I'm Not Alone Anymore

Traveling the five great nations a girl with no name. She has no memories of her parents. Her earliest memory is stealing bread, because of hunger. A strange mark on her neck that she fights everyday to control. Beaten everywhere she goes she goes village to village giving herself a new name in each. Chased down she is almost killed until a leaf ninja steps in to help her.


6. A Duel

"My name is Kara, and I'm in Hell. Kami, what did I do wrong" I hiss from the ground. "I have won, so now you are to stay in the village." my opponent cheers. I sit up and glare at him. "I'm not done yet you spandex freak." I murmur and stand up.

*Moments before*

​I'm standing beside my bed starting to pull my shirt over my head only my undergarments and suddenly the door is thrown open. "My youthful flower today it our match! You have fully healed!" Lee yells picking me up. "What?! Put me down!" I screech at him. He begins to run out of the room and to an arena. I am placed down and I glare at Lee. "I'm not dresses!" I scream at him enraged. He blushes and turns around. I run up to him and kick him in the head. He falls to the floor face first. "You are ready?" he asks turned around. I look around hoping for some random clothes hanging around, but find none. "Just my luck." I hiss. I glare at him. "Will you please let me go get my ninja gear?" I ask my teeth clenched. "You may my flower!" he says and sits down. I shake my head and begin to run full speed towards my hospital room. I jump through the window thoroughly breaking it and land on my feet. Glass shards were everywhere on my bare skin too. I pluck them out and pull my battle kimono on and my mask.

 I walk towards the nurses desk and ask for my weapons and she eyes me warily and hands me all my equipment. "Stupid Lee." I hiss and begin to walk back towards the arena. I enter it and stomp over towards him. "There I'm ready." I grumble and wince as he hugs me. "I'm soooo happy you are ready to battle me my youthful flower!" he yells. I push him away and notice the eyes watching us. "Why are there so many people?" I ask. "They are here to witness the battle taking place. We need a ninja like you in our village, so to make sure you don't cheat we will monitor the battle." a man says. He has a mask over his face and silver hair that defies gravity, I place my hand on top of his head pushing his hair down, but it only springs back. I begin to burst out laughing. "You're hair! It's so stupid!" I cackle.

 He glares at me and walks away. "Bye spiky haired man!" I shout at him. He poofs away and I frown. "I was hoping for a few more seconds to heal." I murmured and turned to face Lee. "I am ready." I sigh as my heart begins to pound. "I can't do this." I yell in my head, as I watch Lee get into a fighting position. My head begins a spin and I hear a man yell for the match to begin. It was all a blur and I was on the ground. I gasp in pain and immediately jumped up and got into a defensive stance. I watch behind my arms at him movements analyzing the combinations and the style he is most comfortable with. "He is only using taijutsu.." I murmur and smirk. "He's one of those unusual ninja, can't use genjutsu or Ninjutsu." I giggle evilly.

"An opening." I murmured in a sing song voice. I pulled a few senabon and throw them. They hit my target and Lee swiftly pulls them out of his foot. I bite my thumb and begin to for a few hand signs. "Summoning jutsu!" I shout. A "Poof" was heard and two dragons appear. A black dragon and white dragon. "Yes Hime?" they ask. "I need your help with my opponent please." I saw sweetly behind my mask and the black one smile back at me. Then the white dragon growls. "You wont summon me for a month." I growls. The black one snorted. "You can summon me when ever you want Hime." the black dragon argues. "Thank you, now. Lets do this!" I shout and jump up and stand on the black dragons head. They twin dragons give a deafening roar in union. Lee covers his ears and I smirk. I form a hand sign and take a deep breath. "Fire style: Dragon's breath jutsu!" I shout and perform the jutsu in union with my summons. The fire engulfs Lee and I thank my summons letting them go.

​I land on the ground pulling a kunai out. I see a flash of green and block a kick. I spit a senabon on his foot again and instead of pulling them out Lee leaves them. He is panting and is covers in burns. I sigh and slash at the boy. He dodges the begins to do a series of backflips. He unwraps his arms and lets the bandages fall to the ground with a fraction still wrapped on his arms. He is gone and I begin to turns around, but is kicked into the air. I'm facing ground and Lee is in front of me. He bandages wrap around me securely and he grabs a hold of me. "Primary lotus!" he shouts and we begin to spin heading head first towards the ground. I close my eyes and prepare for the pain.I hold back a scream and bite my lip as I feel the pain of the crash. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was and I lay there panting staring up at the sky.


I face Lee who is still cheering and he suddenly stops when a kunai cut his cheek. He turns to face me "This isn't over until I say it is. I can still fight!" I pant and pop my neck. "I'm almost out of chakra, but I can still use my taijutsu, it push comes to shove I'll use one of my kekegenkai." I prepare for the long duel ahead of me. I scan Lee and decide that his taijutsu is better than mine and that I don't stand a chance. I take a deep breath and close my eyes. "I need some of your chakra you monster." I growl. "What a way to talk to the 'monster' that has saved your life." it growls at me. I, Kara, am a jinchuriki. I am the host of a great demon that nobody even knew of before I almost died and he showed up and sealed this demon inside of me. I don't know the demons name nor will he tell me. I use him, and he uses me, a fair deal. I feel his chakra running through me. My hands fly through the hands signs and I focus every ounce of chakra in this last jutsu. "Demon Ice Mirror Jutsu" I whisper and Lee is surrounded all around in a prison of ice mirrors. I step into one of the mirrors.

I head a boy yell from the stand. "It was just like Haku's!" I freeze at the name and turn towards the boy. "Haku." I whisper as tears fill my eyes. I turn back to Lee and glare. "It was a leaf ninja that killed my brother." I whisper finally recognizing the symbol of the leaf. I pull my senabons out and fly from my mirror throw them. They cover Lee's back, he cried out in pain. "LEE!" the same voice that called out my brother's name yells, I look up and see a orange jump suit and blond hair. "He was there." I cry silently. and begin to pelt Lee in my needles, not hitting his vital spots. I was a master at the vital spots just like Haku. "I can get my revenge by killing this ninja, for Haku." I whisper. "No don't, that is a friend of Naruto's." I hear Haku's voice in my ears. I turn my other kekegenkai on.

A special jutsu only passed down from my clan to see spirits, I never used it because I would see them and they me. My mother was Haku's mother, but my father was from a noble clan that had an affair with my mother. I see Haku, he is smiling at me and I step out of my mirrors and my focus is gone. My ice mirrors shatter. I walks towards Haku tears falling down my face. "Haku." I whisper and reach out towards him. He smiles at me and takes my hand in his. "It's been so long." he whispers, tears begin to fall down rapidly as I nod my head. I see a figure beside Haku. "Zabuza?" I ask. The man nods and I focus back onto Haku. "Have you been watching over me this entire time?" I whisper. "I have, I'm glad that you finally remembered about this kekegenkai." he says and laughs lightly, and I hug him tightly. "Please, always stay with me, please. I can't stand loosing you again." I sob. He pets me hair, I'll stay. When you no longer grieve over me is when I will leave." he says and pets my hair.

A kick to my stomach breaks my conversation with Haku and I bend over in pain. I notice that Haku and Zabuza is no longer there. I turn and glare at Lee. "What just happened to you?" Lee asks. "None of your business." I hiss. Lee then continues to send me barrages of kicks and punches. I fall to the ground and black out, so tired and out of chakra. "So this is it? I lost." I murmur. "Don't worry Kara, this is a good village, you'll see." Haku says and I smile. "Maybe it wont be so bad. I hope."

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