I Never Was

Darker night than usual, more silent as well. A normal day can quickly turn into an unusual night. Wendy, a nineteen year old introvert, realizes that everything seems different, and feels different right when she opens her bedroom door.



To: Elanor.burns92@email.com

Fr: HollowedSeeThroughEyes@email.com

Subject: Fine, I'll tell you my name.

  Well you're probably wondering why I haven't told you my name yet. I don't like telling anyone about myself, honestly. I only give information such as my name after a while of knowing someone online. So that, I will do. My name is Wendy Heath SethTire. A lot of dimwits have trouble pronouncing my last name. It's simple. Think of the name "Seth", and the word "tire". Now put those two together and then that's how you say my last name. That's all you need to know about me. Maybe sometime I'll tell you my age. - Wendy.


My right index finger tapped against the left click button on my computer mouse. I re-read my e-mail that I wrote to this long time online friend of mine. Elanor understood me more than other friends have in the past. I worry about people finding me in real life, and killing me, or raping me. I also like to stay secluded, not to be known, or my background history. My family is horrible, very abusive and negative. I see other families in public and fantasize about being part of their family instead. Whether I would be the sister to the smiling baby clapping his hands and laughing, or be the daughter that is happy to tell anything to her mom. It wouldn't matter, it would be much better than what I deal with anyway. I clicked the send button of the e-mail, waiting for the page to load and tell me that it successfully sent. After a good minute or two, this dumb Internet Explorer finally sent my message. If I could afford to have a good laptop or computer so that I could smoothly download Google Chrome, I'd love that. But I don't, so eh, fuck it. I shrugged as I thought "eh, fuck it". I kind of laughed to myself at the way I shrugged all carelessly. A scratch on my bedroom door suddenly started. It was repetitive, so I thought my cat was trying to get inside of my room to jump on my lap. Jax was always so impatient and eager to get in my room at night. He's the most clingy pet that I've ever had. I was the sweetest I could be to him, and took care of him ever since he was born. My hand touched my bedroom knob, and I opened it. It wasn't Jax. It wasn't a family member, or my mom pulling a dumb prank just to scare me and then mock me about how "idiotic" I looked. It was something different. There was a tall figure. A tall man with severely skinny thinned arms, thin body, and when my eyes shifted to check out his face, there were two black holes where his eyes should have been. My heart was going fast, my arms felt weak as if they lost mobility and function to move. His mouth was gaped open, almost like a blank expression of being surprised. I saw a dash of white behind him. I thought it was Jax running past this creepy scary figure, but it was..a tail? This tall thing had a tail on him, that looked exactly like Jax's. It kept moving back and forth, side to side, like this creature was debating or upset with something.


My voice shook, my throat tightened and it was hard for me to breathe so that I could talk. "W-what are you..? Why are you here?" I summoned up the courage to ask this scary bastard those questions. He still stood there. He stared ahead of him but his head dropped, facing me. I moved back, too scared to close the door in his face. If I close the door, will he bust the door down, then kill me? Will he get angered and provoked to chase me if I ran away? I just plopped down on my bed, watching him stand there for hours. He would not move, and his head was still dropped in the same position from earlier, like he was looking at me still standing there. I was not going to sleep tonight, nor will I take my eyes off this dangerous looking monster. 

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