question Bridgett.” He asked nervously.

I was so nervous I could puke. What was he going to ask? I was about to pee my pants! He better ask quick before I shart!

“I, uh, I kind of like you.” His hands were shaking and so were mine.

“That’s not a question.” I joked.

He laughed. “But this is… Would you, like to, uh, go on a date? With me?”

“Isn’t this a date?” That probably wasn’t the right thing to say.

“It can turn in to one. If you want to that is!” He added that last part quickly.

“I would love to turn this in to a date Ryder.” I said it so calmly with a smile on my face. On the inside I wa screaming with joy.

I loved him so much! This felt like a fairy tale! Things as special as this don’t happen to girls like me usually.

“I have a question for you too.” I begin, “Do I really catch a football that well?”

He laughed at that and just nodded his head. It was such a simple thing to ask, but it meant so much. It was the beginning of something I hoped would never end.

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