It's You

"Get away from me" her eyes filled with tears, her words stung him as he felt a pain in his chest.
"Princess please.." He whimpers, holding out his hand but she didn't take it.
"You've hurt me enough" she mumbled and walked away from someone she once called her world.


3. Breakfast

*Toulas POV*

I woke up the next morning with my head on someone's chest, someone's arms wrapped around me and a familiar sound of someone snoring softly. I glanced at the time as it was 6am. "Why.." I mumbled a bit and rubbed my eyes lightly. I looked around as I knew I was in my room but looked up to see Niall, my eyes widened a bit as I sit up a bit more and remember falling asleep while watching tv with the boys. He looked so peaceful as I took a deep breath, biting my lip and poke his cheek. I watch his face furrow a bit as I did it again, "Toula.. Stop" he mumbled and pulled me down to him again as I sigh softly and let him. "Wake up" I said softly, turning my body to his and poke his cheek again. "Please, let me sleep" he mumbled a bit, hiding his face in my neck. "I'm hungry" I said softly as I remember it was only 6am. "Can we get food" I added a bit after. "Hm, what time is it babe?" The pet name rolling off his tongue like nothing. "6 in the morning" I said. His eyes were closed but he chuckled a bit and shook his head, "not now princess" another pet name coming out of his mouth like nothing. "Fine, you promise later we will?" I asked softly as he nodded, "Go back to sleep please" he mumbled as I closed my eyes again and it took me a while but I fell back asleep.

~Few hours later~

"Hey.. Wake up" I heard someone mumble a bit, a pair or lips kissing my head. I bring my hand lightly up to rub my eyes and open them as I see Niall, looking down at me. "I promised breakfast" he softly said and smiled a bit. I stretched a bit and yawn, sitting up. "Are we going like this?" I asked softly as he nodded. "Put some shoes on and let's go eat" he said and we got out of my bed and walked downstairs. I didn't want to bring up the fact that he was in my bed just yet as I just woke up and I wasn't ready for that talk. I put on my shoes and we walked out to his car as I got in on the passenger side and put my seatbelt on. I ran my fingers through my curly hair and looked out the window as I took my glasses off to clean them as I yawn once more. Niall was focused on the road as I glanced at him a few times, taking a deep breath and looked down at my hands as the radio played softly in the background. I didn't know what to say nor did I want to say something that was wrong. Once Niall pulled into the parking lot and parked we got out of the car and walked in the the little restaurant. I looked around a bit as it was all too familiar. Niall and I went here for the last time before I left for California. We got seated at a booth as I sat across from him and looked at the menu as the waiter put down water. "Anything else I can get you two?" He asked. "Coffee for me, what about you princess?" Niall asked and looked at me, "coffee" I said softly as the waiter nodded and walked away and soon brought back out coffee. "How was California?" He asked, trying to start a conversation. "It was different, something new. I had to get used to the warm weather, the people, school and all that, but other than that I thought it was really nice" I said and took a sip of my coffee.

Niall and I made good conversation throughout breakfast as he told me about the band and what was going on, how they all wanted a bit of a break. He told me about zayn leaving the band and such as well. I did miss talking to him, I missed being his friend and I wish him and I didn't end the way we did. Once we finished our food he paid the check as we stood up and walked out. "Sorry for sleeping in your bed, it kinda just happen" there it was, he said it, he brought it up. I bit my lip and shrugged lightly, "it's not a big deal" I lied. It was a big deal, you don't just do that. We weren't together and that's not what you do. "It is, we aren't together and I wish we were.. I really do" he said softly as we got into the car as I didn't know what to say so I didn't say anything. Once he pulled into the driveway he looked at me, taking a deep breath. "I just wish we didn't end the way we did" he said softly as I nodded before getting out of the car, "me too Niall.. Me too" I said before closing he door and walking inside.

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