I'm Not Alone Anymore

Traveling the five great nations a girl with no name. She has no memories of her parents. Her earliest memory is stealing bread, because of hunger. A strange mark on her neck that she fights everyday to control. Beaten everywhere she goes she goes village to village giving herself a new name in each. Chased down she is almost killed until a leaf ninja steps in to help her.


5. Help

I wake up, and for once it's not black and cold, I sit up slowly and look around. I spot Lee sitting near my bed, and I look at him. ''Why are you here?" I murmur and look away. "You are not in the best of conditions and, I must watch over you, to make sure you will not escape." he says with confidence. "Get out." I mumble. "No, it is my duty as I ninja in this village to carry out orders from the Lady Hokage." he says. I sigh and begin to pull the hospital gown off, and he runs towards me pulling it back on blushing. "What are you doing?" I asks. "I want to get dressed and you wouldn't get out." I reply dully. "If you would of said that then I would of left for a few minutes to let you change." he says blushing looking away. "I'm not one to elaborate on what I mean. I think it's a waste of time, and air." I reply. "So you don't like to talk?" he asks walking to the other side of the room looking at the wall. "If I am turned around and facing the other direction will you still change?" he asks. "Yeah, I honestly don't care if anybody watches. I'm not ashamed of anything." I sigh and begin to pull my hospital gown off. "Can you hand me my clothes that are on the chair next to you?" I ask. I see his head nod and my clothes came flying at me. I catch them and slide them on my body quickly. "Thank you, and goodbye" I murmur and jump out of the open window. I hear him yell and begin to chase after me.

I race down the roads and towards the gates. I can hear rapid footsteps following me. "Just leave me alone!' I shout and jump up pulling a few hidden kunai out of my kimono and throw them at his legs. They implant themselves in his thighs and he cries out in pain. I begin running again, until I feel a weigh being thrown on me. "I can not let you go." Lee says pinning my arms down. I kick him in the crotch but his knee blocks it. "Why do you want to leave so bad? Why don't you stay here?" he asks looking in my eyes. "Because, I've never had anything in my life to hold onto. Why should I have something now?" I hiss. "Nothing? so your telling me if I can find something that you can hold onto you will stay in the village?" he asks me. I think it over and nod. "fine then, hold onto me. I can promise that you won't loose me." he says smiling giving me a thumbs up, and I freeze. "What? Hold onto you?" I whisper. "Yes, hold onto me, I'm something that will never disappear in your life." he says. "Until you die in action, or get assassinated, or decide that I'm too much for you and try to kill me. Maybe you'll kill yourself instead." I state.

His eyes widen "Is that what happens to you?" he asks. I turn my head looking away and begin to shake. "I've been betrayed so many times, I can't even count anymore." I whisper. I look away and stare into the clouds. "So many times, I don't even give a damn anymore, so do me a favor will you?" I ask still looking away. "Yes, anything." he replies. "Kill me." I state. "What?!" he asks, and I stare at him. "Kill me, you will be doing everybody a favor." I stare into his eyes. "Why would I want to kill a beautiful flower that is so full of youth?!" he yells, and I spit on him. He takes one hand off my wrist to wipe his eye and I punch him in the stomach, but he grabs my hand. "Why are so insistent on leaving?" he asks tightening his grip on my hand, he then unravels my fist and interlock our hands. "Stop this nonsense, it is very un-youthful." he states with a frown "I don't care what is youthful or not!" I yell at him. He sighs and picks me up. "Put me down!" I yell hitting his head.

"Not a chance, I am taking you back to the hospital, and then when you are fully healed we will have a duel." he says. I stop, "A duel, why?" I ask. "If I win then you will stay, but if you win then you are free to leave." he states. "Fine, and if I win, nobody from the hidden leaf village can find me, and bring me back." I state. "Deal, so now. let us get you back to your room." he says and begins to run towards the hospital. I sight and fall asleep on him still tired and sore. "Why are you so persistent?" I murmur, and fully knock fade into nothingness.

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