Junko Miyamoto has lived with the never-ending trauma of her brutal abuse five years ago in her high-school days. The entirety of her mind is filled with those moments where her purity and her sanity departed. Her only wish is to hunt the people responsible down and taste revenge. Fortunately, she reunites with the men again during her university life. It has become Junko's time to shine and ruin the lives of those who ruined her's.


1. Author's Note

Hello. Welcome to "Junko": my new horror movella about a simple girl wishing for sweet, sweet revenge towards men who have done her harm in the past. The movella has been rated red, meaning that the content in it will be explicit. This is true, according to this story. "Junko" is a story presenting themes on rape, torture, murder and trauma. If any of these themes trigger you, then turn away from this right now. This movella will also show graphic depictions of torture and murder, so if that triggers you or makes you squeamish then do not read this. I am placing this here so nobody can say that they weren't warned if anybody is suddenly triggered by the content. You were warned. 

I will be posting on my mumbles page whenever a new update arrives as well. If you decide to stick around, enjoy "Junko" while it lasts. If you leave, enjoy the sappy romance and cliched action that you'll be reading instead of this. 



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