Under that is a Human

This is not real, but I want you all to know that bullying is not ok and there is always help and that death is not the only way out. This story is based on Amanda Todd, who shows that you can get bullied for your body, skin colour, race, gender, etc. I want anyone to ask me for advice or just someone to talk to. This is my way of trying to change the world. God bless you all.


3. Chapter Three

People are so cruel. When you do things it makes other things worse. I don't understand why, and I probably never will.


It was late and a Sunday night, I was really tired to I decided to turn off my phone and go to sleep. But then I got a text, and guess who it was from.

'Wow, you read the text but didn't reply. Ouch! Last chance Amanda, put on a show, or, well you know what will happen.' It was from Dylan of course. The fact that he thought he could blackmail me, was sad and hurtful. Humans are not just toys, we are living creatures with feelings. Except Dylan, he was a bug that needs to be squashed immediately. Once again I didn't respond, and for good I turned off my phone.

I woke up dazed. But of course being a teenager I immediately reached for my phone and went downstairs, to see that mom was up and had made me breakfast. She put some bacon and eggs on a plate and gave it to me, I went to sit down at the table and opened my phone to check the time 8:12AM, then the next thing I notice are texts from Dylan.

'You made a huge mistake,' he texted, 'I can ruin your life!'

"Whatever." I whispered under my breath.

"Did you say something, Amanda?" Mom asked.

"Oh, just talking to myself." I said casually.

"Ok, well I got to go to work."

"Why are you leaving so early?" I questioned.

"Well, I have a meeting at 8:40AM sharp and its currently 8:26AM, so I got to go."

"Bye." With that she left. I finished up my breakfast, and grabbed my backpack, and headed to the bus stop which was about a 5 minute walk. I put in my headphones in and turned up the volume. I got to the bus stop. It seemed to have been an eternity before the bus came. I hopped on, and took a seat at the front of the bus like I normally do. The next stop was Lizzy's, Jade's and Alyssa's bus stop. Clara walks to school because she wants to lose ten pounds, but I think she actually has a really nice body. The bus stopped and I saw Lizzy get on and seeing her face made me already feel better about the situation I was in. When she got on, she didn't sit with me, she just walked past me and gave me a dirty look followed by Jade then Alyssa. No one sat with me for the rest of the ride. I just sat alone.

In all the classes I sat alone, no one would even come near me. Until lunch when I got my food I looked around to see our table and all my friends were sitting at it.

I made my way over to the table, and when I sat down everyone got up and left. Lizzy was about to pass me when I grabbed her arm and quietly said, "Did I do something to upset you?" Everyone looked at us, and it was dead silent.

Then I herd someone yell, "Don't let it touch you, it probably has rabies or something!"

Lizzy yanked her arm out of my arm and screamed, "JUST GET AWAY FROM US YOU STUPID SLUT!" It felt like someone had repeatedly stabbed me, to have your best friend do that in front of the whole school. I looked at her and she looked at me, she looked like she had no remorse. Then she said softly, "Just, get away." I stood up and walked out the door, still trying to process what happened, I was like a drunk person trying to remember what he did the night before. I just kept walking until I reached my house.


"I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking. I should've at least called you." I replied.

"Just go upstairs." She said turning around, but by the time she turned back to face me I was gone. I went upstairs to my room and shut the door. I grabbed my laptop and opened it up to see a bunch of Facebook notifications, so I went on my Facebook. Dylan had made a new Facebook account, with my boobs as his profile picture and first post, he tagged me in the photo with the caption 'Guess who tried to get with me? SLUT' I started to read through the comments:

"SLUT, I hope you at least had the decency to use protection!'

'Don't touch her, she probably has herpes!'

'You lost all respect you had!'

And those were just some of the rude comments that I got, all because of something I didn't do it had cost me everything. For the next week I tried to lay low, but it got worse. I would come home with bruises, from people pushing me down the stairs, someone broke my phone, I was getting death threats and my mom was starting to catch on. I didn't know what to do so I kept being quiet. Dylan now harassed me each and every day. My friends or now ex-friends would mess up my locker because they knew my password. They would knock books out of my hands, and hit me constantly, like everyone else. I didn't feel safe at school because I wasn't safe at school.

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