The funeral

Harry's loss of his beautiful girlfriend Jessie has taken rough on him.
This is the back story from the funeral told from Harrys point of view.


2. after the funeral

The rest of the preach was blurry. I only remember when we had to lift the coffin out of there, I was there with her dad her uncles, and her grandad.

We all were there when she was sinked into the ground, and I just couldn't watch them cover her up so I turned away... not realizing that it was gonna be my last time seeing her ever.

By the time a turned around again all I saw was the ground just laying there dead and cold.

No one said anything on the ride home, and all I could think was that I was glad that it was over.

When we arrived all I did was go straight into my bedroom and throw my self on the bed.

Within seconds all my memories every little thing that the two of us had experienced came running trough my mind.

All the good stuff like when we laughed so much that our stomachs began to hurt, or that time when we watched a movie but ended up kissing all night instead,

or when I brought her ice cream because she was having cramps.

But also the bad memories came to me.

The time she told me that she wasn't gonna make it, her pale body just laying there, her blue lips, her hairless head just resting on the pillow.

Everything was just to much for me and I that moment I cried,

I cried for over an hour just laying there crying over something so important to me that no man in the world ever would understand.

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