What if you saw your mother die? What if it was your father's fault? What if you are different? So different it makes your life terrible? That is me. Olivia. A common name to a special girl.

I would love if you will comment if you like the story, and I would also like any kind of feedback :) Sorry, I misspell words, but I do not speak english normally


7. Chapter 7

Time had passed, I did not, and still do not, know how long it had been, since I came in to the house. I barely lived. One day, I waited on the guard who led me to the throne room, but he did not show up. I was so confused; you would not believe it. It was my life and lifestyle for years. I waited some hours, then suddenly I heard voices outside. But there was men and women. I had not seen women since my mom died. My mom. I had completely forgotten about her. It might sound weird, but I had shut my emotions down years ago. Suddenly all emotions came at once, and it felt like my head was going to explode. A hard beat on the door woke me. I crawled the corner longest away from the door, just as the very first day. Somebody was trying to get in to the room, and it was not a guard. It took some beats to knock the door down, but eventually they made it. There was an army right in the doorway, and they properly thought they would find some great weapon. They just did not know they actually found one. And I had learned my lesson the last time. I would not tell anybody about my so called 'gift'. It was more a curse than a gift. A woman walked closer, and talked calmly to me. Just as if I was some kind of scared animal. "Hey. It's okay, we don’t want to harm you" She waved at all the other people, so they backed out of the door. At last it was only a few people, not an entire army in my doorway. The woman came closer. "It's okay, we will help you, just some with us. Trust me". She reached her hand out, and waited for me to grab it. I looked at it, and considered my options: I did not have any other than to grab her hand. And I did.

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