Christina grimmie Rest in peace

This is not a story but more my opinion about this :)


1. That voice

Christina Grimmie wasn't just a girl, from New jersey who just went to The voice and gave up after she didn't  win... She is more then that? Before she even went to The voice to join the competition, she had a YouTube channel. To make covers of big stars songs around the world, she didn't use auto tone, she had a real voice, and had so much energy and fight for what she love. She was kind and sweet, and her heart was gold. She meant too much for her fans, and others stars, like Justin bieber who cried today, and Selena gomez because they loved her, and had a great relationship with her. I have been on twitter today, and i never thought i will cry so much, and i didn't even follow her, and i dont know her in person but i realized is not even important to know who there are, but it feels like did. I just became her fan, i feel, someday we all gonna be gone, in some ways. We gonna meet each other again! Is not even the end. 

I cannot even imagine how horrible it feels  to get a call or see it.. and hear that her parents daughter is gone... Her manager Adam L. Called her parents to tell he wants to be pay the bell the whole year. Because the gonna have it hard, without Christina. Christina`s father have started a donation for his family, and i hope so much, that people can donate a lot of money to this family, because they are standing in hard situation.  


They man who shot her down, i hoped he was alive, so he get what he deserve. NOBODY! deserves to get shot or killed, no matter what they did or didn't not. What kind of humanity is this, and people should not have allowed to wear weapons on them, without conform the police. I hope U.S better will understand this, because this is wrong. 


We lost a diamond in this world, Christina Grimmie 11/6- 2016 Rest in peace! 

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