The Boy behind the Screen

"Reply to him!" Liz commanded. This boy seemed nice enough from his picture. Liz took the keyboard and typed for me. Soon enough, we were chatting. I laughed, little did I know, this boy would steal my innocence.


6. The perfect couple

The policemen lowered their voices. "Just put your hands up, and everyone will stay safe," an officer said. I kept my eyes closed, and I heard Liz breathing deeply next to me. "Go out" they commanded her. "But, Macy, I, but," Liz stammered. "Go," They told Liz repeatedly. I saw Liz turn at me, cry, and then run out of the room. The gun was pointed at my neck, he had the power in one pull to end my life. "I'm tired of being lonely!" Brian yelled, "You tricked me Baby, I wanted a relationship, and now I'm going to have one." "You're not going to do anything to this girl, let her go," I heard an officer tell Brian. "Walk with me to the car," Brian said, pushing the gun further into my skin. I couldn't move. "I said walk to my car!" He commanded again. I heard the click as he loaded the gun. I looked desperately at the policemen. They were huddled, deciding what to do.  Before I could do anything, Brian turned on the unsuspecting cops talking. He fired the gun once and the first officer fell to the ground. He fired again twice and another officer fell, dead in one shot. The last policeman loaded his gun and pointed it at Brian, but he was too late. Brian had put me in front of his face, now the police wouldn't shoot, I was the hostage. Brian kept the gun on my neck the whole time he kicked me to the door. Every time I'd resist, he kiss my cheeks. I was getting closer and closer to the door, if he got me in the car, that'd be the end. I fought and fought against his unwanted advances, to no avail. "Brian, let me go!" I cried, kicking him in the leg. Then, his words were muffled. I felt him pulling me through the steps but I couldn't move. All I saw behind my eyes were screens of white, and red. My head was going to explode, I could feel it. Was I shot? What was the pain? I soon didn't have to ask myself that, I fell asleep quickly after. 

I woke up to the rattle of the the engine of a car. My head still felt as if it would blow any moment. My eyes still hadn't adjusted to the bright light of the car in front of us headlights. I reached to the back of my head, where it hurt the most. I brought my hand to my eyes and saw blood covering my whole hand. I cried and someone yelled, "Shut up baby." I looked around and realized where I was. A small, ratty pick up truck with a crowded backseat full of bags and papers. Brian sitting in the front seat, me, tied up in the back seat. I fought and fought the restraints, but I couldn't undo the tight hold of the ropes against my skin. "I told you not to fuss, babe," Brian's voice boomed in my ears. Every sound was too loud, it hurt to hear, to breathe. I tugged and tugged until the knots finally started to give way. As Brian focused on the road, I used my teeth to tear at the ropes. He didn't look at me, he kept smoking is cigarette.  Hours passed, and my teeth and body were getting tired from continuously trying to free my hands. Brian would look back every so often and smile. "Wait till we get to the hotel, then I'll be happy," He commented. "Just please let me go, I never wanted to talk to you!" I cried. "Never huh? Daddy hasn't heard the word never, the other girls liked me," Brian laughed and made jokes. I finally managed to get one knot undone, now one hand was free. I knew if Brian saw me getting myself untangled, he would hurt me again. After my first hand was untied, I reached behind my seat to see if there was anything to cut my hands free. I grabbed two clothing items. One was a white shirt, stained with red. The second item was a pair of pink underwear. I kept my scream to myself as I continued trying to free myself. Brian pulled into a bar parking lot. "I'm picking up another Mama," he announced. He shut the car door and jogged inside. The gun sat right next to me. I heard another car pull up next to us. I slammed my head against the window over and over, trying to get the car's attention. A boy in the backseat of the car pointed at me. I continued slamming my face against the window, creating noise to alert others. The car sped down the road, and I cried. My only chance of survival, the only other car at the bar, they saw me and they left. I cried silently to myself as Brian returned. There was no woman. He cursed and cursed, yelling. "Well, now we get more time together since she didn't want me," he said, turning to look at me. I had given up, he'd do whatever he wanted with me because I had no way to resist. The car sped down roads as Brian searched for the hotel. I never wanted to reach the destination because I knew a part of me would be left in the hotel. If he got me alone, I'd never return fully myself. As much as I didn't want to be in the car any longer, I didn't want to arrive at the hotel either. It reminded me of when I was a kid and I didn't want to get the shot, but I wanted to get it over with. My stomach lurched as we pulled into a small, rundown building with red lights illuminating the sign that read, "Honey moon couples welcome." This was the hotel, this is where I would surely die, emotionally or physically. "Get out and act happy," Brian yelled at me. "You need to look older so we can get in here, put this on," He cried, shoving a bag at me. Inside the bag was a small dress and red lipstick. He screamed at me to put it on, so I did. The dress hung way too low in the front and only covered barely my butt, it wasn't even thigh length. As we entered the hotel, Brian greeted the worker. "Hey, Marcus," He smiled. "Hey, who you got here, a pretty one?" Marcus replied. "Yeah, get this, she's sixteen, I met her online," Brian whispered. "Sixteen? Man, you're lucky," Marcus replied, staring at me. My childhood was over. The innocence was robbed from me. Here I stood under the watchful eyes of two disgusting men, perverted in their horrible ways. Here I stood, in a small dress meant for a woman completely different than me. Here I stood being judged and rated on my appearance, and my physical body. My body, which they had a warped view about. My body, which Brian would destroy. Marcus and Brian exchanged words and offered me a cigarette. I shook my head no and Brian pulled me away from Marcus. "Do what he says," Brian whispered, glaring into my eyes. Marcus said, "Hey cutie, want a smoke?" I looked at Brian, glaring and nodding for me to say yes to Marcus' offer. I quietly took the cigarette from the man's hand. I stood awkwardly, I had never held a cigarette, what was I supposed to do? Brian came close and lit the tip. When they turned, I put the flame out with my dress. I silently refused to smoke. After a few moments of talking, Marcus stood up. "I'll get you two love birds the best room we have," He said, winking at us. He had called us the perfect couple. I wanted to scream. How was a man in his fifties the perfect date for a sixteen year old? How had he tricked me into thinking he was a year older than me, and who was in the picture? "C'mon, now the fun starts," Brian called, pulling my arm up the hotel stairs. I felt sick to my stomach imagining what could happen. I wondered where Liz was, and if she was getting help. I wondered what happened to the policeman, and I wondered what happened to the car I saw at the bar. Most importantly, I wondered if I would ever see Mom and Dad again.

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