drarry: a secret

I own nothing,if I own a character it is because I made him/her up,this has gay relationships in it,if u don't like don't read,this is my first so comments r greatly appreciated. There will be swearing in this so if you can't handle major cuss words do not read.


2. secrets over dinner

Hey Ginny,you almost ready up there? Yeah Harry,just give me a couple minutes. Ok,just meet me at the bottom of the Grand stair case. See you then Harry.  (10 minutes later) There you are,I was starting to get worried. Sorry,Ron was lecturing me over the talk,and you shouldn't worry about me,I'm 15 Harry,I'll be fine and you know it. Ok,I believe you,I can still be worried though. Yeah well,we're late so we better go. Yeah,it's all right though,I just sent a message to Madam Rosemareta,she said it will be okay as long as we get down there soon. He said all this while taking her hand and started walking. (At the three broomsticks) You enjoying your food you two? Yes ma'am, it's really good,Harry said. As she walked away,Ginny noticed Harry looked a little sad so She asked,Harry,is there something wrong? Um,yeah,we need to talk Ginny. Uh oh,that doesn't sound good. Well,Ginny I don't think we can be together anymore,but I have a reason so don't hate me. Go ahead Harry,I'm listening,and I would never hate you if you have a good Illegible Reason. I think I'm gay. There,I said it,it's out now. Well,not like that was a surprise or anything. What do you mean it's not a surprise,I honestly found it to be a huge one. Harry,Fred told me a month ago,I was just hoping it was another stupid prank. How the hell did he know? Three words,you were drunk,you apparently don't remember anything when you get drunk,like you wanted to have sex in the room of requirement last week with me. He gasped,and Ginny smiled and said,It was quite nice. Now Harry was really starting to freak out and Ginny saw this. Harry,I was just joking,I told you no and said I was to young. Oh sweet merlin,don't do that to me Ginny. It's alright Harry,honestly,but do Ron and Hermione know you are gay? No,I was scared to tell them,especially Ron. Why,he's your best friend,I'm sure he would understand. Actually,Ron is a homophobe,so I think he would freak instead. Since when is my brother a homophobe? Since our third year,when he saw Sirius and Lupin hug,he thought they were gay and said that he thought it was wrong. Well I will take care of it for you,and while we are on the topic,if your gay who do you fancy? It doesn't matter,he hates me anyways. How do you know that if you haven't tried? Every time I look into his cold grey eyes I know. Oh god,you like Malfoy don't you? Yes Ginny,oh shit,it's past curfue,we better go or well both get detention. Then pay and we can go back to the castle. Why do I have to pay for it all? Because your the one who asked me to dinner. Fine he said while leaving the two galleons and walking out with her. As they ran up to the castle Harry forgot his scarf and told her to go on without him,so he could slip in the woods to cry,without Ginny noticing. And Ginny Realized that he was wearing the scarf already,but dismissed the fact and kept walking,unaware that Harry wouldn't be coming back to the common room at all that night.

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