Junko Miyamoto has lived with the never-ending trauma of her brutal abuse five years ago in her high-school days. The entirety of her mind is filled with those moments where her purity and her sanity departed. Her only wish is to hunt the people responsible down and taste revenge. Fortunately, she reunites with the men again during her university life. It has become Junko's time to shine and ruin the lives of those who ruined her's.


3. Chapter 2 ~ An Awaited Reunion (Part 1)

My class was coming to a close. I wasn't paying attention to the lesson at all. Throughout the hour and a half lecture conducted by Mr Hiraku Mori, I was staring at him. Instead of soaking up the information being said by Mr Mori, I was trying to remember where I've seen him. I'm pretty sure he was a student at the first high school I attended, but he wasn't in my class. Right now my mind was just clouded with the words "who are you?" 

After a dreadfully slow 5 minutes passed, Mr Wakabayashi dismissed us from the lecture. All of us stood up and left the classroom one-by-one, the female students waving and batting their eyelashes at Mr Mori. He just smiled shyly and waved back, earning shy and girly giggles. I stayed behind, idly sitting in my spot. Nagisa was next to me, packing her books and pens into her bag. 

"Hey, Junko. Do you wanna come and have lunch with me? I'm famished." I looked up at her and shrugged. 

"Nah. Go on without me. I want to ask some questions." Nagisa nodded, pushing up her glasses. She grabbed her bag, and we shared a hug and kiss on the cheek. 

"I'll see you later, Nagisa." We waved goodbye and she left. I saw Mr Wakabayashi placing his papers back in his briefcase, meaning that he was getting ready to leave. I stood up from my seat and packed my stuff up. I walked down to the teacher's desk and confronted Mr Wakabayashi. 

"Senpai, do you have time to stay back and explain some of the notes to me?" I asked. He looked up at me and frowned apologetically. 

"I'm sorry, Miyamoto-san. I have to go to a meeting and then I have to pick up my daughter, so I won't be on the school grounds." 

"Oh. I see," I said politely. From the corner of my eye, I saw Mr Mori rubbing the writing off of the blackboard. 

"Don't be disheartened, Miyamoto-san. If Mr Mori has time to spare he can stay back and help you." At the mention of his name, Mr Wakabayashi and I turned our heads to the busy student teacher. 

"Uh, Mori-kun," Mr Wakabayashi caught the attention of Mr Mori. He placed the chalk covered blackboard duster down and turned to the two of us. He looked into my eyes and smiled politely. I was caught off guard but smiled back.

"This is Junko Miyamoto-san, one of my students. Do you mind assisting her with some of the work covered today?" I looked away to avoid his eyes. His eyes made me feel uncomfortable as if he was stripping me down with those charmingly haunting orbs coloured like sapphires. I felt my cheeks heat up in embarrassment. 

"Oh! Of course. Don't worry, senpai. I'll help her." I glanced at him and he smiled at me again. I inwardly groaned. Can he stop looking at me? 

"Are you fine with that Miyamoto-san?" Mr Wakabayashi asked me, placing a hand on my shoulder. I nodded, and off Mr Wakabayashi went. The classroom was empty, with only him and I inside of it. Mr Mori cleared his throat to break the awkward silence. 

"So...Miyamoto-san. I've heard that you wanted help. Come sit at the desk and ask away." He pulled the chair out for me. I thanked him and sat down. He sat opposite of me and sat upright with his hands intertwined on the desk, looking like an actual teacher. 

"What do you need to clarify?" He asked me. His voice was stringed with kindness and friendliness, which made him seem like an approachable person. 

"Oh...just these, if you wouldn't mind." I handed him my notes. He took them from my hands and he read through them. 

I knew everything that was taught today, I didn't need any clarification. I stayed because I wanted to see if I remembered him. I know who he is, I'm sure of it. 

"You know, your name seems familiar." I blurted out, looking at him directly. He stopped his reading and looked at me with a confused face. 

"How so?" He raised an eyebrow.

"Well, when I heard your name I knew that I remembered you from somewhere. High school, I believe." Things between us were silent for a moment. 

"I see. You know when I heard your name before...Junko Miyamoto rings a bell." 

"The name Hiraku Mori rings a bell, too." We both became confused. There was no way my questions were going to be answered in this way. I decided to ask him about his past education, more specifically in the high school area. 

"I went to Imaroshi High School right here in Tokyo. I graduated in 2011." I went to Imaroshi High School as well. 

"I attended that school until 2011. I left at the start of that year." Mr Mori's eyes widened in surprise. 

"Wow! So you were only there until the 2nd year...what class were you in?" He asked me.

"2-C. How about you?" 

"I was in 2-D. I know that one of my friends were in your class. Do you know Yuuki Yamauchi?" I slammed my hand on the table in impatience and eagerness. I've heard that name too...maybe he was in my class.

"That name is familiar too! Oh my gosh, I know that I know you!" I exclaimed. Mr Mori chuckled. 

"I love seeing you get worked up. I can't believe you'd actually forget me, Junko." I gasped. So he does know me! I looked at him, suddenly confused. He laughed again. 

"Junko, it's me! Hiraku Mori!" I was still lost. "What?" was my simple answer. He sighed heavily before pulling out his wallet. He opened it and pulled out a small picture of two students clad out in the Imaroshi winter school uniform: a navy blue blazer, white dress shirt, black pants or skirt, tights for the girls and dress shoes. The boy I presumed was Hiraku. He was posing next to a girl with shoulder-length sandy blonde hair and had piercing light brown eyes. They were both smiling as if they enjoyed the other's company. Hiraku had his arm wrapped around the girl in a gentle and friendly manner. It suddenly snapped. That girl was me. This was taken back in high school. What I also realised was that I had the same picture on my wall along with the other boys I was targeting. My heart began to beat heavily in my chest and my head began to hurt. I looked up at the present Hiraku who was eagerly waiting for my reaction

It was you. I knew it was you. You filthy bastard. 

I grinned, preparing the crocodile tears. I got up from my chair and walked to him, hugging him. 

"It's been too long, Hiraku. I've missed you." He wrapped his bulky arms around me, engulfing me into his lovely-scented body. I felt his lips press onto my forehead, catching me off guard. 

How dare you have the audacity to press your putrid lips onto my body, you fucking freak? 

"I knew you'd come around, Junko." We broke the hug and smiled at each other with a sense of reminiscence and love, in a way. Of course, I was faking it all. I was so happy to know that I found this prick. I'm one step away from putting my plan into motion. For now, just talk about the good times...although none of them were good for me. 

"Oh my gosh, I've missed you so much! We need to catch up properly." I exclaimed, grabbing his warm hands and holding them in mine. He squeezed my hands in return, still smiling. 

"We sure do! Oh God, you do not know how much I've-" Suddenly, a buzz erupted from his pants pocket. I'm presuming it was his phone.

What were you about to say? That you missed me? What did you miss? The way my pussy felt around your pin dick? 

"Oh damn. I'm late for lunch!" He frowned, probably "upset" about our sudden interruption of our 5-year reunion. 

Aw, poor baby. Give me a break...

The frown on Hiraku's olive skin face suddenly turned into a smile. 

"What a coincidence! I'm meeting up for lunch with my friends from high school. I think you'll remember them, Yuuki will be there. Care to join me, Junko?" I gasped, feeling my eyes literally light up. 

Could this day get any more perfect? 

"It's been too long, Hiraku. Of course, I will." We squeezed each other's hands before letting go and leaving the classroom together. 

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