I'm Not Alone Anymore

Traveling the five great nations a girl with no name. She has no memories of her parents. Her earliest memory is stealing bread, because of hunger. A strange mark on her neck that she fights everyday to control. Beaten everywhere she goes she goes village to village giving herself a new name in each. Chased down she is almost killed until a leaf ninja steps in to help her.


1. Run

"THERE SHE IS! ATER HER!" I man shouts behinds me as he leads his group of ninja after me. I run as fast as I can without slowing down. My long black hair trails down my back and would occasionally get stuck in the nearby tree branches. My Black and blue kimono gives me leg room to run as I race across tree branch after tree branch. A kunai whizzes by my face and cuts my cheek slightly, I don't wince. Suddenly a kunai is invented in my back and I grunt in pain. "GET HER!" the man yells again. "She's just a girl sir." a younger voice says. "She killed a family!" he yells. There is silence and kunai knifes pierce my skin. I cry out in pain and stumble on a branch falling down. I pull the kunai out wince in pain as each I quickly pulled out. I am then surrounded by several ninjas as they get in a fighting position. Blood trails down my back as I use one of the stained kunai to defend myself. "You can't beat all of us." the leader stares cockily. I smirk at them, but it is concealed by my mask "I can die trying." I state and I lunge at the man to my right. He blocks me quickly "Nice reflexes."  I compliment and pull my mask down quickly but pull it back up just as quick as I spit out a poisoned senabon in his neck. He cries out in pain and collapses on he ground holding his neck. His eyes begin to bleed and he dies. I turn to the other, and smile at them closing my one eye. "Who's next?" I ask sweetly. They attack me all at once, my one eye widened and they begin to beat me.

Ninjutsu, taijutsu, and genjutsu. "Water style: Water dragon jutsu!" a man yells. "Lightning style: Lightning dragon jutsu!" another yells. The two dragons swirl around each other aiming at me. "I can't dodge it in time!" I think. The two dragons reach me and I scream in pain. "Earth style: Fanged persuit jutsu!" I stand up stumbling on my feet and suddenly 8 ninja hounds jump out of the ground each biting a a part of me to hold me down. "Why did you do it?" the youngest asks looking at me. "Kara! Why did you do it?!" he yells looking at me with a kunai in his hands. I look him in the eyes. "I didn't do it." I say. He rushes at me and plunges the kunai in my stomach. I cough up blood into his shirt staining it crimson. "I didn't kill your family." I say. "Bullshit!" he yells twisting the kunai in my stomach digging it deeper. "You killed them, all the evidence points to you!" he yells. "MADA! I DIDN'T DO IT! I WAS WITH YOU THE ENTIRE DAY!" I scream at him. He stops and looks at me. "You're a murdered. You killed them." he says punching me in the face. He continues to punch me as his ninja hounds whine at their master. "SHUT UP!" he screams at the dogs and they obey.

Suddenly a flash of green sprints quickly over to Mada and he is knocked out. "Who are you?!" the men asks in fright. "I am Might Guy! The Hidden Leaf's Sublime Green Beast of Prey!" he says posing in a weird way. "I've heard of him! He is taijutsu expert, the best known. He has crazy training pushing himself everyday!" a man says in fear. "Just what kind of fight was this! A girl against a team of ninja?" Guy says. "Leaf whirlwind!" he yells kicking at the ninja and they were out. "Is that it? That was hardly anything!" he yells and turns to me with a serious look. "Who are you, and why were they after you?" he asks. I look at the ground. "I have no real name. I'm alone, but I don't need anyone. Leave me." I say holding my knees up to me chest. The ninja hounds disappeared after Mada was knocked unconscious, but they left deep bite marks all over my body. My back was still bleeding, and I eventually passed out.

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