The Boy behind the Screen

"Reply to him!" Liz commanded. This boy seemed nice enough from his picture. Liz took the keyboard and typed for me. Soon enough, we were chatting. I laughed, little did I know, this boy would steal my innocence.


2. Internet Friends

"Ready?" Liz asked, smiling down at me. "I guess so" I replied, looking up at her. Yes, Liz had dared to break dress code the last day of school, during graduation. The paper had strictly said, "No heels more than two inches tall." I had thought I was daring wearing two and a half inch heels, and here was Liz wearing five and a half inch heels, no joke. As the first S last name was called, we filed closer and closer to the stage. This was it, we were finally graduating. "Macy Samson," My name was called. I hugged Liz, and walked. I kept my feet straight in front of the other. I watched as I carefully placed each foot, trying to stay balanced. As I made my way to the stage, I heard Mom and Dad yelling my name. I heard Liz screaming and cheering. They cheered as I was handed my diploma. I went and sat down right as Liz was being called. "Liz Sands" I turned and watched her. I cheered as loud as I could, we had promised we'd do that for each other. Then, to my horror, Liz tripped. It was as if it was in slow motion, and sadly, I couldn't help but laugh. I watched with my mouth open as Liz's high heel caught a part of the grass. Her ankle twisted, and her other leg buckled as she fell. Not only did she stumble once, twice, three times. Her legs kept twisting, just fall already! I watched as she basically stumbled down the whole football field to the stage. Finally, when she reached the stage, the shoe gave up. I watched with my hand over my smiling face as the sparkly pink heel snapped. "I knew you shouldn't have shopped and bought the 10 dollar heels, just because they were cheap" I thought in my head. Liz had been so worried about spending money, she bought the cheapest shoes possible. The sparkly heel was on the actual ground. Liz surprised everyone, including me. She calmly reached down and took the other shoe off, and danced through the aisle. She took a bow as she reached for the diploma. Everyone cheered as she recovered from the embarrassment. 

"Don't you dare laugh!" I heard as we filed out of the stadium. Graduation was over, now we had officially graduated. After I laughed and laughed at Liz's stumble, my parents and Jacob came over to us. "Congrats!" They said, hugging me. I thanked them and hugged back. "Alright, we're off to the wedding," Dad announced as they gave me flowers and went to their car. I had to admit, although I didn't want to go to a boring wedding, I was a little upset that they had chosen to go out of town on their daughter's grad night. "You're coming over, right?" I asked Liz. "Yeah, I gotta show you something" she replied. As we filed into my house a few moments later, Liz was excited to get on my computer. "Check this out," She said, as she logged onto a website unfamiliar to me. "What's this?" I asked. "It's called Kik, it's a chat site kind of thing, hard to explain," Liz explained. "So, basically a simpler form of Facebook, or Twitter?" I asked. "Well, it's different" Liz said. "Whatever, just show me what you wanted to show me" I gave up. "Okay, so I want you to make an account, so we can chat" Liz said. "Liz, we text all the time, I call you on the phone sometimes, we see each other a lot, why do I need this?" I asked. "It's funner, it's better than texting!" She cried. After a long discussion about why this was better than every other social media site, Liz convinced me to sign up. "Here, let me set your account" she said. After a long, pointless account set up, I guess I was ready. Liz showed me how she chatted with a few people. "Who are these people?" I asked. "Amy from San Francisco, Sam from  San Antonio, Texas, Mary from Indiana..." She replied. "How do you know them?" I asked. "Do I have to explain everything?" Liz asked. I shut up and let her chat. After awhile, I was getting the hang of it. As stupid as it was, I enjoyed chatting with people. I was behind a screen, I could say whatever I wanted, and nobody would come after me like real life. A few hours later, Liz and I were laughing as we pranked some people into thinking we were rich old women. "Hey, check this out" Liz showed me my account. A guy had started a message with me, somehow Liz had connected me to this dude. "He looks cute, send him a message!" She pressured me. "No, I don't know him!" I yelled. "Neither do I, that's the point. Oh, I forget you're only sixteen" Liz snapped. I felt embarrassed, maybe I was being a baby. "Fine" I said grabbing the mouse. I typed, "Hey, what's up?" After a few minutes, I got a message back. Soon, I found out this guy's name was Brian, and he was a fan of animals and drawing. "Ask him how old he is" Liz laughed. She grabbed the mouse and typed the question. Quickly, the screen flashed. "If you tell me your age I'll tell you mine" The message read. "Sixteen" Liz typed. "Liz, why did you tell him my age?" I cried. "Who cares, after today he'll forget about you. I rarely chat with the same person twice," She tried to reassure me, to no avail. "Oh, nice" Brian messaged back, "I'm seventeen." "See, there you go," Liz said, nudging me, "He's almost our age, see?" "I gotta go," I typed on the message. "Alright, let's keep in touch. Message me tomorrow," Brian messaged. I replied with "Okay."

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