A Dragon's Treasure

GoF and onward. Just when Draco's life is becoming more perfect, it's turned upside down when his sister enters it. Will he become the good big brother he's supposed to be or will he'll ever accept her?


3. The Humiliating Truth




Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter. Gemma is my own character.


A Dragon's Treasure 3


The Humiliating Truth


Draco spent more time on his own after learning he was going to be a brother. He stayed in his tree house and ate there. His father made it for him when he was younger. Only someone of Malfoy blood could enter the treehouse and it required a password as well. It would come in handy when his little brother or sister came and he could hide in there all the time. There maybe times his new sibling could see Draco go to the tree house and even though they shared blood he or she would need to know the password to get in. To get that, Draco would have to tell him or her and he wasn't going to tell them.


He played in it since he was a little boy and he never felt happier about having a tree house far from the Malfoy Manor. Sometimes he slept there, not that it did any good. He still had nightmares of what it'd be like. His mother was running to the bathroom to be sick and his Father said lazily, "Draco, go hold your mother's hair back."


Draco's retort always would be: "Me? You're the one who did that to her! You do it!"


He dreamed of his mother decorating the nursery, on the same floor as his bedroom, in every shades of pink with unicorns and other girly things. His mother was eating a lot, a lot of weird combinations. Narcissa was becoming about the size of a house and she was trying to get Draco to feel her stomach. "Draco! I can feel the baby move! Come and touch it!"


"I'm not touching it!" and he's run off as if a monster was chasing him.


Reality seemed worse because it was true. His mother was pregnant. He'd have to share the house with his new brother or sister. His father might be more prud of the new son and if it was a girl, his mother would go crazy over it. The only good side of it was that Draco was now fourteen and in just a few years he'd be done with Hogwarts. He'll leave the Malfoy Manor and move closer to the coast, perhaps even Hogsmead.


Draco woke up Friday morning when his Hogwarts letter came. He took the letter away from the owl and it flew off. He hoped he wouldn't have to get too big of a book list for his fourth year. Of course with the Triwizard Tournament taking place, Dumbledore wouldn't give them too much to do.


All he had on his list was a new book and a set of dress robes. Dress robes. For the Yule Ball, of course. Draco had plenty of dress robes, in all sorts of colors and styles. But he had worn them all more than once and he wanted something new that would show everyone—not just in Hogwarts—but from Durmstrang and Beaxbatons—that Draco Malfoy was the best. He had to be the best in everything. He had to have everything. It was all about being Draco Malfoy. Showing off was what he did best and he didn't care who had a problem with it. He was a rich, spoiled and pureblooded brat and quite frankly, he was proud of it.


Draco folded his list and placed it in his pocket. Thinking it might be a good time to leave his tree house, he climbed down and headed to the main house. He found his mother looking at the size of one of the spare bedrooms in the same wing as Draco.


"Mother, I got my Hogwarts letter today," he stated, "I need to get a new book and dress robes."


"Right," she said but it didn't sound like she was listening. She was looking over the articles in the room and the size of it. "You think this would be a good room for the baby's nursery?"


Draco groaned. His mother had plenty of time to think about where they were going to put the kid. What mattered now were his school things.


"Well, what do you think, Draco?" Narcissa questioned.


"You're thinking making this room the baby's nursery?" Draco demanded. "But my bedroom is right next to it! I don't want to hear it making noise!"


"Nonsense," Mrs. Malfoy muttered. "Your bedroom is at the end of this wing, Draco."


"Shouldn't it be closer to your bedroom?" Draco asked.


"I'm still deciding on that," Mrs. Malfoy stated.


"Well, Mother, can we go to Diagon Alley?" Draco questioned testily. "I have just two days until Hogwarts starts."


"Very well," Mrs. Malfoy answered, "we can get a few things for your new brother or sister."


Draco rolled his eyes. He was too old to hear her talking like that.


"Go get your father," said Mrs. Malfoy, "I think he said he needed to make a visit to Diagon Alley too."


"Right," Draco moaned and went to search for his father. Once the Malfoys were ready, they lined up at the fire and flooed themselves to Diagon Alley. As they made their errands, there was much talk of the riot at the Quidditch World Cup. Rita Skeeter emerged from The Daily Prophet publishing office and was interviewing people. Spotting the Malfoys she walked up to them to get a comment.


"Good afternoon, Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy," she said excitedly. "I was wondering if I could get a word with you about the Quidditch World Cup. Is it true, Mr. Malfoy that you were once a supporter of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named?"


"Yes," Mr. Malfoy said shortly. "But that was over a decade ago."


"So, you would have nothing to do with the riot at the Quidditch World Cup then? The Death Eaters—wear black cloaks and white masks—correct? And the lot that was levitating the muggles and burning tents—you weren't one of them?"


"Of course he wasn't," Mrs. Malfoy told Rita. "My husband wasn't there. You see, while the riot was going on my husband was with me the whole time."




"Yes, we were making love," she said proudly. Draco groaned and put his hand to his forehead. Mr. Malfoy grinned as if his wife took the words right out of his mouth.


"You were?" Ritagasped, looking from Mr. Malfoy to Mrs. Malfoy.


"Absolutely," Mr. Malfoy said, putting his arm around his wife. "And now she is expecting our second child."


"Why—why congratulations!" Rita breathed


"Why thank you," Mrs. Malfoy said.


"What a story," Rita said, "certainly you won't mind a few moments? A new addition to one of the finest wizarding names of Britain. This would be something you'd like to see in the Daily Prophet!"


"Mother, Father, no!" Draco groaned. "No! It's too embarrassing!"


"Oh, young Mr. Malfoy, what do you think about becoming a brother?" Rita asked eagerly.


Draco gasped. "I—I have no comment." He looked at his parents. "I'm going to get my new dress robes on my own."


"Oh, darling, I don't mind going with you," Narcissa said.


But Draco left in a hurry to Madam Malkin's before she could say another word. Rita looked back at the Malfoys to continue with the interview.


"You wouldn't mind telling me more about your news?" she asked.


"I'm sure we can spare a few moments," Mr. Malfoy said, "shall we go to Florean's? Narcissa will need to sit down."


"Oh, Lucius," Mrs. Malfoy smiled, "you spoil me."


"So, if you don't mind," Rita said, "tell me about your night. Was it a celebration of Ireland's victory or a celebration of life?"


"Actually," Mr. Malfoy said honestly, "I think I just had too much to drink."


As Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy had their interview with Rita Skeeter, Draco got his new dress robes on his own. He was too frustrated about the new baby he couldn't make up his mind and Madam Malkin had to keep getting different fabric and colors. There were too many students there trying to make up their minds and talking about their parents. Little kids pulling on things. It would be just a matter of time until his new brother or sister would be getting their first set of robes. To avoid the noise, he went on to Twilfitt and Tattling's.

He could only imagine what the article would look like about the new baby. What if people at school saw it? He'd be so humiliated he wouldn't want to go again. During the Triwizard Tournament too? Why did his father have to get so drunk that night? He didn't need this on his ego. Everything was just fine.


While trying on his dress robes the door jingled and he heard a girl screech his name.


"Draco, you're here!"


Draco looked over his shoulder and in walked in Parkinson. He felt his stomach squirm. He knew she liked him but he really didn't like her back. He was glad that someone liked him. Of course, he was the richest kid at Hogwarts and all the girls must've been swooning over him. But Pansy Parkinson was just not the girl he wanted be with.


"Oh, you're getting your new dress robes too?" she asked excitedly. "Isn't it wonderful? There will be a ball at Hogwarts! I can't wait to go with you."


"What?" Draco demanded.


"Well, we are going together, aren't we?" she asked him. "Who else would I go with? Or…were you going to ask someone else?" She gave him a deadly, unbelievable look.


Draco thought for a moment. He really didn't care about girls while going to school. He didn't wan to cause trouble either. If he said no then Pansy would go insane and probably ruin his name more than ever.


"Oh, all right," he sighed hesitantly, "we can go together."


"Wonderful!" she exclaimed. "I can't wait, Draco!"


She hugged him and caused the pins in the robes he was trying on to stick him. He grimaced in pain and before he had to tell her to leave him alone, she turned away and looked at the girls' dress robes.


"I'll try that pretty pink one over there!" she announced. "And whatever that will match what he's wearing! He's my date!"


Pansy cuddled Draco again and he made grimace yet again. He rolled his eyes and wished he could apparate from there, far, far away.


Draco was happy that the news of his mother's pregnancy hadn't made it to the Daily Prophet yet. He knew it was only a matter of time until nosey Rita Skeeter will put it in Wizarding Newspaper. When he asked his parents why they consented in an interview his father explained it as a way to avoid being a suspect. Yes, the wizarding world really wouldn't believe Lucius Malfoy was still a Muggle terrorize now. Now they will think that he was a sex-crazed maniac or something. A great title on the Malfoy name. Just perfect.

When he went to aboard the Hogwarts Express he could've done without his mother hugging him so tightly and crying that he might not see his new sibling be born. She told him that she would try to send him his daily sweets like she had always done but asked him not to be upset if her deliveries began to come not as often.


"I've got to get on the train before it leaves," Draco grunted, pulling out of his mother's arms.


"Draco, be good," his mother told him.


"See if you can get enough information on Durmstrang," said his father.


"Yeah," Draco moaned, "sure. See you when I get back."


He boarded the train without another word or waving back at them. It felt so weird being with his family now that he knew he was going to be a brother. He hoped is time at Hogwarts would be pleasant because life at home certainly wasn't. As he pulled himself into an empty compartment and sat down, his heart sunk as the reality hit him. He'd be a brother when he'll be on the train ride home. There will be an extra face to greet him when he got off the train. He couldn't imagine it. Maybe a girl's face like his mothers or the pointed face that matched his and his father's. His mother would make him hold the new baby and probably give it a kiss. What if people would see him? What if Potter and his pathetic friends? Draco didn't need this. He didn't know how to act now. Could he still be the same pompous pure-blood brat he always was?


He saw his fat cronies stumble by the compartment. He jumped to his feet and called them. "Crabbe, Goyle, you idiots! Get in here!"


Crabbe and Goyle stopped at the compartment and waddled in. They sat across from him.


"Hi, Malfoy," said Goyle.


"Hi," said Draco, "what were your summers like?"


Goyle shrugged followed by Crabbe. Draco groaned. Why did he have such stupid friends? Well, he knew why. They were bigger than him so they could beat up other wizards. But he wished he had someone smarter to talk to.


"You know that Durmstrang is coming to Hogwarts," said Draco.


"What's Durmstrang?" Goyle asked.


Draco furrowed his eyebrows. "You haven't heard of Durmstrang? Where have you been, Goyle?"




"Don't answer that," Draco waved his hand. "Well, Durmstrang is another wizarding school. Top drawer. I wish I could've gone. Father actually thought of sending em to Durmstrang instead of Hogwarts, you know."


He talked more Durmstrang and his friends seemed a bit interested in going themselves.


"So, Durmstrang will be at Hogwarts?" Crabbe asked. "When?"


"They should get here in the end of October," Draco said, "I can't wait. I must feel sorry for them though, to come to our school where half of it is Mudbloods. They must've never met one before at the school they went to."


Draco seemed to go back to his usual self, giving Harry Potter a hard time and acting as if he were all that. He looked out the window as the train pulled up to Hogsmeade.


"Can you believe the weather?" he groaned. "Well come on. Let's hurry up and find a coach."


He sat with his two cronies on the first available coach hurried to the great hall and waited for the first years to come. This was probably the first time he couldn't wait to hear Dumbledore's speech. He waned to see the look on everyone's faces when he announced the approaching of the Triwizard Tournament. Was he the only Hogwarts student that knew about it?


Well, perhaps he was and it made him feel superior. He was so glad his father was tight with the Minister.


When Dumbledore was about to tell the news of the Triwizard Tournament, the doors of the Great Hall opened and a man stood in the doorway. He lowered his hood and shook his grizzly gray hair. Draco recognized him as Mad Eye Moody as he started walking up to Dumbledore.

"May I introduce our new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher?" Dumbledore said once Moody made it to him. "Professor Moody." He cleared his throat and went back to his speech. "We re to have the honor of hosting a very exciting event over the coming months, an event that has not been hold for over a century. It is my very great pleasure to inform you that the Triwizard Tournament will be taking place at Hogwarts this year."


Draco looked over at Harry Potter and his friends. He laughed when Fred Weasley shouted that Dumbledore was joking. Joke? Their whole family was a joke.


As Dumbledore continued his speech, he half listened while looking at the amazed faces of the other Hogwarts students and grinned when they all frowned when only students seventeen years or older could enter. Oh they had to be crazy to think it, but they'd probably need the money more than anyone in the school.


Dumbledore bade them to bed and Draco wondered who the champion for Hogwarts would be. It was a shame he wasn't seventeen. He would enter it in a heartbeat. He deserved the fame more than anyone else because in his opinion, he was the best student in Hogwarts. He had to prove that to everyone, because he was a Malfoy.


He changed into his fine pajamas and fell asleep. He dreamed that he was the one getting all the glory for his school. Being the hero. He deserved it, but he was too young. It was all right. So was Harry Potter, and there was no chance that he'd be in the Triwizard Championship.


Draco woke up in high spirits and strutted his usual pureblooded strut on the way to breakfast. While he was buttering his toast, the post owls flew into the Great Hall. He looked expectantly for his eagle owl, Altair. He was pleased to see that his mother hadn't forgotten him because of her pregnancy. Of course, she did promise that she'd send him sweets as often as her pregnancy would permit.

"What did Mother send me, Altair?" he asked his owl. "Give it here."


He took his parcel and amongst the sweets he found the Daily Prophet. The front page didn't have a picture of his mother or the breaking news of the Malfoy family getting larger. He flipped through it and groaned. He found the article about his mother's pregnancy and thre at the top was a picture of him with his parents. But he didn't allow his picture to be taken! Did his mother give Rita a family photo of them?


Already knowing about his mother's pregnancy, he closed the newspaper and threw it down. His appetite was ruined. To make it worse, those that received the Daily Prophet turned to him.


"Is it true, Draco? Your mother's pregnant?"


"So your parents got busy during the World Cup, didn't they?"


"Shut up!" Draco snarled, throwing his napkin down.


"I think it's great, Draco!" Pansy beamed. "I wonder if it's a boy or a girl! What do you think?"


"I honestly couldn't care less," Draco grunted and he left before he could hear any more humiliating remarks.


He was going to have Harry Potter in Care of Magical Creatures today and he knew Harry was going to bug him all day. Why did their parents consent to Rita making an article about it? Why did the news have to arrive on the first day of term? Were the going to put the news of the child's birth in the Daily Prophet too? Oh, it just made his insides squirm. It made him want to be sick and he certainly would have already done so if he had eaten breakfast.


Just as he had expected, Harry and his friends decided to chat with them while working with Hagrid's projects of creatures.


"And why would anyone want to raise them?" Draco demanded as he approached the nasty scorpion-like animals.


"Dunno," said Ron, "why would anyone want to raise you?"


Draco glared at him. "Shut it, Weasley."


"Hey, that's no way to act," said Harry, "you're about to be a brother Malfoy. You should be happy. I just hope the new Malfoy kid won't be as much as a prat as you."


"Potter, shut up!" Draco growled and he pointed at the things in the crates. "All I want to know is what those—those things are good for!"


He tried to ignore everything as his day went by. Some people were acting polite and genuine by offering their congratulations but Draco Malfoy didn't want to hear it. He didn't care if they were honest or not. He saw no good news about it. He looked through the Daily Prophet again to see if there was anything worth reading in there. He was happy when not only he found something useful, but something that would allow him to get back on Weasley and his pals.


While walking to the entrance hall, he saw them. Oh, he was so going to get Weasley for making a fool of him!


"Weasley! Hey, Weasley!"


"What?" Ron demanded.


"You over-looked something in the Daily Prophet," Draco grinned, "my dad's isn't the only one in there."


"What are you talking about?" Ron asked.


"Your dad's in the paper too!" Draco laughed and raised his voice. He shook the Daily Prophet "But I'm afraid his news isn't as good as the news my family's got. Listen to this! "


Draco read the embarrassing news as loud as he could so that everyone could hear him. He paused a couple of times to see how red Ron's face got. It gave Draco such satisfaction to know that Ron was embarrassed too. Now they'd think twice before embarrassing Draco Malfoy. No one makes a fool out of Draco Malfoy.


"And here's a picture, Weasley," Draco hooted, turning the Daily Prophet around and pointing the picture to everyone. "A picture of your parents outside your house—if you can call that a house! Don't tell me you all live there! At least my family can afford more kids. Your mother could do a bit of losing weight, couldn't she?"


Ron was shaking now; ready to tear Draco's head off any second. Harry grabbed him by his robes.


"Get stuffed, Malfoy," said Harry, "C'mon Ron…"


"Oh yeah, you were staying with them this summer, weren't you Potter?" Draco sneered. "So tell me, is his mother really this porky, or is it just the picture?"


"You know your mother, Malfoy?" Harry demanded, "That expression she's got, like she's got dung under nose? Has she ever been like that, or was it just because you were with her? I hope your new brother or sister isn't born like that. Poor kid's going to have you for a brother. I admit I feel a little sorry for it."


Draco glared at Harry and he felt his heart beat faster. Potter had insulted his mother, his treasure.


"Don't you dare insult my mother, Potter," he threatened.


"Keep your fat mouth shut then," said Potter as he turned away.


Draco whipped out his wand to the Crutacious Curse. That would teach Potter a lesson. A couple of people screamed and the curse just barely grazed his cheek. Then he heard someone shout at him.




Draco was no way prepared for what happened next. He was smaller and his arms looked white and furry. He was right on the floor. No! No, what the hell happened? Then he saw Moody come up. Did that one eyed man just transfigure him into—into—what the hell was he? He felt different.


"Did he get you?" Moody asked Harry as he limped toward him.


"No, missed," Harry replied.


Draco shivered and moved around, gazing at his fat cronies. Crabbe moved to pick him up.




"Leave, what?"


"Not you, him!" Moody growled and he limped to Draco, Crabbe and Goyle.


"Damn!" Draco tried to shout but his voice came out into a squeak. He turned and started running toward the dungeons. Professor Snape would be able to change him back to normal.


"I don't think so!" Moody roared.


Then Draco was lifted right off the ground. Draco was absolutely humiliated. His mother gets pregnant. Rita writes about it in the Daily Prophet. And now—this?He just wanted to die. Moody might as well kill him now.


He smacked painfully onto the floor and he thought he broke something. He was brought back into the air like a ball. What was Moody doing? Was this his wild idea of a punishment?


"I don't like people who attack when their opponent's back's turned," Moody snarled and Draco kept bouncing off the floor. Merlin, it hurt. He was shouting curses but it came out in squealing. "Stinking, cowardly, scummy thing to do…"


Why wasn't Crabbe or Goyle, or anyone trying to do something? How long did Moody intend to bounce him off the floor? Someone, please, either stop this humiliating display or end the boy's misery now.




"Professor Moody!" exclaimed Professor McGonagall.


"Hello, Professor McGonagall," Moody said as if he were watering flowers.


"What—what are you doing?" Professor McGonagall asked.


"Teaching," Moody replied.


"Teach—Moody, is that a student?"




"No!" Professor McGonagall ran down the stairs, pulled out her wand and Draco was back to human. Everything was aching. His hair was a mess and his face must've been the color of ripe tomatoes. He winced in pain as he pushed himself back to his feet. His eyes started to water. Oh no, he couldn't start bawling here!


"Moody, we never use transfiguration as a punishment!" Professor McGonagall told Moody weakly. "Surely Professor Dumbledore told you that?"


"He might've mentioned it, yeah," Moody said, scratching his chin, "but I thought a good sharp shock---"


"We give detentions, Moody! Or speak to the offender's head of House!"


"I'll do that, then," Moody said, staring at Draco as if he wanted to continue humiliating him.


"My father is not going to like this," Draco muttered, "just you wait until I tell him."


"Oh yeah?" Moody said softly, limping toward him. "Well, I know your father of old, boy…You tell him Moody's keeping a close eye on his son…you tell him that from me…Now, your head of House'll be Snape, will it?"


"Yes," Draco hissed.


"Another old friend," growled Moody. "I've been looking forward to a chat with old Snape…Come on, you…"


Moody grabbed Draco by the arm, causing it to hurt more than it already did. He pulled him down to the dungeons.


"Think it's funny, don't you?" Moody growled, "Hitting someone from behind?"


Draco didn't reply.


"You didn't seem to like it much, did you, laddie?" Moody said.


Draco breathed in deeply.


They arrived at Snape's office and Moody knocked on the door. "Enter."


Moody pulled Draco roughly into the room. "Severus, you need to keep a better eye on your students. I just found Mr. Malfoy here trying to hex Harry Potter from behind by the entrance hall. If you don't believe me, there were plenty of witnesses you could ask."


"Oh?" said Snape. "Well, what do you want me to do about it, Moody?"


Moody looked at Draco. "Well, I think I gave him a good lesson. Maybe he'll think twice about hexing someone from behind again."


"What did you do to my student?" Snape demanded furiously, rising from his desk.


"Just gave him a taste of his own medicine," Moody said casually.


"He transfigured me," Draco said softly to Snape. "Transfigured me into a—a—" he glared at Moody. "What did you turn me into anyway?"


"A ferret," Moody growled, "too bad Professor McGonagall changed you back. You'd make a nice pet for your new brother or sister."


Draco began shaking just as Ron had done. He hated being reminded that he was becoming a brother.


"Moody, you don't use transfiguration as punishments here!" Snape hissed.


"Yeah, so as McGonagall told me," Moody waved his hand. "A pity, I think he looked rather cute."


"Shut up!" Draco snarled, his face going redder by the second.


"Moody, I think since you've already punished Malfoy I won't have too," Snape said.


"See, Snape, that's the problem with the kids in your house," Moody growled, "you never punish them. You take points and give detentions to all the other kids but yours are the real bad seeds. You need to discipline them before they go too far."


Moody limped closer to Snape's desk. "They might get themselves into things they can't handle; you know what I mean, Snape?" Both his normal and magical eye moved to his left arm.


Snape pulled his arms down to his sides. "If you could get out of my office now, Moody. I'll need to talk to Malfoy."


"Yes, I hope you'll straighten that boy out," Moody glared at Draco, "his father certainly didn't."


"Don't insult my father," Draco said quickly.


"Perhaps the coming of his new child would make your father have second thoughts about all the mistakes he made in his life—and the ones he made raising you."


Draco clenched his hands so tight that his fingernails dug into his palms.


"You're going to be a brother soon," growled Moody, "you're going to have to be a better example. Poor kid doesn't know the kind of family it's coming into."


Moody limped out of the office and Draco sat into a chair opposite from Snape's desk.


"Wait until my father hears about this," Draco said shakily, "I've been humiliated enough already!"


"Why did you try to hex Potter?" Snape asked.


"He insulted my mother!" Draco exclaimed. "And—he humiliated me!"


"Well be careful when you get into arguments with Potter again," Snape said, "Don't try hexing him when others are around."




"There will be visitors coming soon," Snape reminded him, "and you wouldn't want to embarrass yourself even more."


"I don't embarrass myself!" Draco snapped. "They do it! My mother got pregnant and it's in the Daily Prophet. No one will shut up about it! How was I supposed to know that Moody was there?"


"Moody's eye can see through things, so be careful," Snape said again. "Now get to dinner."

 Draco rose to his feet and stepped out of the office. He was too angry to go to dinner. He was absolutely furious. He was going to write to his father and tell him everything about the embarrassing display and maybe he could get Moody sacked. He wasn't going to let this humiliation get any worse. That is, if was possible to get worse.



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