millie and ashton are best friends. millie's a normal teenage girl. she loves music, drawing, singing, writing. one thing about millie, is that she doesn't care, as long as she's passing her classes in school, she could care less. ashton decides to bring millie to a bar to let millie meet his friends. millie bonds with one of them and then they become friends as well... well, a little more than friends. did ashton make a mistake?


2. 1.


all of a sudden, i had that feeling where it felt like someone was pushing on my chest and-

"millie! get down here right now!" my mom interrupts my writing. i close my laptop and walk out of my room, downstairs. the scent of alcohol and cigarettes fills my nostrils.

"hello mother." i greet her politely. she glances up at me, not even flashing a smile.

"get me the phone charger, would you?" i rolls her eyes. instantly looking at her phone again. i just nod and look for the charger, which was next to the microwave. i pick it up and place it next to her. 

"here you go." i say before walking towards the stairs again to finish my book.

i could practically hear her glaring at me. i didn't know why though. my mother and i never had the healthiest of relationships. i never told her anything.

 usually, when i'm going through something hard, i ignore it until it goes away. if it doesn't go away, i tell my best friend. ashton. ashton was always there for me. he knew my deepest secrets. he was like my diary. i could tell him anything and he would never tell anyone. that's what i loved about him. he knew how to keep secrets. he also knew that if i told a secret to someone it's something that had been stuck on my chest for a long time and i couldn't keep it to myself anymore. 

i had just gotten home from school so i had loads of homework. which sucked. i was one of those kids tat did homework super quickly just to get it over with. although my mother never payed attention to my grades, i did. i hated the thought of having f's. it made me uncomfortable. i usually got a's and b's.


*next morning*

"hey millie," ashton smiles brightly at me as i sit next to hi on the bus.

"hi ash." i smile lightly at him. he put one headphone in, listening to god knows what.

"can i listen?" i ask him. he just nods and hands the other earbud to me. i put it in and bob my head to the music. not saying a word.

once we arrive at school, the bus doors open and everyone rushes out. ash and i, being the last ones off.

"have a good day, loves." linda the bus drivers smiles at us. i nod at her and step off the bus. 

"ash," i start, he looks over at me. "how come you've never introduced me to your other friends?" i ask

"you've never asked me too. i never thought it was particularly important." he shrugs "if it is important to you in any way tell me. i'll be glad to introduce them to you." he says before opening the door to get in the school. 

"good, because i would love to meet them." i smile as i walk over to my locker. ash's locker was right next to mine so we didn't have to part.

"millie, do you want to come to a bar with me tonight?" ash asks as he pulls his books out of his locker and shuts it.

"sure." i answer without hesitation. "i've had my fake ID for a while. why not put it up for some use?" i chuckle lightly, closing my locker as well.

"that a girl." he giggles slightly as i start walking to my core class. which was also his core class.

"where's the bar?" i ask him, stepping into the classroom, to be acknowledged with tired faces. everyone in the class had zombie faces. that's how i would describe them. they looked dead, no emotion whatsoever. 

"i think it's about thirty minutes away from here." he says, not sounding completely sure but, sure enough for me. i just nod, not wanting to ask anymore questions, fearing i may be boring him with my curious mind. we sit at our desks, which were across the room from each other, meaning we couldn't talk until lunch time.


*end of the day*

"or this one?" i stand before ashton, asking him which outfit i should wear. 

" i love them both." he states, looking back to his phone. i raise an eyebrow and look at him "what?" he asks as if he was in disgust.

"um... okay then..." i roll my eyes, keeping this outfit on. "i'll just wear this then." i murmur under my breath.

"can i use the bathroom?" he questions while standing up. it annoyed me that ashton was acting so odd. it felt as if he wasn't telling me something. something important.

"go for it." i respond trying to sound as hurt as possible so he would maybe ask what's wrong. but obviously he didn't notice. because he just stood up and walked into the bathroom. without even looking at me.

once he comes back out i look up at him. "can we leave now?" i say. he smiles and nods.

"yeah, sure. what's up?" he furrows his eyebrows, finally catching on. it was so bizarre because usually ash could sense i was upset when i didn't even know i was upset. i stand up, grabbing my wallet.

"um..." i start, taking a breath thinking of what to reply with "nothing." i give him a reassuring smile.

"okay, just to let you know, my friends are gonna be at the bar." i chuckles lightly. i smile happily. so does he.

without saying a word. i start walking downstairs to get into his car. "mom, i'm going over ash's house." i say before walking out the front door. a good thing about my mom was, she liked all my friends, because apparently they're all 'good looking'. i would disagree but, ash is my friend and i couldn't even say that he was not 'good looking', because then i would be lying and lying is terrible. one of my biggest pet peeves is lying. especially if you're lying about something important, as in; dating someone, hooking up with someone, cheating, etc. anything in that category.

 one time, i had a 'friend' that my boyfriend at the time cheated on me with. once i found out, i didn't talk to anyone for three weeks. i was broken and it was terrible. it annoys me so much when people cheat. it makes the person you cheated on, feel worthless, depressed, angry. it's a mixture of a emotions that many people have felt, but nobody cares enough about what it feels like.


hello reader,

                              congratulations, you made it through the first chapter. the next chapter will be ash's pov and both the characters will alternate throughout the story. i'm just going to warn you, this story will have plenty of plot twists, so get ready. feel free to comment anything weather it's 'f!ck you!' or 'i love you' because i will not take offense (unless you're saying 'f!ck you.' just because, i'm okay with if you're saying it because something happens in the book, if otherwise, please keep it to yourself.) also, please comment any positive feedback about this book. thank you!



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