I Never Was

Darker night than usual, more silent as well. A normal day can quickly turn into an unusual night. Wendy, a nineteen year old introvert, realizes that everything seems different, and feels different right when she opens her bedroom door.



I covered my ears as Drear walked to the bedroom wall, to write another word. I didn't care about his stupid words that he carved. I bet that he did this to scare me, or make me figure out one big puzzle just to tease me. Now was the perfect time to escape my room, as he wasn't paying me attention this time. His eyes were away from me, as I slowly put my fingertips on my bedroom doorknob. A ton of adrenaline rushed through my veins, and it felt like my heart was pumping fear. I slowly opened the bedroom door, but I realized Drear stopped carving. He must have heard me, no, he must want to kill me for trying to escape. He began again and I sighed a quiet breath. I opened the door slow enough so that it would not make a creaking sound. After days and weeks on end, I was finally out of my room. The hallway smelled of horrible scents. It was almost close to a skunk and a corpse thrown together. I ran my hand across the hallway wall so that I could keep my balance, and not trip over anything in the darkness. I walked down the hall for more than a minute. Something was not right, and this hallway isn't even this long. I kept walking further for another minute. It felt like the hallway was never ending. I could not feel the hallway door that lead to the living room, I just felt empty space of nothingness. I jumped horribly and let out a small scream. The reason I jumped and let out a noise, was because a door suddenly opened. The hallway lit up with red light, shining from this room. It was my moms room, I thought she was in there and opened the door loudly. "Mom!" I'm not close to my mom, but I still care for her. I was just confused though. Why didn't she come to my room and check on me during those long days? I ran into the room and looked around for my mom. In the corner of the red tinted room, there was a lanky figure sitting in a wooden chair. Taller than Drear..that's for sure. It was a woman, though. This creature had long black hair, long legs, looking down. This made the illusion that she was guilty of something. I could tell it was a woman. "Hey honey. Welcome to the alternate world." She lifted her head towards me, speaking with the tone of my mother. The voice was different, a deeper and scarier, daring sound to it. All I could do was freeze. 

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