What if you saw your mother die? What if it was your father's fault? What if you are different? So different it makes your life terrible? That is me. Olivia. A common name to a special girl.

I would love if you will comment if you like the story, and I would also like any kind of feedback :) Sorry, I misspell words, but I do not speak english normally


10. Chapter 10

Grace look surprised, that I did not wanted to answer the question. I was their prisoner for years, and then they just count on that I will talk about everything? They ask me a bunch of questions that I cannot answer. They do not get anything from me. I feel as I disappointed them. I have all the knowledge they need, but I just cannot talk about it. then they are done with their questions, i have my own questions: "I'm sorry I can't answer your questions, but I am a bit lost right now. Can you please tell me where I was, and the men were? And why did you come?"

Grace looks me in the eyes as she says: " You really don't know anything, do you? The house you were in, was the headquarter of a terror organization. Their kingpin was a man named Taro. We have been after him and the organization a very long time, but we got an anonymous tip, that Taro had a secret weapon, and he used it to maintain all the men in the organization. He even used it to threaten people to join the organization. We could not keep letting this happen, so we decided to storm the headquarter after we got the tip. Many of the men gave up as soon as they saw us, but other fought to death, among them Taro." That is much information. I did not know I was used as a threat. I cannot believe I never stood up to them. But on the other hand, my scars all over my body was proof that I did just that. I have just one more question: "How long was I there? How old am I?" Now it was doctor Lancaster's turn to say something: "I don't know that quit yet, but if you want, we can take a tissue sample now, and you will know in a few days" "Yes! please. thank you doctor". I cannot believe it! after years, I will finally know how long I was there. It might sound weird that they have to take a sample to figure that out, but I do not have a clue about my birthday or year of birth. I just cannot remember things like that. 

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