A Dragon's Treasure

GoF and onward. Just when Draco's life is becoming more perfect, it's turned upside down when his sister enters it. Will he become the good big brother he's supposed to be or will he'll ever accept her?


4. Gemma's Arrival


A Dragon's Treasure 4


Gemma's Arrival


Draco couldn't believe it. The Goblet of Fire had announced the champions and somehow, Harry Potter was picked. Draco couldn't sleep the night of calling of the champions. He stayed up most of the night tossing and turning, lying in bed and wondering how the hell Harry Potter's name came out of the goblet. He never knew Harry Potter to be such a cheat. When Draco woke up the next morning, he did what he usually did when something went wrong. He wrote to his father and complained. He wrote a whole page of parchment telling him what happened, who the real Hogwarts champion was and demanding his father to somehow fix the problem. A few days later he got an irritated letter from his father:




I've read about it already in the Daily Prophet. You know there is nothing I can do about it. It is a binding contract. Potter must've paid someone to put his name in the goblet for him. You think Potter is smart enough to outwit the Goblet of Fire?


All you can do is make the tournament difficult for Potter. If he doesn't die within his first five minutes of the first task, maybe he'll remember not to compete in another tournament.




"Thanks, Dad," Draco grumbled. Apparently, Lucius Malfoy was not interested in his son's life or the Triwizard Tournament. Draco assumed it was because his mother was pregnant and Lucius was more focused with that. It didn't matter. Harry Potter did not win anymore fame. Gryffindor was the only house that supported him. The other houses were supporting Cedric Diggory and Draco was giving out his Support Cedric Diggory badges faster than he could make them. The curse that Draco had aimed for Potter ricocheted and got Hermione Granger. Though his curse did not get his intended target, he was still pleased. Draco was going to make Harry Potter sorry for outshining him in everything.


The time of the first task came and Draco's envy for Harry Potter ended when he learned what he had to do: fight a dragon. Draco knew a lot about dragons and knew how difficult it was to fight one. He was really hoping to see Harry get fried to a crisp but Harry Potter had to show off his Firebolt and fly around the dragon. Draco couldn't believe it. Even the Beaxbatons girl Fleur Delacour attempted a real spell against the dragon. Draco was even more perturbed that Potter's attempt actually worked. He had to do something about this. He decided to tease Harry about dragons from then on.


While feeding the Skrewts in Care of Magical Creatures, Draco pretended to make a big deal about it. "So disgusting...but they're probably easier to take care of than a dragon, aren't they? Oh, except for you Potter. All you have to do to give it exercise is fly figure eights around it."


He took his attention off of the skrewt to look at Harry. He paid dearly for it when the skrewt jumped up to bite his hand. He yelled in shock, pulling his hand away. Harry and his friends laughed.


"Looks like we've found something the Skrewts like to eat—Malfoy's fingers," said Harry.


Draco groaned, feeling foolish but he did not give up. He was determined to make Harry Potter's life a living hell. He was not going to become the hero again this year. He sometimes made up stories that Hogwarts was going to be attacked by a rogue dragon and he'd ask Harry to lead it away with his Firebolt. Then when the Yule Ball was announced, Draco dropped the dragon tactics and talked about the Yule Ball. He knew that the champions had to open the Yule Ball and he also knew that Harry did not have a date.


"You still don't have a date, Potter?" he asked him the week of the ball. "But you're Harry Potter; The Boy Who Lived; Hogwarts Champion—nobody wants to go with you? I asked Pansy weeks ago when the ball was announced. You shouldn't put these things off, Potter."


"Shut up, Malfoy," Harry hissed.


But Draco continued. "But if you'd like, I'll set you up with someone."


"No, thanks," muttered Harry.


"Do you even have a person in mind?"


"Cho Chang," Ron answered for him.


Draco blinked and laughed. "The Ravenclaw Seeker? Oh, good luck with that!"


Harry asked Cho Chang after Draco's interrogation, but found out that she was going with Cedric Diggory. Draco did not stop. He laughed, saying that Cho Chang wanted a real champion. Harry did manage to get himself a date with Pavarti Patil. Because Pavarti Patil was a pretty girl, Draco couldn't come up with an insult for the pair. But when the dance started and Draco saw Potter's lack of dance skills, Draco came up with another way to make Harry feel worse. He pulled Pansy closer to him and Pansy misinterpreted his move.


"Oh, Draco," she murmured, puckering her lips.


"Try to keep up with me," Draco hissed and he started waltzing from one side of the ballroom to the other. He twirled Pansy around several times, dipping her now and then. He glanced over at Harry, who was pretending not to notice.


Later that evening, Pavarti and her sister were dancing with two boys from Beaxbatons and Harry and Ron was no where in sight. Draco did not know why they were missing, but did not care.




Following the dance, Draco Malfoy met with Rita Skeeter. She was at the Yule Ball, but she was too small for anyone to notice. Rita Skeeter was an unregistered animagus, having the ability to transfigure herself into a water beetle. She over heared Hagrid telling Madame Maxime his true identity: a half giant. Draco was thrilled with this news and was more than happy to tell Rita Skeeter his thoughts. He was able to do it without getting caught. All he had to do was hold her little bug self in his hand and whisper into it. Draco made sure he had The Daily Prophet tucked in his pocket before he went to Care of Magical Creatures. He wished he had a camera so he could take a picture of Harry's face when he saw that Hagrid was not there. It was priceless.


Draco was able to enjoy Care of Magical Creatures more with Professor Grubbly-Plank teaching in Hagrid's place. Draco didn't have to worry about his fingers being bitten off. This was short lived, however. Apparently Dumbledore talked Hagrid into coming back to teach. The interesting part was that Hagrid continued Grubbly-Plank's lessons on the unicorns. Draco was slightly amused.


"Well, he knows more that just monsters, doesn't he?" Draco muttered.


The second task came in February. The champions were to dive into the freezing lake to retrieve a hostage. Draco laughed, seeing that Harry was late. Harry also took his sweet time in the lake. Draco was hoping that he had drown. Then long after the hour limit, Harry return to the surface with Ron and a little girl in tow. Draco couldn't believe that most of the judges wanted to give Harry full points, just because he wanted to play the hero again.


Draco seized this as an opportunity to continuously tell Harry of people that had fallen in the lake and needed to be rescued. Harry of course, knew it was all talk. If someone was drowning, the giant squid and merpeople would handle it.


Rita Skeeter's latest Witch Weekly article became the next topic of gossip. Rita Skeeter learned of Krum asking Hermione to visit him in Bulgaria and wrote Hermione as a two timer. Draco was absolutly loving this, especially when Hermione started receiving hate mail from Witch Weekly readers. Draco was too busy giving Harry a hard time about it, that he didn't see the niffler coming for him. The niffler tried to claw out the money in his pocket.


"As I said earlier, Malfoy," said Hagrid. "You'd want to keep anything shiny away from nifflers."


The next day, Draco received a letter from home.




I have been having a lot of false alarms lately and I think your new sibling will arrive very soon. I need to ask you to come home for the Easter holidays.




"Your mother is close to having the baby?" said Pansy over her shoulder. "Excellent!"


"Yeah, perfect," grumbled Draco. "While I'm away, keep me posted on what's going on here...especially where Potter's concerned. I'd ask Crabbe or Goyle, but you know their writing skills."


Pansy looked delighted at the idea. "Oh, of course, Draco! I'll write you every day!"


Draco immediately regretted asking Pansy. "You don't need to write me every day. Just tell me what Potter's doing, and anything that has to do with the Triwizard Tournament."




Lucius Malfoy came to pick up Draco at King's Cross and he brought Draco back at the large Malfoy manor. Draco couldn't believe the site of his mother. The once thin and attractive Narcissa Malfoy was big with baby. She looked tired and her hair needed a wash. Pregnancy did not suit her.


"Draco!" said Narcissa. "I'm glad you could come home."


"Mum—you look awful," he said bluntly.


Narcissa frowned and Lucius gave Draco a dangerous look. Narcissa walked away, allowing Draco to go to his room to unpack. Afterwards, he visited his dogs while Lucius helped Narcissa with the dinner. Lucius made Draco help by setting the table. Because he wasn't of age yet, Draco had to do it by hand. Draco muttered to himself as he placed the plates down.


"We really should get a house elf for you, dear," Lucius told his wife once they began eating. "You need your rest."


"Oh, I'm fine," she insisted. "I've made it this far."


"Then at least once the baby is born," said Lucius, "you will need a hand."


"No!" Narcissa hissed. "No, I can take care of the baby my own."


"Dobby helped raise me," Draco said. "I remember when he used to feed me."


Draco thought a house elf would really make a difference. If they got a house elf, then Draco wouldn't have to worry about pitching in to help. It will be all on his mother, and the house elf. House elves loved to work and serve wizarding families, except for Dobby. He always was strange for a house elf.


Lucius looked at Draco, nodded and returned his gaze to his wife. "That is true, and Dobby did an excellent job. It was years since you've taken care of a baby, Narcissa dear."


"I...haven't lost my touch," said Narcissa.


"I wasn't saying that," Lucius said gently. "But I'm sure you would like some help."


Narcissa sighed. "I'll decide if it's too much for me when the baby gets here." She winced and put her hand to her belly.


"What's wrong?" Lucius inquired. "Another scare—or is it real?"


"No, just a kick," Narcissa murmured.


"Are you finished eating?" said Lucius


"I think so," she said.


"I'll help you upstairs," said Lucius, rising out of his chair. "Draco, clean up."


"But--," Draco began and he backed down immediately after the look his father gave him. "Yes, father."


Draco felt like a muggle picking up the soiled dishes and setting them into the sink. He grabbed the bottle of Dottie's Wash Up potion and squirted some in the warm water. The bubbles squeaked as he began scrubbing the dishes down.


"Oh Merlin," Draco said, "Mother had better get a house elf."


Draco spent his Easter holidays helping with meals, washing up and cleaning the house. Draco wished that the baby would hurry up and be born, so that Draco wouldn't have to work so hard. Then he shuddered when he realized that the baby's arrival would only mean more work. He got daily mail from Pansy, but it was not important news. She kept asking if his mother had the baby yet and would gossip about other people in school. Draco did not care about anyone else. It was his rival, Harry Potter that Draco was concerned about. Why did people still treat him like he was the hero of Hogwarts?


Friday afternoon while Draco found a minute alone, he went outside to play fetch with his dogs and play Quidditch. Then he heard his father's magnified voice.




Draco could tell by the anxiety in his father's voice that something was wrong. Draco flew back to the house. What did Draco do? He was certain he cleaned every dish after lunch and he dusted all the furniture in the sitting room. Now what did his father want? Draco got to the house and upon entering, he heard his mother screaming.


"Mother!" Draco dashed inside, colliding into his father before he could get up the stairs. "Father, what's wrong with Mother?"


"She's having the baby," said his father. "I need you to stay here while I go to St. Mungos and get her healer."


"Me?" Draco mumbled. "Shouldn't you stay with Mum and I go?"


"You don't know your mother's healer," Lucius said sternly. "I do."


"LUCIUS!" shouted Narcissa.


Draco cringed, shocked at how loud she shouted his father's name. The last time he heard his mother shout his father's name so loudly was when they were conceiving this child. The only difference was Narcissa had shouted it in pleasure at the time. Now, she was screaming for Lucius in pain. Draco found it very odd and disturbing.


"But she's calling for you," Draco said. "And after all, you're the one who did this to her."


"Just stay here with your mother," said Lucius coolly. "You are wasting time. I will only be a moment."


Lucius went to the fireplace, while Draco stood rooted at the spot. It bewildered him as to why his mother did not go to St. Mungos sooner. She knew she was close to her due date and she already was having false alarms. He heard his mother scream again, making him able to move. He ran up the stairs as quickly as he could and entered the bedroom. His mother was laying on top of the covers, groaning and grunting and wincing and crying. It was the worse he had ever seen her.


"Mother?" he mumbled.


"Where's your father?" she asked weakly.


"He left to get your healer," said Draco. "Is there anything I can get you?"


"No," she said. "Just sit here with me...augh!"


"Mum!" Draco exclaimed rushing to the side of the bed. His mother grabbed his hand and he winced. Draco was surprised by his mother's strength. She did not look like a strong woman but the grip she had on his hand was so tight it felt like the jaws of a dragon, or so Draco imagined. Draco sat there feeling helpless and scared. He asked many times what he could do, a spell, a potion but his mother told him to stay near. There was nothing in the house that he could use. It was torture for him to sit there and watch his mother cry out in agony. He kept looking a the door, wondering when his father would come. Finally, his father came with two healers. It was only fifteen minutes, but it felt like days.


"Narcissa, we're here," said Lucius. "Draco, outside."


Draco did not have to be told twice. Now that the healers and his father had come, he knew his mother would be all right. A moment his father stepped outside the room to wait with Draco.


"You're not going to stay with Mother?" Draco asked.


"The healers need room deliver the baby," said Lucius.


"Is there anything they can give her for the pain?" Draco inquired.


"Yes, they gave her a Pain Lessening Potion," Lucius answered. "Now all we have to do is wait."


Draco and Lucius remained in the hall for a few moments and Draco decided to sit in his room. He had to think of something to occupy himself until his mother had the baby. He decided to try and study. It was harder than he thought. While in the middle of looking at advanced transfiguration, there was a knock on the door and his father opened it.


"Draco," his father began, "it's a girl."


"A girl?" Draco mumbled.


"Yes," said Lucius. "You have a sister."


Lucius led Draco to the room where his mother was still in bed, holding the newborn baby girl. The healers were off to the side, making a potion for Narcissa. Narcissa smiled at her husband and son. Draco shuffled to the side and with some coaxing, Narcissa set the neonate into Draco's arms.


"Isn't she just a gem?" his mother asked.


Draco looked at his new sister. His mother was close. The girl had golden yellow hair and eyes blue like sapphires. Draco felt an odd sensation come over him. He could not explain it. It made him uncomfortable and he handed the baby back to Narcissa. He tried to make conversation to look happy, for his mother's sake.


"W-What are you going to name her?"


Narcissa looked at her daughter. She did just mention how was a gem, not in just looks, but she was a treasure in her life.


"Gemma," said Narcissa.


The healers approached Narcissa, one of them holding a goblet.


"It's time for your potion now, Mrs. Malfoy," said the one with the goblet. The other healer took the baby from Narcissa and placed it in the crib.


"So, are they going to be all right?" Draco asked nervously.


The older healer laughed. "They'll be fine. They just need some rest."


Draco heaved a sigh of relief and walked out of the room, allowing his mother some time to sleep. He sat down on his bed and realized, his life would never be the same again.



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