18 Again ||Ziam A.U

Liam Payne is a 40 year old man who is tired of being 40 years old. He works a 9 to 5 job to support him and his wife Cheryl and their not yet expanded family. Though he thinks he would never regret marrying the love of his life and the decisions he's made in high school, he imagined a life back then , with no priorities except to score the team to victory, party, and bang the most girls. What would it be like to meet new people ..What would it be like to be 18 just one more time


P.s This story is available on Wattpad @WhutEvzz . Its created by me so I didn't steal it lol!! . Btw on wattpad the chapters of this story will be updated more frequently , I did it this way to be enjoyable to people who don't get on movellas and people who don't get on wattpad
Thank you , ALeXiS♥


2. Damn Kids||Chapter 1


Another day, another Monday I should say. Which means another long and tedious day at the work place. I get out the bed my feet touching the cold floor of our very small apartment, our room being the smallest space. I squeeze through the crack that separated the wall and the bed , tripping over the "funkadelic" rug Cheryl suggested was "too cute" to be anywhere else in the apartment.

I hated the rug. I got my clothes for the day out the closet and proceeded with my shower. 
After a short shower, and the little time I take to groom myself I walk downstairs to the smell of Cheryl's special breakfast she makes me every morning. Half cooked eggs and still raw bacon with a side of "still runny" pancakes. My favorite. 
"Good Morning sweetheart" she smiles at me. I smile back sneaking a kiss against her neck as she turns around . "Morning love, slept well?" I asked as I do every morning. "It's quite cold in the room this morning, I think the furnace is broken again" She sighs and I sigh. It's the 3rd time this week the dumb thing broke down . " Alright . I'll fix it as soon as I get home tonight " I said picking at my eggs. "Why can't we just call the repair technician . We've made some extra money this week" she said flipping another undone pancake.

"I know but our rent is over due, we're lucky enough to even be in this place instead of on the street, every penny this month is paying off that asshole of a landlord" I told her. " I thought we paid him off already, god that Malik is a con artist" She scoffed. It's quite true. Our landlord Yaser Malik is the biggest con artist on the face of the earth. He's been leaving my pockets dry every month this year and the constant over due payment is annoying. We have been over due on bills since Cheryl was out of a job, I'm trying my hardest to pay them off but I can't with Yaser asking for more money every month, and the $20 in my pocket won't cover much .

"I'll find a way to pay him off don't worry about that" I laughed lightly drinking some of my orange juice. I heard a sigh release form Cheryl's mouth "Baby ." She mumbled. She walks over to me and sits on my lap. She wraps her arms around my neck and I do the same to her waist. "I know me loosing my job has been hard on you. But I promise I'll make it up to you, I'll get another job, whatever you want --" "Cheryl it's fine .. I got this " I cut her off.

Her face still read upset however it was my job to take care of HER, not the other way around. What stop me from looking at her pouty eyes was the buzzing off my phone "and that's Harry. I gotta go. " I kissed her lips and grabbed my house key and my wallet. " Oh , okay .. I love you " She shouted out. "I love you back" I responded . I opened the door to walk out of it when my face it the plastic barrier of cling film. I fell backwards onto the floor .

"Baby are you okay ?!" Cheryl called out. Oh I will be. "I'm fine" I shouted . I took the cling film down and shut the door behind me . I walked out the apartment building to notice that damn landlords kid and his friends .

"HEY!!" I yelled getting the boys attention. There was something about that damn kid. Whether it was the ridiculous jacket he had on and the expensive Kanye West footwear or the fact he had a blunt behind his ear that let me know he was a out of control. "Who? Me?" He pointed to himself. "No the damn alien behind you . Yes you !!.. the next time you leave a dumb prank on my door step I'll make sure your dad heard about it " I shouted throwing the balled up cling film his way. He looked down at it along with his blonde haired friend. They both began to laugh.

"You were right Zayn, his guy a joke" His friend chuckled . "Yeah yeah . Why don't you head off to work old man, without a job my dad can kick you out with the snap of his fingers " The boy laughs. I roll my eyes. "Yo, Liam" I hear a voice. It was none other than my best friend Harry who had just pulled up in his all black Range Rover. Harry was the CEO of his grandads old business. When his grandad passed away he left everything he had to Harry and his mom and with that Harry could run his grandads business along being a loving husband to Louis, who I didn't know swung that way at all. "Heyy. Nice car " The boy says to Harry .

"Thanks .. your cars not too bad either what is that .. A comodo? Condo?" Harry folds his arms. "it's a Camero.. a Chevy Camero " the boy folded his arms. "Oh I couldn't tell from the upsidedown Chevy sign and the big dent on the side but thanks for sharing " Harry smile at the blonde boy who might have felt the most salty at this point . I chuckled at what Harry said getting in the car. Harry got in after starting back up the car. "Thanks for the ride man, the cars in the shop" I tell him .

"Oh its no problem .. whos the kid giving you the stank eye?"he points over to Zayn. Yah know, the one who called me an old man, The landlords son. "Oh him .. just about the worst kid I've ever met" I looked at him out the window as we drove off. He moves his dark hair out of his face Taking the blunt from behind his ear and gladly lighting it up. 
"No kidding . And he's scary too" Harry adds. I roll my eyes. "So how's things going with the Mrs., Is getting close to your 17th anniversary " Harry asked . Harry was always the family kind of guy. He never asked a question about your life unless your family was involved .

Mine being the smallest family . "We're good but, Cheryl's gonna be kinda upset. We were supposed to go to the islands for our anniversary , but with the bills and the car I don't think we will be able to go this year " I shook my head pulling a cigarette out of my pocket and lighting it up with the car lighter .
"What? Not again Liam . You promised her last year -" "I know what I did .. I'm just trying to make ends meet Harry.. she'll understand" I blew out smoke from my mouth.
It was quiet for a while between us 2 until "Liam how about I pay for it for you --" "Harry no" I yelled "Why not?!.. Liam I how how things are with you right now and your stressed out .. we've been best friends for year , your mum basically took care of me when my mom wasn't around ... Let me give back to you " He says. 
Now Harry is always the sappiest fuck of all my friends and doesn't take no for an answer .
But he was going to take this one

"No .. I'm sorry Harry but I can't take that money From you .. me and Cheryl will be fine " I finish with the conversation.

Harry knows how I feel about the words Help and Loan. Because I don't need neither.

I promised to take care of Cheryl and that's the end of it and I didn't need help from anyone.

He understand that. 
Well sometimes .

"Alright alright .. can I buy you real breakfast at least . I could smell the burnt toast and salmonella out the window " Harry says making me laugh . "That would be great right now " . We shared a laugh that was eventually cut short as we were cut off and pushed to the side of the road by an all black Mustang. We heard the laughed of the passengers and when I looked over , it just had to be Zayn driving the car . Ugh.

Damn Kids.

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