Puku's Secret

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  • Published: 16 Jun 2016
  • Updated: 16 Jun 2016
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An African girl's first crush in America


1. The Beginning




It was my first time in America. My name is puku and I come from Nigeria, a country in West Africa. It was my first day as a college student and although I was not so excited about going to school, I was excited to meet people of another race. The first week was overwhelming and filled with lots of activities. I was so busy adjusting to the new environment that I never could have imagined that I would even notice anyone for long. Unknowingly, I began to notice him. He was not the cutest, neither was he the sexiest, tallest or even special in anyway. Why then was I staring at him every time he passed by? I was curious about everyone and everything I saw in college but I was extremely curious about him. The people he walked with, the way he talked, where he came from, and so on. I was very curious and also very cautious. but I thought “after all when the freshmen orientation is over, I won’t have to see him so often anymore.” I really wish it turned out that way.

He always sat some tables away from me in the cafeteria and I would steal glances at him. I loved to watch how he ate, what he ate and what he drank. I would try to listen to the things he said to his friends and even talk about him with my friends. My curiosity for this guy was not the way I wanted my college life to begin. No good can come out of it because my curiosity often brings only disaster and so I fought it. It worked! The series of activities we kept having, made me see him less and as the saying goes “out of sight is out of mind.” It helped me forget about him for a while, at least till I saw him again.

Everything seemed to be going fine for me, I got to know people, read boring books and even prepare myself to learn Spanish. I clutched my class schedule in my hands and as I woke up the first day of class and looked at my schedule, I was so ready to begin. I sighed and held a deep breath as I open the handle of my classroom door and as I stepped in and looked at all the faces staring back at me, my world stopped. He was among them.


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