millie and ashton are best friends. millie's a normal teenage girl. she loves music, drawing, singing, writing. one thing about millie, is that she doesn't care, as long as she's passing her classes in school, she could care less. ashton decides to bring millie to a bar to let millie meet his friends. millie bonds with one of them and then they become friends as well... well, a little more than friends. did ashton make a mistake?


3. 2.


millie and i walk over to my car. i get in and feel my pockets to make sure i had my keys. once i found them i took them out of my pocket and start the car, driving to the bar.

millie and i don't speak much during the car ride, which was reasonable, i was pretty rude to her inside and she doesn't talk much anyways. that's what i loved about millie, she didn't talk much, which made her different.

once at the bar, i get out of the car. millie on the other hand, was asleep. i walk over to her side, opening the door and shaking her lightly. she groaned out of tiredness. i chuckled lightly, picking her up bridal style out of the car. i put her down and made sure she was balanced.

"why'd you have to walk me up?" she whines and i turn her so she sees the bar. her face lights up and she starts running towards it.

"millie, wait!" i call for her and she turns around, facing me. "i have some rules." i say and she nods, signaling for me to tell them to her. "no hooking up with random people you don't know and don't have more than three drinks." i warn her.

she rises an eyebrow "only three drinks?" she whines "why?" she crosses her arms and furrows her eyebrows at me.

"because, i need you to drive home tonight." i say and give the keys to her. knowing she loved driving, i figured she wouldn't complain too much.

"ugh," she grunts "fine, but," she starts "next time you're driving home." she glares at me, putting the keys in her back pocket. "are your friends here yet?" she asked me.

usually millie didn't care too much when i was taking her to see someone or something, so honestly, i didn't really know why she was so eager to know when she could meet my friends. "no, the boys aren't here yet." i respond to her. she nods slightly as we walk up to the doors.

 i show the man my fake ID and he nods, letting me in. i watch as millie shows him her fake ID. without even looking at it he nods. "girls are so lucky." i complain as she walks through the doors, which caused her to snort.

"in what way at all are we lucky?" she says with a chortle. i roll my eyes and glare at her slightly.

"you guys can get into any place without having an ID, just because you're pretty." i point out. she makes a face that says 'what?' "it's true, he didn't look at your ID. he looked at your outfit and then let you in." i say while crossing my arms.

"really?" she makes a face in disbelief. i, not knowing why she was so surprised, just nodded and took her hand, making sure no one tried to dance with her, take her to the bathroom to do 'stuff'. 

"oi! ashton!" i hear my friend michaels voice sound as we walked closer to the bar. i look over to millie who had wide eyes.

"was that them?" she whispers excitedly, causing me to let out a chuckle.

"yes hun, that was michael . i'm not too sure if the other boys are here yet." i say, walking towards where i heard michael call my name.

once i get over to him i let go of millies and pull him into a quick hug. "how have you been, mate?" he asks, acting like we haven't seen each other in months. even though we just saw each other a couple days ago.

"i'm good man, you?" i ask back. before looking back at millie who was awkwardly shuffling her feet around. michael smiles and looks over at millie as well.

"who's that?" he smirks whilst looking at me, i roll my eyes, knowing what he was thinking.

"this is millie, my best friend." i smile, millie looks up, barely waving her hand at the red haired boy. michael puts his hand out to shake millies. she freezes, not knowing what to do. being millie, she awkwardly high-fives his hand, causing him to burst out laughing.

"best friend aye?" he chuckles rolling his eyes at me. "she doesn't even know how to shake someones hand." he says, trying to be funny. millies glares at him with one eyebrow raise. 

"oh really?" she cracks her knuckles trying to act strong, but fails when she winces in pain because it hurt when she cracked her knuckles. michaels eyes widen and he puts his hands up.

"alright, alright. i won't say anything mean again, i promise." he 'surrenders' and millie smirks.

"ashton, i don't like this friend of yours." she pouts before ordering a drink. i out up three fingers and she nods, taking a sip of her first one.

"michael, ashy!" luke squeals as he runs towards us. "and girl!" he giggles while jumping next to michael. "who's the girl?" he whispers to me.

"i'm luke," he introduces himself, putting his hand out for a handshake.

"i'm millie." she speaks up, giving luke a high five. lukes eyes light up and he smiles brightly.

"she gave me a high five!" he cheers to michael who looked unimpressed.

"that's because she doesn't know how to shake hands." he mumbles to himself, just loud enough for millies to hear.

"michael i don't know your middle or last name, i will punch you." i make a fist at him. "you said you wouldn't say anything mean to me." i whine.

"i don't always keep promises." michael glares at millie and millie glares back.

"you guys are gonna be really good friends,  aren't you?" luke jokes but no one laughs, which you could see that made him visibly sad.

"luke, are you okay?" millie asks and she looks at me. i whisper in her ear.

"he has aspergers syndrome, he gets super sensitive over these things." i tell her and she nods understandingly. 

luke sniffles, looking like he was about to cry. millie opens her arms and luke walks into them. millie rubs his back "shh, are you okay?' she whispers. another thing i love about millie is that she may only care about a couple things but 'people' is definitely at the top of the list of things she cares about.

"no, no one laughed at my joke." he says, letting a tear fall from his cheek on to millie's shoulder.

she shakes her head "i laughed" she responds.

"no you di-" he starts but gets cut off by her.

"on the inside."


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