What if you saw your mother die? What if it was your father's fault? What if you are different? So different it makes your life terrible? That is me. Olivia. A common name to a special girl.

I would love if you will comment if you like the story, and I would also like any kind of feedback :) Sorry, I misspell words, but I do not speak english normally


9. Chapter 9

Here I am now. I cannot open my eyes, but I feel I am laying down, probably lying in a bed, and I hear voices. ".... But what do we do about her? She must be important since they secured her that good, and they were ready to die for her. But she was willing to go with you then you came to her. The door was locked so she couldn't get out, so she was the prisoner?" I do not recognize the voice. "I know as little as you, doctor, but she has all the answers. We rely on her knowledge". That voice I do recognize; It was the woman who led me out of the house. They waited for me to wake up, but what actually happened? I was too exhausted or what? Maybe they have the answers to that. I try again to open my eyes, and this time I succeeded. At first I am blinded by the light, but then I look around the room.

It is a hospital room I surprising realize. I see the two people in the room. The man I heard the voice from before is a doctor, as the woman said. He is wearing a white coat, and was elderly, as some grey hears was visible on his almost bald head. The Woman walk over to me as she says: "Hello again. We never really got introduced. I am Grace Johnson. I am an officer in the army. What is your name?" "Olivia", I whisper, I really need water. I look around, and discover a glass of water on the table. I take it and swallow it all in seconds. I notice the doctor scribble something down on his paper. "Olivia, do you know your last name?" Grace ask.

My last name. Do I even have one? I try so hard to remember if my mother ever mentioned it, or if anyone else ever have mentioned it, but I got nothing. I start to stutter my answer: " ... I... I ca... can't.... I don't have... a last name... I...". Grace interrupts me: "It's okay, Olivia. We understand. I'm sure it will come back to you. But, however, doctor Lancaster and I have some questions, if you are up for it?" even though it was a question, I clearly hear the desperation in her voice. "Sure", I hear my voice says. She pulls two chairs forward, and her and doctor Lancaster sit down next to my bed. "Okay, first question: Why were you in the house, and why were you locked in a room?" They do not waste their time. They go directly at the source. That was it. I knew the answer, but if I told them about my power, they would lock me up again, and probably use me as a weapon. I have learned my lesson, so I simply answered: "Next question, please".

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