The Boy behind the Screen

"Reply to him!" Liz commanded. This boy seemed nice enough from his picture. Liz took the keyboard and typed for me. Soon enough, we were chatting. I laughed, little did I know, this boy would steal my innocence.


8. Epilogue

"So, I'm going to have you do a little exercise," Doctor Barnes was already on my nerves. His office was too bright, too happy for me. The nurses had insincere looks on their faces, and gave each other glances. I don't know why Mom thought talking to someone would help me. She said, "They know what he did," So, they can tear me apart with their eyes in the similar way the men did? I looked around doctor Barnes office and wondered how many people had sat here and looked into the eyes of him before me. I wondered if I'd ever see daylight again, what was his "little exercise?" "Okay," He commanded, "I'm going to have you close your eyes and just tell me what you see." "Why?" I asked, curious. "I've heard you've been having trouble sleeping, and I want to see what we can do," Doctor Barnes explained. I feared the dark and its victims. The dark was where every trouble came peeking out ready to prey on its new minds it captures. In the dark, nothing is impossible, nothing is too far fetched. In the dark, I saw her. I didn't want to close my eyes because I didn't want to see that blonde hair in need of a dye, or that silicone face. I listened to Doctor Barnes and closed my eyes tightly. At first, just black. But then, the laughter of the unknown. Then, her face. The dirty blonde hair, the fake face. The skin tight dress. She reached out to choke me, as she said, "I told you I'd kill you." "Angela!" I screamed and I opened my eyes. The familiar sights of the yellow room with the too bright window came into focus. No, I was here and not with Angela. Doctor Barnes had me explain what I saw, and why it bothered me. After trying to explain, he told me what to do when I see her in my nightmares and he let me go. "How'd it go?" Mom asked. "Angela tried to choke me," I wanted to say, but instead I said, "Eh, I didn't like him." 

Over the period of the next six months, Angela slowly faded from my mind. I still saw her face in my dreams sometimes, but she had lost her power. She had lost the power to command me, and to scare me. Her face was a mere disturbance in my dream, and I could start to push it away. I saw Doctor Barnes a few more times, and I still hated his office. Only when I was in the safe haven of my car was I at peace. I finally started to understand that Brian was dead, he would never harm me, or any other girl again. Liz had gotten away that night. She had ran home and called my parents. My parents hadn't known where Brian had driven off to but it started a state wide search. The family from the bar had called the police and they were already out when I had called the operator in the back of Brian's pickup truck. The rest was blurry, mainly because I wanted it that way. I didn't want more images in my head, I didn't need them. I still talked to Liz, but she kind of broke contact with me. With my mind still on Brian and Angela, Liz was maturing, and I was stuck in the phase of my own thoughts. I eventually started to keep my mind off of the two, but they never fully disappeared. I still have some nightmares, but that's normal. Everyday I realize how lucky I am to have gotten away with minimal physical scars. However, the emotional scars will never heal. They are imprinted on me like glue. Emotional scars last the longest because nobody sees them, so they think you're fine, when really your mind is raging a war on your body. The emotional scars and the memories will always stay, because they really happened. However, as I grow and mature, happier times will replace the bad. I still have some trouble, but I am managing. Nevertheless, I still wonder about the boy in the bag, and if he was the real boy behind the screen.

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