Junko Miyamoto has lived with the never-ending trauma of her brutal abuse five years ago in her high-school days. The entirety of her mind is filled with those moments where her purity and her sanity departed. Her only wish is to hunt the people responsible down and taste revenge. Fortunately, she reunites with the men again during her university life. It has become Junko's time to shine and ruin the lives of those who ruined her's.


6. Chapter 5 ~ Initiate

All I can smell is antiseptic and medicine...it's all too familiar. 

I felt my eyes open up from my small sleep. I was faced with a dull white ceiling that had a fan circling slowing over me, blowing cold air on me. I shivered and pulled the thin white sheet that covered my legs and pulled it up until it was covering my upper body. I shifted my eyes around the room I was in, since it definitely wasn't my bedroom. In my sight were monitors, white-washed walls and a nurse checking something on her clipboard as she stood at the foot of my bed. 

I was in the hospital. 

The nurse and I made contact and she smiled at me. 

"Hello, Miss Miyamoto. I'm Airi Sakamoto and I'm the nurse looking after you. I am just here to check on your condition." I raised an eyebrow at the young woman who wore a friendly smile on her face. 

"My condition?" I asked confusedly. She continued to smile. 

"Miss Miyamoto, you were brought here due to an injury on your arm. Don't worry, Dr. Sato will inform you on your current condition. Right now, you seem better." Airi told me before walking over to a cabinet in the room. She grabbed a blood pressure monitor, telling me that she was going to check my blood pressure before the doctor came. I nodded, letting her delicate hands wrap the padding over my bicep. My eyes trailed down to my left arm and I noticed a blood-stained bandage over the forearm. I then remembered when I punched the mirror in the university bathroom. I wondered if the other's were okay, especially Sayu; she was afraid of blood. 

"Miss Miyamoto, I'll now change your bandage." Nurse Airi told me, a roll of bandage and a bottle of antiseptic in her hand. I gave her a small smile and gently lifted my arm, since it still hurt a little. 

As Nurse Airi smothered my arm with antiseptic, my mind wondered again. I was at this hospital again. The last time I was here was 5 years ago, after that day. After that day where my purity and sanity departed me. I remember this smell all too well: the bitter combination of antiseptic and virgin blood. 

"Get a doctor! Please, she's badly hurt!" A male voice shouted as he barged into the emergency room with me in his strong hold, limp and weak. The Imaroshi uniform blazer was wrapped around my naked upper-body, but it wasn't mine; the male student that brought me here covered me with his one. My eyelids were threatening to drop, but the student holding me close gently squeezed my arm in order to keep me awake. I heard footsteps coming towards us and two male voices. 

"I'm Doctor Nakano. Please put her on the stretcher and we'll treat her as soon as possible." That disgusting feeling was still felt in between my legs and I felt it trickle over my thighs. I was still sobbing, but a pair of lips pressed to my forehead and a deep voice shushed me. I knew it was the student. He squeezed me again and I could hear his silent cries as he coaxed me. 

"It's okay. You'll be okay." He whispered into my ear before lying me onto the stretcher. Before I knew it, I was carted behind closed doors. 

"Miss Miyamoto?" A young male voice woke me up from my daydream. I shook my head and looked towards a fairly youthful man who wore a white coat and had a stethoscope around his neck. On his right breast was a tag that read 'Dr Sora Sato'. He grinned at me after I caught his attention. 

"Ah, there you are! I'm Dr Sato, I'm just here to check your condition. You seem much better than you were when you were brought here." Dr Sato told me while reaching out his hand to grab my arm. He poked and prodded at the bandaged skin but was smiling. 

"Your arm seems in good shape, but still needs to heal. I have prescribed some antibiotics to treat the wounds. It should be properly healed in a couple of days. Since you're in a good condition, you're hereby discharged from the hospital." Dr Sato said. I sat up from my lying position. 

"Does this mean that I can go home?" Dr Sato nodded before leaving the antibiotics with me and walking off with Nurse Airi. I removed the covers from my body and sat up, seeing a pile of my folded clothes and a box of my prescribed medicine on a chair by my bedside. I got changed while being mindful of my arm and put the antibiotics in my bra. I don't know where my bag is, but I told myself that Sayu might have it or it'll still be in my locker at the university. I'll have to call Sayu and ask her. 

Before I could leave, a group of familiar boys ran into my room. My eyes widened. It was Hiraku and the others and they all looked worried. What a surprise. 

"Junko! Are you okay?" Noburu jogged over to me and engulfed me into a hug, being careful to mind my arm. I smiled against the warm skin of his shoulder and hugged him back. 

"I'm fine, Noburu." Suddenly, I was showered in paranoid thoughts about me and my arm. To put on the charade, I giggled and calmed them down. 

"Guys, chill out! My arm is fine. It hurts a little but I'll manage." Hiraku sighed heavily and ran a hand through his hair. 

"You scared me, you know? I heard screaming coming from the bathroom, and I just see you lying on the floor with a bleeding arm!" Aw, you were scared for me? Ha ha. 

"Well I'm okay. Don't worry!" They all smiled at me, me smiling back. 

"We cancelled lunch at the diner after hearing about what happened to you. We thought you wouldn't be in the most appropriate condition to have something to eat." Hinata said, pushing his glasses back up to his eyes. 

"Fine by me, we'll move it to-" How about the plan?! If you don't do it now, when will you ever do it?! 

"Come on, Junko. I'll take you home." Hiraku murmured, snaking an arm around me and pulling me close. We all began to walk off, until I stopped them. 

"I feel bad for making you guys cancel." I said, pouting for added effect. 

"Nah, baby. You shouldn't. Leave it to another time, yeah?" Ryo said in a comforting tone, his eyebrows furrowed sadly. Shiro nodded along with him, and gripped my hand tightly in his. 

"Don't stress, sweetie. Let's get you home." Shiro smiled at me, his blue eyes shimmering kindly. 

Why in the fuck are they being so kind to me? Did they hit their heads walking into brick walls or something? 

"No! I really do feel bad!" I exclaimed, putting the innocent act on. I saw Yuuki frowning at me. 

"Junko, please don't be. As Ryo said, we'll leave it for another time." Yuuki tried to reassure me. 

"Hm...how about we all go to mine?" I offered. The boys were shocked. 

"Go to your place? Are you sure?" Noburu asked, rubbing the back of his neck. I grinned and nodded my head. 

"Positive!" We all chuckled. 

"To Junko's it is, then! Lead the way, babe!" Shiro exclaimed, dragging me away from Hiraku. I laughed, of course faking it. The others followed suit, trying to catch up. 


I've done it. I have officially done it. 

While the boys were here, I offered to do a type of reunion. I described it as a reunion getaway, where the 7 of us go to the Tokyo countryside where my family own a winter house that we barely use anymore. I planned for us to stay there for a couple of days and hang out. Of course, they heartily agreed. When really they don't know that their graves were waiting for them. 

I am nearly done. Just one more thing to do. I grabbed my phone and dialed my mum's number. 

"Mama, yes it's me. Can I borrow the winter house? My friends and I are going on a little trip."  



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