If Ugly Were Beautiful [DRAFT]

[P.S- This is a draft of the story in progress. I encourage feedback from all of you, and I vow not to get upset at what you suggest.] Katherine Carmel is not a pretty girl. Her nose is all wrong. Her eyes are misshapen, and she can't get her hair to lay right. Even worse, the coolest girls in the sixth grade won't leave her alone. When she thought things couldn't get any worse, they did. At first, she thought her powers were awesome. She could get Josie and Dylan to break up with a single pat on the shoulder. She could kill Bree's lima bean plant in less than a second by touching the stem. She could even toggle her popularity by tapping her left temple! Everyone liked her. Everyone wanted to be her. Everything was going great. Until she learned about The Keeper. The Keeper was not happy with her.


1. Dedications


to Grandma LaRue, for owning so many great children's books,

and my mother, for helping me through a serious case of writer's block

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