What if you saw your mother die? What if it was your father's fault? What if you are different? So different it makes your life terrible? That is me. Olivia. A common name to a special girl.

I would love if you will comment if you like the story, and I would also like any kind of feedback :) Sorry, I misspell words, but I do not speak english normally


3. Chapter 3

"This man has refused to do his duty, and no matter what we have done, he will cooperate with us, so I thought you and your special gift might bring sense to him" Taro said. I shook my head, and looked at him as the freak he was. "Are you mad? You want me to torture the man with my mind? No. No, I would never do that". He gave the guard a sign, and they dragged the man outside again. He walked over to me, and as we stood very close he whispered: "are you sure dear? you might be going to regret it". I shook my head, a little less than before. He turned around and walked to the desk. " You know, I really didn't want this to happen, but you give me no other choice".

Taro gave the guards a signal, and suddenly two of them grabbed my arm, and forced me down. I tried as hard as I could to resist them, but they were too strong. another guard came from behind and grabbed my left hand. I do not know what he did, but there was an explosion of pain on my forearm. I screamed and tore my hand to me. I saw a cut on my forearm. My blood dripped on the floor, and I felt the tears on my cheeks as I figured that I had to torture a man, or else they would torture me. I looked up on him. I was wrong before. He smiled as he coursed pain. I saw the smile on his face as he said: "I hope this won't happen again tomorrow" as the two guards lead me to my room with a bag over my head. My thoughts in that moment was: "I will not give up that easy. I can make it. rather me than them". Man, if I only knew. 

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