The Boy behind the Screen

"Reply to him!" Liz commanded. This boy seemed nice enough from his picture. Liz took the keyboard and typed for me. Soon enough, we were chatting. I laughed, little did I know, this boy would steal my innocence.


1. Moving On

"Class of 2016, please come forward," Principal Charleston's voice boomed through the microphone. "Why is he so serious, it's just a graduation rehearsal?" My best friend Liz whispered to me. I smiled at whispered back "He's trying to look tough because the sophomores are watching." "Hey, I wouldn't talk Macy" Liz said, "After all, you should be a sophomore." Yes, I should be, but I'm not. I was moved up two grades, so I was graduating at sixteen. "But, I am technically in 12th grade" I smiled. She started her common argument, "But you're only sixteen!" "Samson, Sands, be quiet!" The principal yelled. Yes, we both had the worst last names, but hey, at least we were always together in alphabetical order. We marched to our chairs sarcastically.  Our feet screeched across the gym floor.  "What are you doing tomorrow night?" Liz asked me. "Tomorrow's graduation" I replied. "Duh genius" Liz smirked, "I meant after that." "Won't it be late after that?" I asked. "Oh my god, sixteen year old's kill me," Liz teased. "Well, you can come over, if you want" I suggested. "Hhm, I could go to the party at The Lodge, but my Mom will kill me, so I'll be safer staying with you, miss goody two shoes" Liz replied. "Alright" I laughed. "Girls, now!" Charleston yelled again. We rolled our eyes and laughed. The bell rang, time to leave. "See you tomorrow, graduate number 1" I called to Liz. "See you tomorrow, graduate 2" Liz called back. We waved and I walked to my car. 

"Hey, Macy, ready to graduate?" Mom asked casually. "Mom, it's not till tomorrow, I'll be ready!" I smiled. "Don't trip, don't fall, don't eat dirt," My irritating ten year old brother joked. "Jacob, shut up," I said, pinching his arm.  "Mom, she pinched me!" He yelled. "Shut up," I replied again. "Mom!" Jacob cried. "Honey, Jacob is just mad because he is going to be bored tomorrow," Mom explained. "Why, what's tomorrow?" I asked. "Your stupid graduation, then a stupid wedding!" Jacob cried, throwing his arms. "What wedding?" I asked. "Aunt Sonia is getting married, remember?" Dad reminded me. Oh yeah, her third wedding in a year. How could I forget this one? "I don't get it, why isn't Macy going?" Jacob asked. "Because one, I'm graduating, two I can decide what I want because I'm graduating, and three, I don't want to go, because I'm graduating!" I smirked. "Mom, why does she get to stay home?" Jacob asked, getting red in the face. "Macy, what are you doing tomorrow?" Dad asked me. "Honestly, nothing," I replied, "Liz is coming over, that's all I'm doing." "Not fair!" Jacob said, stomping up the stairs. I laughed to myself and went to my room. Over and over I practiced walking in my heels. I was so paranoid I'd fall on my face and get laughed at. Why had I watched YouTube videos of graduates falling?

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