I'm Not Alone Anymore

Traveling the five great nations a girl with no name. She has no memories of her parents. Her earliest memory is stealing bread, because of hunger. A strange mark on her neck that she fights everyday to control. Beaten everywhere she goes she goes village to village giving herself a new name in each. Chased down she is almost killed until a leaf ninja steps in to help her.


3. Over

Guy stands there thinking, while his students focus all their attention in him. "Now is the chance to get away!" I think and begin to run. "I need to get as far as possible, focus all my chakra to my feet to boost my speed." I think focusing my chakra. "Not much left, I need to get out of here fast." I whisper. I close my eyes listening to my surroundings. "Four people. They are behind me, it must be them." I whisper in frustration. I begin to pick up my speed and drop a couple smoke bombs, a few seconds later I hear them go off I hear it go off. I change my direction to throw them off. I leave a few traps to slow them down. I listen again and they are not too far behind me. "Damn, what do I have to do to loose them." I growl in frustration again. I run into something and fall down in pain griping my stomach. My eyes are shut tightly as I wait for impact, but looses as I feel none. "That was a close one! Good thing I caught you just in time. Did you see that Guy-sensei?!" Lee's voice yells in my ear. I look at him, and he looks back at me. His cheeks turn a light pink and I smirk at him. "What's wrong... Lee?" I whisper in his ear. He looks stunned, and I punch him. Jumping out of his arms I land on the ground.

The long haired boy then charges at me with his palm stretches out. "Ah, I see. Gentle fist style. You must be from the Hugga clan." I say avoiding his hands by ducking under his palms and occasionally punching him in the stomach. "You're all too weak. I mutter hitting hi in the back of the head effectively knocking him out, and turn to Ten-Ten. "You want some?" I ask taunting her, she growls and pulls out a scroll. She was then stopped by Guy yelling at her. "Ten-Ten stop. We don't want to kill her. She already ahs a serious wound to her stomach. As you can see she won't last much longer. Look at her, she couldn't even knock Neji or Lee out in her state." Guy says. "What?!" I yell, and turn to look at me. Neji, and Lee were standing right behind me each holding my arm. "You though you could knock us out?" I hear Neji hiss. "I agree with Neji. Your punch was weak and didn't even hurt me. Lee says. "Damn it." I hiss. I feel the pan in my stomach again, and gasp clutching it tightly.

I glare at the team of four. "What do you want with me?" I growl. "Neji, knock her out please." Guy say. I turn back and my pain in my stomach is intensified, as I spit blood out wit the force of his punch. I cry out in pain and his hand hits the back of my neck. "That was uncalled for!" I hear Lee's voice yell at Neji. "She deserved it." I hear Neji's cold voice. "Still Neji, you shouldn't of punched her in the stomach. Didn't you see the look of pain on her face as she felt what you did." Ten-Ten asks. "Blood is soaking trough her kimono. It must be bad!" Ten-Ten cried. "I need to at least clean and wrap her wounds." Ten-Ten demands. "You three turn around or go somewhere else, while I take care of her." She demands forcefully, and I can't hear anything anymore, and fall into the abyss of sleep. "It's all over." was I last thought, as I fell asleep.

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