Trapped In Her Love (august alsina story)

They say love makes everyone happy but really it makes you sad when you can't the person you want to have. My name is August. I'm in love but does she love me. I'm 16 and in the tenth grade. This my high school sweetheart.

My name is January. I'm 15 and I'm in the tenth grade. I love him but I am afraid that he's going to play me. I have blonde hair and I'm in foster care with my brother and sister. They rely on me and they need me I'm the only one they have


2. 8 Years Before

         August POV:



     I was hanging out with my niggas Jerome and Messiah in the hallway and i ask," Hey, did we get anymore fresh meat (that's what we call the new girls)."


    " I heard we're getting a new girl in second period and I think I saw her in the main office" Jerome said 


      And of course Messiah would say," I bet she'll be even cuter than Alexianna"


   I say," Messiah you say that about every new girl and your never right"


    But no, I was wrong.




January POV: 

    I wake up at 6 o'clock to get ready for my first day of school. Wait I'm sorry I forgot to introduce myself. My name is January Symphony Rose Palacio. I was born in New York. I have blonde dyed hair. I'm black, irish, Philipeno, and belizion. I live with my foster mom and my brother,King, and sister Janessie. Our parents gave us up when I was ten.I will be 16 next month.


   Since it's my first day of school you know I have to get noticed. I wear my red and black bulls outfit with my bulls hat. I put on my red lipstick and my eyeliner and my eye shadow. I go downstairs to see my sister and brother with my foster mom eating their breakfast.

  I say," Good morning you guys" 

    " Morning January" They say in unison

    "I'm going to school see you guys later" I say as I grab my purse and water bottle.

  ( at lunch time)

August POV

   I was on my phone scrolling down on instagram, until I bumped into someone. I look down to  see that new girl from my second period.

 "Oh my bad ma didn't see you down there" I say laughing

  " It's ok but can i get some help please?" She says in a quiet voice.

 " Yea what's your name?" I ask while helping her get up.

 " January and yours?" She ask while dusting herself off.

 " August I like your name." I say trying to be nice.

 "Thank you nice to meet you." She said shaking my hair.

 As she walked away I look at her and her ass and damn is it big.

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