The Hound and other poems by Jessica

this is a poetry anthology I started in my English class. My poems are pretty random and mostly G-rated but there is one that might be pushing that rating a little, so I'm just putting a warning about that here. If you don't like death/Implied suicide, don't read the poem titled 'The Fall'.

Now let's do this poetry thing!


9. The Fall

It begins

Slow, and almost graceful.

He jumps.

I watch

Horror stricken

As he hits

The concrete.

I want to run to him

But I am frozen to the spot

But I find myself moving anyway.

I am knocked down

By a stray biker

I would have missed on a normal day.

But today isn't normal.

I should have known

Something was wrong

I'm his best friend


I get up

And make my way to him.

A crowd has gathered.

I push them out the way

My voice breaking.

"He's my friend, let me through."

It's a bad dream

But it's real.

I let myself

Be dragged away

As they take him away.

The great

Sherlock Holmes

Is dead.


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