He Said Bye

Bridgett Herman has a serious heart ache for a guy names Ryder Paisley. She's not sure he will ever like her though. She may even ruin some friendships while trying to create a relationship with Ryder. Will Bridgett, or called by her friends, Bri, ever be able to maintain relationships with friends and Ryder?


23. A Little Kiss

It was about 5:30. Ryder and I had been talking and laughing most of the time. We scooted closer to each other every minute, until we were touching, and his arm was around my shoulders. I want to cherish this moment forever. Never let him go.

My head was laying against his chest, I could hear his heartbeat. I could feel his chest moving up and down with every breath he took.

“Hey, do you want to order a pizza now?” I asked after laughing at his last joke.

“Sure,” He began reaching for his phone, “what kind do you like?”

“I’m fine with anything.” That was a lie. I hated pepperoni, or mushrooms, but at this point, I couldn’t care less about a stupid pizza.

He called Pizza Hut and ordered a large pepperoni pizza with stuffed crust and some breadsticks. I was bummed about the pepperoni, but I could just fill up on breadsticks and have one slice of pizza to be polite.

Ryder and I shared so much with each other. Our likes, dislikes. I could tell him anything, and I knew that he would listen. We laughed and talked until the pizza came around 6:00.

“I really like you Ryder.” I finally built up the courage to say that.

“Have I told you how beautiful you are?” Ryder sounded so sincere.

“No. Because I’m not.” I said it like a joke, but I did really mean it. I don’t think I’m that pretty.

“You are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.” He was being sweet, but I didn’t like it.

“You don’t have to lie Ryder.” I liked that he was being sweet, but not what he was saying.

“I’m not lying. You’re beautiful, inside and out.” He pressed.

“Well thank you.” I still wasn’t happy.

We ate our pizza and breadsticks and changed the topic. We finished supper and started talking again. I layed down, resting my head on his chest again. I could stay there forever. We talked for about a half an hour, then I realized I had to get back home. It was a little past 7:00.

“I better get going.” I said sitting up.

“I’ll walk you out.” He was such a gentleman. I didn’t know guys could be this sweet.

“Thanks for,” I paused, “everything.”

“Bye.” He said giving me a little kiss on the cheek.

I didn’t want to leave. I wanted to stay forever. I didn’t want him to say bye. It killed me when he said bye.

“Bye.” I replied walking out the door and to my car.

I got in my car and drove off with a smile on my face.

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