The Boy behind the Screen

"Reply to him!" Liz commanded. This boy seemed nice enough from his picture. Liz took the keyboard and typed for me. Soon enough, we were chatting. I laughed, little did I know, this boy would steal my innocence.


5. You're not yourself

"You're home early!" Mom said, greeting us.  Actually, we hadn't been home early. Liz and I had spent the whole day trying to not think of Brian. "Yeah, it was a special speaker today," I explained.  "Well, this evening we're busy," Mom told me. I asked why and she replied, "Macy, your grandma got sick and your dad wants to go visit her in the hospital," Mom told me. "Grandma lives three hours away," I reminded her. "I know, but Dad's insisting on going and visiting," Mom replied. "Alright, so can we stay here?" I asked. "Macy, we'll be out late tonight, Dad might even want to stay with her, I don't know." She said, patting me. "Mom, I'm sixteen!" I started to argue, "Why not?" Mom gave me the look that meant, "Don't bring this up in front of your friend." Eventually, Mom didn't want to argue. "Fine, whatever, just ignore my bad feelings," Mom snapped. I felt upset, like all of my feelings were bottled up inside. No matter how hard I tried to show them, they always ended up angering people, or confusing them. "Okay," I replied quietly. "Well, she's gone," Liz laughed as Mom left, "Can I spend the night?" "Sure, whatever," I replied.  Soon enough, Mom came back with a peace offering. She handed me a bag with a bow. "Happy late graduation" she said, smiling. I screamed as I opened the bag. "Mom, this shirt was so expensive!" I cried, examining the brand new Taylor Swift shirt. I thanked Mom and she soon left with Dad to go visit grandma. Once she left, I couldn't help myself, I checked Brian. More messages, each message more demanding than the other. I argued with him until finally Liz came to my aid, typing, "Just leave me alone, I don't like you!" Brian replied, "You don't like me huh?" Liz replied with no. "Well, you do like Taylor Swift," The message read. A jolt through the room. Liz and I sat, staring at each other. "What the heck?" Liz typed quickly, her thin fingers flying across the keyboard. "Baby, you look good in your Taylor Swift shirt," Brian texted. Liz and I couldn't take it anymore. I picked up the phone and called the police. "911, what's your emergency?" "Hi, my friend and I are getting harassed online, and I think this guy knows where I live," I said, explaining the entire story. I felt ashamed with myself for being so stupid and getting myself into this mess. "Okay, well why do you think he knows where you lived?" The dispatcher asked. I never got to reply. I dropped the phone as I heard the back door being opened. Liz slapped my mouth, she knew I would scream. "Maybe it's your Mom, or Jacob!" She whispered. "You idiot, they left three hours ago, it's freaking 11 pm!" I yelled at her. The garage door was being tugged at. I prayed Jacob had locked the door. I thought whoever it was had left, because I didn't hear the booming anyone. Soon enough, I heard the awful sound of the door being slammed open. Liz pushed me into the back room, and we madly flew around the room. We both grabbed the side of the heavy dresser Mom kept everything on. Pictures and frames were flying and cracking as we madly pushed the dresser to block the door. As the pictures fell, I thought back. Just like the falling photos, I was falling. I was losing my innocence, and my own personality. I was acting more like Liz now, unlike myself. I thought meeting Brian would be fun to talk to at first, but then he changed me. I had became the person I feared. The person inside of me wasn't the person in my brain. We managed to shove the piece of furniture enough to block the door, but not very well. "What if he has a weapon?" I whispered to Liz. She pushed me down and we both went low to the floor. We waited and waited, hearing no sound. Then, I heard the sound of boots kicking the door we were behind. We stayed low to the ground, to scared to move. I could hear the 911 operator, asking if I was there. "He's here!" I cried into the phone. My voice wouldn't go higher than a whisper. "What was that Ma'am?" The operator asked. "He's in the house, he's here!" I cried over and over, to no avail. My voice wouldn't raise above a hoarse whisper. I got frustrated and launched the phone. Eventually, I thought the robber had given up. Then, Liz screamed. Her shriek scared me, and I screamed back. I couldn't stay quiet, and I screamed, "What?" She pointed to the door. I didn't see anything, but then I got lower. Underneath the door, I saw an eye peeking at me. I couldn't see much because the face was covered by a mask. All I saw was a dark eye staring at me, the person had but in contacts, so I couldn't see their real eye, or the whites. I screamed and screamed. I heard the 911 operator again and I whispered more. As soon as I was whispering, the door was being kicked. We kept our backs against the dresser but it was no use. The door was being kicked, and I knew that soon enough, it would break. As the wood cracked, I dropped and put my hands behind my head. I was too scared to do anything. Just as the door was almost opened, I heard, "Hey baby, Daddy's hear." I knew it was Brian. I knew it immediately. "Hey baby, now would you wear what I want you to wear?" He asked, laughing. As he busted the door down, I sat. He grabbed me by the shoulders and turned my face toward his. In horror, when I looked at him, it wasn't Brian. I heard Liz squeak, "Who are you?" The man said, "Brian, baby." Liz said, "You don't look like Brian." I was thinking the same thing, but I hadn't dared say it. "Oh, I am Brian. But Brian wasn't the dude in picture, sweet heart." He said. "Brian?" If this was Brian, than who was in the picture? Brian in the picture, the boy I thought I was talking with, had blonde hair and seemed to be about the age he said, seventeen. This Brian grabbing my shoulders had black hair and looked to be in his fifties, my dad's age. Brian pushed Liz out of the way and continued yanking my jacket. He turned my cheek and kissed me. I screamed, and pushed him back. Brian turned away and started going through my clothes in my closet. As he turned, I grabbed the phone. The operator whispered to me, "We have police on the way, keep him talking, keep him in the house so we can get our guys in there." How was I supposed to do that? Brian grabbed my entire rack of clothes and started rummaging through the drawers. The operator's voice echoed in my ears, "Keep him in the house so we can get a clear capture, don't let him leave so we can catch him." The police would be here in a few minutes, just a few minutes. Brian started to advance toward me, but then turned to leave. "Keep him so we can catch him." "Brian, wait!" I yelled, remembering that I had to keep my word and help the police catch this dangerous man. "What?" he asked, turning his face. "Come here," I whispered. I didn't know what I was doing, I was trying to keep him around before the cops came. He smiled and hugged my shoulders. "Now, that's the baby I wanted to meet," He whispered in my ear. Liz was watching, confused. I gave her a look, but she didn't get it. The phone was on the floor, but I could still here the operator say, "The police are at your house, they're coming in." Brian smiled, and pushed me onto the bed. He laughed and smiled at me, then the door busted open. He grabbed my hair, and tickled my face. I heard the police coming, but he was suffocating me. The police commanded Brian to put his hands up, but he didn't, he grabbed me by the neck. I felt the cold metal against my skin. I knew before I looked, but when I turned, I was staring down the barrel of a gun.

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