I'm Not Alone Anymore

Traveling the five great nations a girl with no name. She has no memories of her parents. Her earliest memory is stealing bread, because of hunger. A strange mark on her neck that she fights everyday to control. Beaten everywhere she goes she goes village to village giving herself a new name in each. Chased down she is almost killed until a leaf ninja steps in to help her.


4. Why?

I wake, and all I see is black. I try to sit up, but I'm only floating, towards nothing. I begin to panic, and close my eyes to calm down. I hear voices around me, and I attempt to listen to them. "It's amazing that she was able to survive the poison that was running through her system, an still while trying to fight you four. As soon as she was infected she should of died. There is something in her blood stream, or something that was able to fight the poison off until she was able to get help." a woman's voice explains. "How long do you think she has?" Guy's voice asks. "If she doesn't wake up her entire body will shut down, she will die." the woman's voice answers Guy's question. "Guy, where did you find this girl?" the woman asks. "We found her being attacked by her fellow ninja of the same village." Guy answers. "I see, do you know why they were attacking her?" she asks. It was at the time I decided to tune them out evaluating the situation I'm in. "So if I don't wake up I'll die?" I ask myself. "It's better than nothing." I murmur and lay on my back again, as I stare at the darkness around me.

*Time skip (About a week later)*

I wake up to the now familiar darkness that surrounds me, and I hear voices again. "If she doesn't wake up tomorrow, she has until tomorrow. If she doesn't wake up, she's gone. I'm sorry Guy." the Hokage says, and walks out, after a few minutes Guy too walks out. I sigh to myself, and another person walks in about fifteen minutes later. "Don't you want to live?" Lee asks. "Go away." I say, but of course he can't hear me. "You have meaning in this world, so why will you give up?" he asks. "Go away." I say louder to get through to him, and still he can't hear me. "You disappoint me, after fighting us with so much strength, you decide to give up. I hate to say this, but this is very un-youthful of you..... It's horrible." he whispers the last part. I snap. "THAT'S IT! I WON'T TAKE THIS SHIT ANYMORE!" I scream and sit up glaring at Lee surprisingly. "Shut! Up! You don't know a damn thing about me!" I shout and stand up, and he stands up. I run up to him, but fall. My head hits the cold floor, and I stand up.

I make my way towards him and wrap my hands around his neck. "You need to stay out of my life! you don't know shit!" I growl, he looks at me with soft eyes, and places his hands on top of mine. "What is it that I do not understand?" he asks. "Me, my life. Nothing!" I yell tears running down my face. "Stay away from me, and get out of my life." I sob. "what has happened to you, to make you not want any company? No love, friendship, kindness, nothing." he asks me softly. "I don't want to live anymore!" I sob letting my grip on his neck go, and sob into his chest. He stands there stunned, and he wraps his arms around me. "Why don't you want any help?" he asks. I shake my head sobbing harder, until I pass out again.

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