millie and ashton are best friends. millie's a normal teenage girl. she loves music, drawing, singing, writing. one thing about millie, is that she doesn't care, as long as she's passing her classes in school, she could care less. ashton decides to bring millie to a bar to let millie meet his friends. millie bonds with one of them and then they become friends as well... well, a little more than friends. did ashton make a mistake?


1. please read.

Hello reader, this 'chapter' is just some information and warnings about the story. 

If are sensitive or uncomfortable with any of the following, I suggest you DO NOT read this story, thank you. 

Warning:This story will contain, smut, abuse, self-harm, forms of rape, and attemptive  suicide.

Also, yes. I am very aware this story will be in all lower case letters. There is no need to comment that my 'i's aren't capitalized. I am aware. But, if I happen to spell a word wrong etc, I would be very appreciative if you informed me of such thing. Constructive criticism for this book is also appreciated. 


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