the truth

im gonna be writing about some things i think and mainly what i feel about them


1. the truth

have you ever sat somewhere and thought about what youve become? or , cried until you couldnt cry anymore? or  , pushed someone you loved away? i know i have... and it hurts to know that sometimes you cant change what we've done , but its good to know none of its our fault. everything happens for a reason , and that reasons happens to protect us from the bad, its best to know that we are safe now from bad mistakes we may do , but know your not alone, many people at this age suffer from these problems cause we are just learning about who we really are. we are all different inside and that good cause we all are unique in our own ways that what makes us who we are ,we are us not them we all think differnt ways from everyone else, we all like differnt types of things like music, food , t.v ,drawings  and places . i cant honestly say that being different is good because who wants to deal with the same thing over and over again , i like trying new things i like being myself cause that makes me the person who i am and im proud of that! never be afraid to be yourself cause that is who you are no one can change that be proud cause no one can take that away from you be yourself.

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