drarry: a secret

I own nothing,if I own a character it is because I made him/her up,this has gay relationships in it,if u don't like don't read,this is my first so comments r greatly appreciated. There will be swearing in this so if you can't handle major cuss words do not read.


1. Homework and Romance

  Harry,Harry where are you? I'm right here Hermione,stop screaming or you will wake up the whole castle. Sorry Harry,but I've been looking everywhere for you. Why what do you need? I wanted to ask you if you finished your potions homework for Professor Snape? Yes 'Mione,he lied weakly. Harry,it's not good to lie,I just finished your potions homework. Damn it Hermione,I was supposed to do that with Ginny tonight,now I can only help her with it,which won't be good,considering I'm rubish in potions. I'm sorry Harry,you should have told me. It's ok 'Mione,just don't be so nosey next time ok. O- Hermione,Hermione there you are. Ron,I thought you had detention with Professor McGonagall tonight. I did,I'm already done,so I needed to ask you something. What is it Ron,she said getting her hopes up. Can you help me with my potions homework? I suppose,how much have you got done? All of it except the essay,he admitted sheepishly. How the hell do you expect me to get it all done tonight when it's due tomorrow morning? I'll help you with it,I'll do it and you can correct it while I go,please Hermione. Fine,but next time your on your own for not asking sooner. Ok,let's just go before we waste anymore time. Ok,oh hey Harry,you have a date with Ginny tomorrow night,she wanted me to remind you about it. Holy shit,I totally forgot about that,I have to go plan,see you guys later.

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